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Archive for October, 2013

Choosing the best SFO Airport Transportation is not too far different with finding the best transportation in any other airports around the US. With the rapid growth of San Francisco today, you can find various options of transportation methods available to take you from the SFO airport to the San Francisco downtown area, such as Taxi, shuttle, public transportation, and car rent. Each of the above transportation method has its own advantage and disadvantages. Therefore finding the best one would depend on your need and situation.

As many said that renting a car is always better than any other transportation method, well, that is not always true especially if you’re in a highly developed city like San Francisco. With the limited parking areas available, busy traffic, and strict traffic regulation, you may likely to reconsider your decision to drive a car around the San Francisco. In other hand, public mass transportation may not be recommended for first-timer as it may easily to get you lost the direction from one to another station.

Taxi is considered as a good option to take. Just say the address and the expert driver in town will get you there. You can enjoy the view of San Francisco city while the cab takes you to the desired direction. Whether you need ride from airport directly to the hotel or just need to go around the city, taxi is a good option to consider. Even more, taxi is easily to be found in airport area.

However, if you demand for fancy ride with elegance and ultimate comfort, limousine service from SFO airport is an excellent option for you. Enjoy the fascinating experience riding a limousine and get all your needs from this San Francisco airport public transit. And the best thing is that it’s less expensive compared to the Taxi. For more information about the SFO limousine service, you can visit

Climb Mount Merapi

Climb Merapi

Climb Merapi

Not just anyone can climb the summit of Mount Merapi, which is located in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Steep terrain with sand and rocks, can make you fall up to now climb. High courage and stamina is the main requirement.

In October 2012, I was with my friends adventure climbing Mount Merapi.
We departed from Magelang around 17:00 pm, by taking the ascent of the path that is in Boyolali Selo. Get there at 19:00, and then we take a break. After that, we prepare the equipment. Our plan is to start climbing at 21:00 pm.

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