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Archive for May, 2014

Samalona Island in South Sulawesi - Indonesia

Samalona Island in South Sulawesi – Indonesia

South Sulawesi is the southern part of Sulawesi island located in Indonesia, which Makassar city is the capital. South Sulawesi has many interesting attractions and can add to your knowledge. for the traveler must visit this area, you will gain new experiences and different from other areas that you’ve visited.

The following attractions are located in South Sulawesi:

A. Tourist places in Makassar city:

1. Losari beach.


Losari beach is an icon of Makassar. This beach was once the beach with the world’s longest table, because the tent stalls that lined the shore embankment. But today the stalls have been relocated to a place not far from the tourist area. Makassar Municipal Government has beautified the beach is by making the bridge, making it more clean and comfortable place to visit. Around the coast there are many cafes and restaurants serving fresh seafood. In addition, visitors can also enjoy the typical food of Makassar, Pisang epek such as bananas, es pisang ijo such as ice green bananas, coto Makassar, konro soup, and so forth. Along the coast there are also many specialty, both first-class hotel to hotel star jasmine. There are also hospitals and shopping centers of gold and craft / souvenir Makassar. Location This beach is located in the heart of Makati City, the Comforter Road west of Makassar

2. Samalona Island.

The Samalona island is an area of Makassar ??approximately 2.34 acres. This island is one marine attraction visited by many local and foreign tourists. The area is very nice island weeks to dive, because the surrounding reefs are home to diverse marine tropical fish and other marine biota. The island is located about 6.8 km from the city of Makassar which can be taken approximately 20-30 minutes by using a speed boot. At this location there are also some simple lodging house-shaped stage that can accommodate about 20 people. In addition, there are also several food stalls that provide a variety of fresh seafood. Read More…

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The beauty of Pulau Weh, Indonesia

Weh Island

Weh Island

The natural beauty owned Pulau Weh ( Weh Island ) , Sabang , Indonesia , make tourists fall in love for a long time . Moreover , underwater life is also a paradise for divers .

Since the first until now Pulau Weh , Sabang as the city has a free port . If the first main activity of loading and unloading of goods , is now more widely visited tourist ships and cruise .

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Eating Ethics in Japan

Eating Ethics in Japan

Japanese food such as sushi, sashimi, ramen and a variety of tourists favorite dishes when traveling to the sakura country. Before eating a variety of delicious food, there are some ethics that you need to know. This is the 5 ethical eating in Japan :

1 . Chopsticks
Chopsticks are the main eating tool . The procedure for laying chopsticks also need to know , you can not put chopsticks over a bowl of rice because this is the way the local people give rice to the dead , should put the chopsticks in the bowl aside . Also do not give you food from your chopsticks to another person . Surely this is another tradition that is still associated with the funeral .

2 . Eating noodles
When you in Japan, eat noodles should be the main agenda. There are many ramen sold in restaurants or roadside stalls. There are rituals that enhance your ramen meal, ” Slurp ! ” Suction ramen and let the guy next to you hear that voice. That’s the best way to eat ramen.
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