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Archive for June, 2014

Great golf course

Great golf course

Australia is a continent that offers many spectacular typical destinations for your holiday. Golf course is also diverse and provide a myriad of world-class golfing experience. Try winding across the wild and dramatic sand hills in northeastern Tasmania, on the banks of sandstone sea cliffs in southern Sydney, or on a tropical island in the Great Barrier Reef.

Great Golf Courses of Australia provides access to a variety of fields and of the top private clubs in Australia. It includes six golf courses Australia recorded in the World’s Top 100; Barnbougle Dunes, Barnbougle Lost Farm, Kingston Heath, New South Wales, Royal Melbourne, and the Royal Adelaide. Boasts a rich golf heritage, spectacular golf courses of Australia collection including works by renowned golf architects, among others Dr. Alister McKenzie, Tom Doak, Bill Coore and Ben Crenshaw.

Across Australia, from the cities to the seaside, from tropical to moderate climate, the golf course layout will challenge your playing skills; Your amazing landscape; make your golf trip in Australia unforgettable.

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Parc de la Tete d'Or

Parc de la Tete d’Or

Everyone will delight in the neat garden with beautiful flowers of different colors? In the world, there are some of the most beautiful garden with flowers and colorful, felt in the kingdom of flowers.

1. Parc de la Tete d’Or, France

This beautiful park is located in Lyon, France and has an area of ??up to 116 acres. Various types and colors of roses grown in the Parc de la Tete d’Or. It is conceivable, how exciting sit back and read books there.

While visiting, there is one part that tourists should visit the International Rose Garden. There are about 16,000 with 450 varieties of roses grow. Get ready flowery. To enter into, a tourist does not charge at all.

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Earth is so beautiful. So many exciting things that lay on top. The natural beauty is sometimes disappear by pouring human needs on energy sources that rely upon water.

The victim many natural creations are missing some or sacrificed by the large project. Here are the 5 biggest waterfalls in the world, based on the amount of the average flow velocity:

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Waterfall on the beach

Nambung Beach...

Nambung Beach…

There’s another attraction that is still virgin island of Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara (NTB) Indonesia, which Nambung Beach. Virgin, because this beach has not been touched at all. It can be seen from the lack of hotels, restaurants, and other tourism facilities in this region. The local community was not too understand about tourism.

The beach is located in the hamlet Nambung Nambung, Pengantap Village, District Senggigi, West Lombok regency, or about 60 Kilometers from the city of Mataram. White sand shaped like a pepper is one of the hallmarks of this beach. Its main advantages, namely at the end of this Nambung Coastal cliffs are rocky cliffs and underneath there is a small pond like pool.

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