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Archive for July, 2014

‘Foreign Atlantis’ of China

Atlantis of China

Atlantis of China

Atlantis is a mythical country once world famous mystery. A myth that tells of old country with an advanced civilization that supposedly sank to the seabed. Did you know, China also has the story of Atlantis State but in the lake!

Reporting from BBC Travel, Friday (07/25/2014) China’s Foreign Atlantis is Shicheng City. The city is located at a depth of 40 meters in a very broad Qiandao Lake in Zhejiang province. Or, about 400 km from Shanghai City.

In historical records, Shicheng City has been around since 1,300 years ago. This city is a business city along the Xin’an River population prosperous and peaceful life.

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5 Ways to Avoid Over Weight



Travelling is very pleasant. The elderly, the young, and even children must like traveling. Travelling can be done alone or better if done with family and friends. One of the common mistakes made are too many tourists carrying luggage. As a result, the goods are brought into overweight. Here are 5 tips to avoid over weight luggage:

1. Leave items that are considered less important.

One cause of over weight is carrying too much stuff. For that, refer back luggage. Leave items which if not too important.

2.  Move some stuff into a backpack.

The first way to avoid a default that over weight is moving some stuff into a backpack. Especially in case of goods that will be used. So, do all of the goods stored in the suitcase default. Read More…

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Sempu island

Sempu island

Forget comfort when entering the world of modern conservation forests that conceal a spectacular lagoon in East Java. Remote areas are famous among the travelers named Sempu Island. Its location on the south coast and administratively Malang Regency Village Tambak  rejo, District Sumbermanjing Wetan.

sempu island1

Sempu Island is not far from Blue Spring Beach. From Malang, located approximately 80 kilometers and from the capital of East Java, Surabaya distance of approximately 180 kilometers. The island is covered with tropical trees covering an area of ??877 hectares is a nature reserve which is managed by the Natural Resources Conservation Center East Java (BBKSDA) and the Indonesian Ministry of Forestry. This place is officially recognized as a cultural heritage in 1928 during the reign of the Dutch East Indies.

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