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Archive for March, 2015

Usually many people choose to do their special hobby in the weekend. A nice hobby which is a combination of beautiful river view, sports, adventure, and fun is fishing. Many people like fishing in the weekend to release some stress. The good thing about fishing is you always can have delicious dinner after fishing activity.  It is very good if we can eat fresh fish dish from our fishing. If you like fishing so much, you need to purchase quality tools and equipment to support your hobby.

While the fishing gears and equipment can be easily found and purchased from the market, finding good spot to enjoy your weekend and holiday it, isn’t that easy. One need to observe as many as destinations available in nowadays’ traveling catalog until they come up with the right decision. And if you’re one of those who really enjoyed fishing on a lake, there is a good place in Alaska you should consider visiting this weekend or holiday season, it is called Kenai Lake.

We all know how Alaska is filled with so many kinds of lakes and watery landscapes suited for fishing and other water activity, however what Kenai Lake is offering more than just good spot for fishing. It has beautiful scenery and awesome landscape too, suited to those with adventurous personality. One can enjoy the morning time by exploring the every corner of the lake with canoe, while on the afternoon they may set up the fishing gear and feel the joy of fishing from the local wilderness of Alaska right away.

If you are curious to know more about Kenai Lake and everything about taking a vacation to that place, you are welcomed to visit The site has enlisted many tips and guidance related to Kenai Lake vacation as well as also list of cool things people can do while in the area.


Indonesia is an archipelago so a lot of beautiful beaches especially its sunset and sunrise. Indonesia’s westernmost province of Aceh have a million beautiful natural charm incomparable. One appeal into Aceh charming is when the sun rises and sets. There are certain spots that are considered strategic enjoying the sun while sinking and rising.

The first location to enjoy the sun at the time of issue are in port Balohan, Sabang. The tourists who visit Sabang can see the appearance of the sun from 07:00 pm until 8:00 pm. At that hour the sun was shy to show its rays until half body visible sun peeking behind the mountain.

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If you crave the adrenaline tour capable of, come to Lawang Sewu located in Semarang, Central Java region at night time. In addition to test the level of your courage, Lawang Sewu tour also promises exotic architecture of the past.

No doubt, one of the charms of Lawang Sewu is located on the mystique that surrounded him. No wonder if at night, visitors still swarm the building.


Within a day, the number of visitors could reach tens to hundreds of people. As the holiday season, usually the visitor who comes to touch the figure of 200 to 500 people. Overflow of visitors who came in the evening could not be separated from the efforts of the Board to promote Lawang Sewu as one of the mandatory tourist destinations in Semarang. This is supported by the Decree of the Mayor No. 650/50/1992, which states Lawang Sewu as one of the 102 ancient or historic buildings in the city of Semarang that should be protected and maintained its building preservation.

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