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Archive for May, 2015

korea selatan

Lots of sights in South Korea and northern mandatory visit when traveling toward Korea. The capital of South Korea is Seoul, Korea travel well in the visit in the winter or summer. It seems to me a long time ago do not write in this blog because I was busy with the fasting month and year 2013. I love the beautiful sights out there though not necessarily able to visit Japan travel, thailand travel, sightseeing singapore, malaysia travel and much more.

South Korean tourist destinations in an interesting and beautiful as follows:

1. South Korean capital Seoul
Seoul City is a business and cultural center in South Korea, where skyscrapers tower over Buddhist temples. Taking all of the N Seoul Tower, built on a peak in Namsan Park. Teahouses and shops provide a sense of taste Insadong Korean style, which can make you become more experience is to visit the museum field and Gyeongbokgung. UNESCO World Heritage Site Changdeokgung Palace is a fine example of ancient architecture authentic.

2. Jeju, South Korea
Jeju is a hot tourist spot booming with unique attractions, including the popular mature garden with statues, Loveland. Above all, Jeju is a popular honeymoon destination because of sunrises and romantic sunsets, mild climate and beautiful sandy beaches. Adventurers can hike to Baeknok lake on top of Mount Halla, the highest peak in South Korea. Keep an eye out for “Haenyeo,” female divers gathering fresh seafood, and the iconic “grandfather statues” displayed outside of many restaurants. Read More…

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Whether you need artistic photos of outdoor landscape view, people, animals, and others, good chance you will be able to find it among the collections displayed by Guilin Studio. They promised to keep adding the collections regularly so you will have something new to enjoy every time you entered the site. Guilin Photography was established by a married couple, Andy Beales and Mia Beales. Both has strong passion in photography and art therefore they created this website as a way to display their amazing works as well as also to offer fascinating Guilin Tour packages for anyone interested to explore Guilin like never before.

travel ushuaia

Exploring attractions in Argentina seems never-ending. Various natural attractions in the country has lured many foreign tourists to visit. One attraction not to be missed during a visit to Argentina is the city of Ushuaia, dubbed as the city at the end of the world.

Ushuaia is the capital of Tierra del Fuego Argentina. In the northern part of the city there are mountain Martial while in the south there strait Beagle. The city is a popular tourist destination especially for tourists from Buenos Aires.

For the sake of winning the title as the city end of the world, this city must compete with Chilean who claim that Punta Arenas is a city in the most southern tip. However, it seems Ushuaia who managed to qualify for this title because of its location which is closer to the south pole that icy continent of Antarctica. Read More…

Places in Japan Famous

wisata ke jepang

Places Famous in Japan. Lots of tourist attractions in Japan are interesting to visit, the State’s capital Tokyo has become a state despite being very modern and advanced, but still has a beautiful nature and is famous in the world.

Several tourist attractions are well-known in Japan can you make the choice to spend the holidays with your family or closest relatives. Japan is a modern country number one in Asia and a major competitor in the field of technology Countries Japan is the United States (USA) who are in the American continent.

Japanese tour the beautiful and enchanting so much, Modern Tourism in Japan too much, night Japan also certainly not counted, in Indonesia alone many tourist attractions night, especially in Japan?

Here is a list of names of 10 sites in Japan are attractive and well-known and has become a favorite tourist spot in Japan along with a little description of the reviews about Japan: Read More…

destination solo travel

Solo City is located in Central Java province has many tourist destinations are very historic and famous. Building history of the kingdom in Indonesia that still exist in the city of Solo is a palace. Not only that, in Solo are also a lot of natural attractions that can be visited.

Solo several natural attractions are:

1. Beach Sembukan
Sembukan very famous beach in the area of ? Surakarta due in Turkish Sembukan annually held a ritual by Kraton Surakarta commonly called by the name of ritual float exalted. According to the stories of local residents, Turkish Sembukan have mythical stories that are trusted by the citizens as a gateway to 13 Queen Nyai Roro Kidul as a meeting place with King Pangkubuwono which is one of the king in Surakarta. Their activities each year in Turkish Sembukan make a lot of tourists who come by just to see the show and want to know more details of activities and also enjoy the beauty of the beach Sembukan itself.

2. Cave Gong
Cave Gong has a unique decoration on the walls and also on the stalagmite and stalaktit. According to stories from local residents that the cave is on every Friday sound gamelan sounds like a gamelan gong so this cave called the Cave Gong. In Cave Gong there are 7 springs and 12 rooms while the gong cave itself is located under the sea about 256 meters. To be able to get to the Solo’s natural attractions you can go through the land transportation of direction Punung – Pacitan a distance of 7 km in the direction of southeastern city of Solo about 70 km. Read More…

Ice Cave Eisriesenwelt

gua es eestrich

For you lovers of adventure tourism certainly will not miss the adventure in the Ice Cave Eisriesenwelt. Eisriesenwelt is a cave made of natural limestone in which is filled with a layer of ice. In German the word “Eisriesenwelt” means a giant ice world. This challenging tourist area located in Werfen, Austria approximately 40 KM south part of Salzburg.

Eisriesenwelt ice cave has been named the greatest in the world, because it has a length exceeding 42 KM. Although the cave is known as an ice cave, but do not include glacier cave. Eisriesenwelt caves created by the flow of the river Salzach. The flow of this river flowing through the mountains and then scrape the various hallways that occurred about 100 million years ago.

For millions of years the cracks and crevices in the limestone formed. When winter comes, the air temperature in the cave can reach below freezing. In the spring, the snow will enter through the crack rocks and snow seepage current flowing into the lower region with colder temperatures, the water will freeze. Then slowly occur charming ice formations in the cave Eisriesenwelt this. Read More…

Fast and Comfortable Rome Cabs

Rome is undoubtedly one of the best tourism spots in the world. Every year, many tourists come to Rome. There are many historical places and buildings that can make you amazed once you see them. Besides, the culture and also the art are also a part of the fascination of this beautiful city. Most people want to go to different places in order to explore the uniqueness of Rome. However, some travelers, especially those who are new may find it difficult to reach places throughout the city with public transportation. If it is the case, then you may want rome cabs help you solving your problem.

Why Choose Rome Cabs?

Rome cabs are a famous private travelling cab provider that can help you reach your destination fast and directly. The cabs will be able to take you to many different places that the public transportation cannot. You even can choose the vehicles that you want. It also offers some tour package that you can choose according to your wants. The private cab will come with an experience and safe driver. The cab itself is secure and safe with many added features that will make you comfortable in enjoying your trip. You do not need to wait for a long time like in using taxi or other public transportations. You just need to make a booking and have the cab pick you up from airport to your destination. Besides, you will less worry about the cost since the cabs have no fares and meters like taxi.

Easy Rome Cabs Booking

You can enjoy your unforgettable trip by using private cabs from Rome cabs. The first thing you should do is booking a cab. You can make a booking through email or phone call. The registration is very simple and easy. Besides, there is also online payment service so you can make a booking anywhere and anytime.

This Equipment and Supplies Hiking

bawaan naik gunug

Mountain climbing is one of the activities carried out in the wild or outdoors. To make the climb required to have special tools and equipment in accordance with the conditions we are going to climb the mountain. Not only the physical and mental strength must also be prepared especially health.

Extreme weather and fickle could affect the fitness of the body because of the absence of any facilities on the mountain. Then the climbers are required to prepare the equipment as best as possible because the physical forces that will work harder than usual, making us the climbers as well as a nature lover desperately need such equipment.

Indeed, in passing, fixtures and equipment such as mountain climbing only thing that’s it. But when viewed in detail and structured, many in number, and if we want to be able to spend their money to buy us deeply. But more and more people who enjoy mountain climbing activities, making some party outsmart the situation by creating a business opportunity that could be promising. So as to ease the burden of our pockets to climb the mountain. Read More…

wisata irlandia

Although Ireland states fall into the category of a small country, but the beauty and tours offered in this country can not be taken lightly. Many tourist destinations in Ireland was charming, beautiful and fantastically located in various corners of the country.

1. Cliffs of Moher
Tourist attractions in Ireland are located precisely in the north of Lahinch, Clare’s west coast. Cliffs of Moher which is the highest cliff in Europe is a tourist destination with beautiful views. Formerly, the Cliffs of Moher is an ancient site had been used for guard towers guarding the Viking attackers.

2. Rural Connemara
Connemara countryside has an area of ??approximately 2,000 hectares. Countryside who are in Letterfrack, Galway county is very charming and became one of the favorite national park administration protected in this country. Read More…

Sailing Holidays in Cyclades

Everyone usually and commonly wishes that they can have an unforgettable holiday in their lives. People tend to make their holiday to be the special moments to refresh their body and soul from the hard work and busy time in their office everyday. For some people, trying something new in their holiday is a must. Thus, they can be interested to do sailing holidays in Cyclades. It can be done by using the high quality charter which can provide you comfort, happiness and safety. This charter is called as Yacht Charter Greece. For further information, you can continue reading this article. 

About Cyclades Islands

Cyclades islands are very well known for those who like sailing. These islands are the complex islands in Greece. People may enjoy sailing and make unforgettable memories with low cost by visiting these islands and seeing Greece seas.  You will be able to enjoy your moment, recharge your energy, enjoying the sailing and refreshing your body and soul. Therefore, sailing to Cyclades Islands can be a better option for your essential holiday. 

About Yacht Charter Greece

This yacht charter which is a family company is able to provide you with the best boat with best price in Greece. This is very experienced as the business is started around thirty years ago. Indeed, you can trust this company to prove their thirty year experience with better service. This company also offers you with lifetime and unforgettable memories by giving the shipshape sailing yachts and amazing personalized service. You may get a good service and a positive attitude from our staffs who can guide you with best options. This company allows and permits you to complain if there is any for 24 hours/ 7 days. It is proven that this company wants to ensure your satisfaction. You may choose and select the crewed, skippered and bareboat sailing in Greece. The age of each boat is no more than 5 years.