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Archive for June, 2015

Travel To State Argentina

travel ke argentina

Country known in the world of football has yet another fascinating destinations. Yes, Argentina. A country of about 40 million, 86% are of European descent, especially from countries Italy and Spain. No wonder Europe is very strong khan architecture in this country. As a tourist destination, we can visit the Iguazu waterfall which combines about 275 waterfalls along the nearly 3210 m. This waterfall has received the title as the most amazing waterfalls. Nearly matching its popularity falls Nicaragua.

In the northwest, highlands highland valleys separated by narrow valley, one of which is the Quebrada de Humahuaca. There is also a small town Purmamarca with buki seven colors are very beautiful and charming. Los Cardones nature reserve, which was specially developed as a home for the development of a giant cactus plant. Elsewhere there Ischigualasto National Park, known as the valley of the moon. This park contains fossils and trace fossils of extinct animals traces of life.

For mountain climbers, Aconcagua is the right place. This mountain is the highest mountain in the Andes mountain range. Has an altitude of about 22,800 feet. This is an arid mountainous topography and heat. At nearby locations there is also a natural bridge Puente del Inca. The bridge, which has a length of about 49m. This bridge crosses the river Vacas famous. Argentino lake deep blue will be the gateway to the Glaciers National Park. This park has a lot gletsier. The famous one is Perito Moreno. Read More…

RV is the short form of the recreational vehicle which is one of the best vehicles where you can live with all the facilities. It has all the amenities like a home and you can use this for vacation or trips. You can also stay in this vehicle as full timer as many people like RV lifestyle. Purchasing an RV is one of the great investments you do in your lifetime and you should know how to protect your vehicle. It is very important for you to maintain your RV as it is one among the great asset you have. There may be many factors which may affect your RV. To protect your RV, you can use the RV covers which may help you to prevent your motor vehicle from various damages.


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There are so many brands in the market who sell the RV covers with different quality. There are also various online shops where you can find the best quality cover, visit and buy the RV cover easily. Purchase the best RV cover which suits your vehicle that is affordable.

wisata ke afrika selatan

A country that has a population of approximately 45 million people, has become a trend now a tourist destination. Although the country has some security issues, do not make people hesitate to travel to this country. The beauty of this country is like having a powerful magic to keep calling tourists to come. Facilities luxurious facilities have been developed to support the tourism sector of the country. There bebarapa tourist destinations in the country such as drakensberg, cave cango, kwazulu natal, Augrabies waterfall and a no less interesting is kimberly diamond mine. There are also beach durban, Wildcoast, garden route and the peninsula coast for beach lovers.

The walk to the southwest of Africa, we can see the typical African wildlife such as lions, elephants, wildbeast, giraffes, rhinos and many other types of animals. One of the most famous of national parks Krueger National Park. This park is one of the largest, has a length of 350km and a width of 55 km. This park is home to wild plants, African wild dogs and Diceros bicornisatau that often we know as the black rhino.

Nature reserve that is no less well known is the Hluhluwe Umfolozi nature reserve. The nature reserve is also home to the famous five animals and endangered. Isimangaliso swamp in Zulu Natal region is home to hippos, crocodiles and various species of birds. Habitat for white rhino, buffalo, zebra and giraffe also can we meet at Pilanesberg nature reserve. Read More…

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pantai indah di dunia

Who would not like to go to the beach? Whether to simply enjoy the breeze, water play or chat with people nearby, the beach has always managed to attract the attention of many people. Nothing wrong in tropical regions such as Indonesia and the islands of Polynesia, the beach is the number one tourist sites of the most sought after by tourists, both local and foreign. If you are a beach lover, here we show the most beautiful beaches in the world.

This article can be your motivation to save and around the world with backpacking :

  • Beach, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
    Have you heard the song “The Girl from Ipanema ‘which was popularized by Brazilian singer named Antonio Carlos Jobim? If you pay attention to the lyrics, where the author wrote many songs about the beauty found on Ipanema beach. The lyrics of this song is not excessive, because in fact, the beach is located in the city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil is one of the many beaches with exotic scenery in the world. There are two mountains named Dois Irmaos on the west coast. The sea water is turquoise helped add to the beauty of this beach. Various kinds of beer sold around the coast, ranging from the cheapest to the most expensive. For the hygiene problem, the Brazilian government must be given the thumbs up. Although the beach is densely visited by tourists, garbage contained in this beach is well managed so that no garbage strewn disturbing view. The beach is divided into several posto. In each, there is a lifeguard tower.

Read More…

Top 7 Things You Can Do In Stockholm

To view Scandinavia at its best, go to Stockholm. Stockholm isn’t just the loveliest Scandinavian city, but it’s also regarded as among the most beautiful and cleanest cities on the globe. What’s more the town provides visitors with amazing experiences when they look at the well-known tourist spots. When you wondering what to do in Stockholm, allow me to share 7 attractions in Stockholm you have to see.

1.Go back in its history in Gamla Stan

Gamla Stan or even the Old Town because so many Swedes call oahu is the most preserved area in Stockholm. If you need to return with time and find out the rich cultural heritage of Stockholm, this can be the placed you need to visit. Move around the cobblestone streets and alleyways and learn buildings dating as back as 15th century. Get inspired through the sturdiness and functionality of Swedish Architecture. Enjoy Swedish delicacies from your many restaurants and cafes around Gamla Stan. Go shopping for beautiful handicrafts and acquire some Stockholm.

Look At The Royal Palace

Kungliga Slottet, certainly one of Stockholm’s two royal palaces, is found at the north eastern a part of Gamla Stan. Have a tour and feel the lifetime of the nobility when walking with the corridors that past kings and queens of Stockholm took. Integrated 1754, this palace has over 60 rooms. Be sure you include this with your trip, particularly if you have desire for lavish interiors.

Visit the Skansen

It becomes an open-air museum that showcases the original crafts in the office in Sweden since they existed ahead of the Industrial Revolution. Get the opportunity to find out 150 traditional buildings, many original, and exposed to this museum little by little. This Museum has many various kinds of craftsmen including bakers, glass-blowers, tanners and shoe makers.

Explore Riksdag (Parliament)

Sveriges Riksdag, Sweden’s parliament can be worth seeing. That’s where the Sweden’s legislative body deliberates. Located on Helgeandsholmen Island, the Riksdag complex consists of a series of architecturally interesting buildings including Mecuris, Cephalus, Neptunus and Rosebad the location where the government is housed. The oldest of such, Cephalus and Neptunus, have portions dating from 17th century. There is a 500-seat public viewing gallery at the Riksdag. Guided tours are available all seasons -round. An important feature about visiting Riksdag is there’s no admission charge.

Enjoy yourself at Djurgarden

Djurgarden or the Game Park is another wonder place you have to visit in Stockholm. This can be a lush island in the center of Stockholm. This tropical isle offers spectacular views and sights, and you may take advantage of the events how the park has planned for tourists. You may even take the lunch where you can picnic inside the lush gardens. Much to provide you this also place is actually free!

6.Go skateboarding in Kungstradgarden Park

If you are intending to visit Stockholm during wintertime, then you need to try ice skating in Kungstradgarden Park. Renting skates is relatively cheap. This massive park in central Stockholm is opened daily and you may always take the family.

Visit Stadshuset (City Hall)

Studshuset, Stockholm’s City Hall, is architectural delight that you must visit. This is perhaps Stockholm’s most prominent landmark, with among the best views of the city. It’s also famous for being the house of the Nobel Prize the place that the great Bia Hallen, the awards ceremonies are held each and every year in December. Guided tours can be found all seasons -round.

Places in the United States Famous

wisata ke amerika

Lots of attractions in the United States are interesting, beautiful and has been popular in the world since a long time, one of them like Hawaii and many more surely interesting things you can find in America. Who was that feels foreign to the United States? I am sure the majority or all of the readers have heard the name of America even though the road has never been there or has ever visited.

Lots of district or city very well known and already internationally like New York City, Los Angeles, Wasington DC and so forth, following yoshiewafa want to give a little information about the tourist attractions in the cities which are in the United States for those who may want to visit the State This world giant.

Here is a list of tourist attractions in the United States based on the largest cities:

1. Places in New York City, New York
Conquered New York in a single visit is impossible. In big cities you can see the Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty, Central Park, the Metropolitan Museum of Art directly. Then explore the road with a visit to The Cloisters or one of the city library. Treat yourself to a visit to the shops bohemian West Village or food from the Upper West Side. A bustling market in the Grand Central Station will give you a literal sense of the best in the city has to offer. Read More…

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Air travel Sanih in Bali island

wisata air di bali

Air Sanih or commonly called the Sanih Yeh is a place tour located about 17 km from the city of Singaraja, Bali. Sanihadalah water baths with water sources. It was said that according to legend Sanih Water is a bathing place for young couples. And according to the trust of the local community, the source of this water has its origins from Lake Batur is located hundreds of kilometers away from Air Sanih. The water that flows from these sources is often used for Hindu religious ceremony. In this place you can also see a temple to the god Vishnu.

Tourism Object tirta is a natural swimming pool which is located in the village of the District Sanih approximately 17 km from the eastern city of Singaraja. Air Sanih famous for its water springs that emerge endlessly from the southeast corner of this pool. As in the legend springs flowing in the Air Sanih a watershed in the soil that comes from Lake Batur.

Air travel Sanih public baths have two pools, one pool for adults and one pool for children. Distance a few meters from the north surrounded by the sea which are relatively safe for swimming and water sports activities other or just to lie down and laze on the sand beach black. Attraction Water around Sanih already provided several small inns and restaurants as well as a parking lot several support facilities. Read More…