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Archive for August, 2015

Destinasi Tempat Wisata Danau Terindah di Indonesia

Indonesia is the country that endless when discussing about the beauty of nature. With the beauty of the scenery so much and outstanding especially the lake.

Here are some of the most beautiful lake in Indonesia as follows :

  • Lake Paniai Papua
    The lake is located in Papua, which is precisely in this Paniai district has an area of ??14,500 ha in the mountains which have an altitude of 1,700 meters above sea level. Surrounded by cliffs towering in the surrounding area, make this place more beautiful and fascinating look natural. And the view was amazing. Paniai Lake area is also an area of ??indigenous people of Papua that Mee tribe and tribe Moni. With the grandeur of nature and beaches, as well as the lake was inhabited by many species of fish as well as shrimp and eel, is a suitable place and cool for the fans of fishing. You can circle the island by renting a boat and also while fishing will be able to add excursions to be very encouraging.
  • Labuan Lake Mirror Kaltim
    No less beautiful with other lakes in Indonesia, Labuhan Mirror Lake is a lake the most beautiful destinations in Indonesia attractive for your holiday fans / nature lovers. The lake is located in East Kalimantan and precisely in the village Lambuan Kelambu-dipper dipper districts this Berau district, was awarded the very clear water and three water color between dark blue, light blue, green and white. Clear water and stunning color gradation that makes the visitors who come here will experience peace and probably will linger in this lake. Moreover, the clarity of its water, to the point of view of coral at the bottom of the lake is visible when a depth of three meters to the bottom of the lake. It is very encouraging. You can also dive and swim to enjoy the beauty of Lake Labuan This mirror.

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Tips And Tricks For Staying Fresh Travelling

Tips Dan Trik Tetap Fresh Selama Travelling

Travelling lately become a lifestyle trend. Not only to unwind the daily activities, which can reduce the risk of stress. For many people, travel is part of the adventure to discover new things. Traveling to a new place will make you interested in trying the typical food of the area.

Certainly a pleasant walk into a new place and you can enjoy new foods, which often do not realize we are not able to interfere with your health if it is less suitable food with your tongue and belly.

Here’s how to keep you safe in consuming food and beverages while traveling, so you remain fresh as follows:

  • Avoid drinking tap water, which is widely available in public places. It would be better if you consume bottled mineral water.

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Just like other occupations, there are ethical codes on property market that should be obeyed by the real estate agent. Therefore, make sure to choose a professional agent that has a good reputation, has friendly staff, has a willingness to help the customers and meet all the ethical codes of property industry. The easiest way to find them is by checking websites that are focused in enlisting and recommending realtors in specific area. Such website can be very helpful and most likely they will only recommend us to only reputable names that have been trusted in the industry. And if you are looking for the best Toronto Realtors, you will find is standout the other.

There are so many cases when the real estate agent becomes impatient to their clients. If the realtor is not professional, then they will start complaining about is and thinking that we are not serious and only waste their time. Well, actually this situation can be overcome by building a communication. It had better for us to explain them what kind of home we want and if it is needed, we can bring them sample from the internet.

If we are looking for a brand new home, then we have to go to a builder, not realtor because the homes that are sold by realtors are not new homes. It is because the builders don’t want to work with realtors and give them commissions. Therefore, only go to the realtors if we are looking for second-handed home.

Tempat Wisata Vietnam

Attractions Hanoi is a tourist destination in Vietnam is loaded with historical value. Hanoi is the capital of Vietnam, an exotic city, there are displays of luxury, and you will find the atmosphere of “rural” or “village” in the city. It is precisely these things that make the attraction Hanoi became a tourist attraction for travelers and put the city of Hanoi to the rows of the popular attractions Vietnam. This article will explore the attractions of Hanoi that you should know.

Attractions in Hanoi

Hanoi Tourism in the World Currency
Did you know the average travelers from Indonesia who came to Vietnam is 5,000 people per month, or about 70 thousand people of Indonesia in the year. The trip to Vietnam is dominated by tourist destination, coupled with other matters such as business and visiting relatives. Based on the official website of Tourism Government of Vietnam, Vietnam countries around the world receive as much Visits of at least 500,000 per month, or about 7 million annually. Attraction makes Hanoi as a tourist destination you was not in vain. Why? You gain experience for a city with an original personality. Hanoi city full of historical value in the history of the Vietnamese people traveling.

Hanoi city center collated from a number of areas which are arranged with a compact, known as Hoan Kiem District. The district is bounded embankment on the east side of the Red River, rail lines in the north and west, and its southern boundary is marked by Nguyen Du street, Le Van Huu, and Han Thuyen. The name of this district takes its name from a lake which has now become an identity of Vietnam, the Hoan Kiem Lake. Read More…

Tempat Wisata di Makassar 1

In addition to delicious culinary, a number of tourist attractions in Makassar has an enchanting appeal, ranging from maritime natural beauty, rich culture and history, of games, to the refreshing scenery. Losari is an icon of tourism in Makassar, but you have to visit the island or island Kodingareng Keke Samalona to find out how much fun snorkel in the clear, distant sea and playing on the white sand.

Makassar, formerly known as Ujung Pandang, is the largest city in Eastern Indonesia. The city is also the leading door highland adventure to Tana Toraja in South Sulawesi with the culture of the people is amazing. Since the past, Makassar has been known worldwide as one of the busiest sea ports in the archipelago. Since the 14th century, many merchant ships from China, India, and Cambodia commodity transactions. Europeans began to enter into this Makassar region in the 16th century.

Places of Interest in Makassar
Compiled from various sources, here are a number of attractions in Makassar that you should visit, some of which are tourist destinations in South Sulawesi are popular among connoisseurs of trip:

1. Losari
This is the icon of the city of Makassar. Losari is a tourist spot with panoramic sunset in Makassar compelling. Accompanied by gusts of breeze beach and sea waves, the atmosphere relaxing in Losari be so impressive. With its location at the heart of Makassar, Losari coast has become a favorite destination for anyone who first stepped Makassar.

Epe banana culinary treats is one favored by many tourists in this place, in addition there are also a number of other specialties such as pallu butung Makassar, green bananas, soup konro, Coto Makassar, and others. If you prefer, there are also dishes fresh seafood that you can order. If you want a unique impression, you can even try to enjoy a dish of seafood in Losari this by entering into a floating restaurant that uses traditional boat Bugis Makassar famous, namely Phinisi.

If you want to play in around the beach Sejong, you can try some games such as banana boat or water bike to get around the beach. Read More…

Pulau Wayag Indonesia

Do you know a place that became a haven dives in Raja Ampat? Diving and’s best snorkeling spot is Islands Wayag. Puppet island located on the west islands of Raja Ampat. Position Wayag Island located in the district of West Waigeo, Raja Ampat, West Papua. This Wayag island is a major icon in Raja Ampat travel. To be able to get to the Raja Ampat diving paradise, you have to travel far enough. Therefore, its location geographically located at the tip of Papua and became the most distant place to reach than some of the other beautiful islands in the Raja Ampat.

Activities diving or snorkeling on the island Wayag is one thing not to be missed. There was no place the most beautiful snorkeling in Indonesia besides Wayag Island Raja Ampat. The water is so clear, forming a shoal of fish swimming in the beautiful scenery underwater nature. Coral reefs are living as part of the marine ecosystem in Raja Ampat deliver the best diving experience you may never get over this.

Panorama Beautiful Island Wayag

Wayag Island in Raja Ampat is known marine light blue and dark blue. The sea has a limestone islands that lie in harmony, on top of trees, which makes the limestone islands look like small mountains greenish. If you want to know how beautiful scenery Wayagini Island tour, you can climb Coral Island. Coral Island is quite steep, need lungs strong enough to be able to climb up to the top. From the top of the Coral Island is where you can witness one of the most beautiful natural scenery in Raja Ampat, arranged like a natural paradise. Ascent takes about 30 minutes will be paid to treat the stunning natural scenery, a moment that you should capture in the camera. Stunning natural scenery is the same as in travel Halong Bay Vietnam. Read More…

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