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You are excited about going to a new summer camp that is far away. In fact, it is so far away that you need a passport in order to get there. Normally, the process for a new passport takes about four to six weeks. There are steps you can take, however, to speed up the process, if you need your passport sooner than the usual processing time. Here is how to expedite a passport.

Apply and Request Documents in Person

When official documents have to be mailed, they can take a while to reach you. Not only must the processors in the facility where you make the request wade through thousands of requests, but the the documents must also make it safely back to you through the regular mail service. It is best to request documents like a birth certificate in person. Go to your vital statistics agency, request your birth certificate, pay the fee and receive your official birth record on the spot.

The same rule goes for the agency where you apply for your passport. Be sure you have done your homework and covered all possibilities for delays. For example, if your state-issued driver’s license or identification card is from a different state than the one where your currently reside, you must present secondary identification, like a social security card, a credit card or work identification.

Be Prepared to Pay All Applicable Fees

In order to receive your passport sooner than usual, you must pay the standard passport fee in addition to a $60 expedition charge. There may also be fees for your passport photo and overnight delivery, if you choose this option. Expedited service still takes two to three weeks, even if you use overnight service both for sending and receiving your passport.


There are some cases when a passport is required for a life-or-death emergency. You will have to show proof of that emergency, but in these cases, the process for expediting your passport can take a few days. If you are in a country outside of the US, but you are a US citizen, you should inquire about emergencies with the US Embassy in the country where you are.

To alleviate the stress of last-minute passports, you should always leave enough time in weeks to make sure you secure yours. You do not want to be in a situation where all of your travel plans are made, and you still cannot travel. Always plan ahead to avoid any glitches.


Without any doubt, there are so many things that can be done whenever we are trying to have some fun during our vacation. Visiting some tourist destinations is surely a must thing to do. But it is not all. While you have reached your destination, tasting the exotic foods there can also a great thing to do. So, what is your next destination?

If you are interested to go to Petaling Jaya, without a doubt, tons of great foods are available for you and those foods should be able to make your vacation even more memorable. You don’t need to worry about how to get those foods because basically, your accommodation can provide them. Let’s take the example of how you stay in Selangor hotels. The hotels should be able to provide the foods for you. But, it is totally a greater thing for you to do if you are willing to explore the city. At least, there are top 5 must eat foods you should try whenever you are in Petaling Jaya. The first is definitely about NasiLemak. This traditional food is still really popular. Toast and roast are also good for you to try.

Traditional coffee is also something that needs to try especially if you are keen on enjoying some coffee during your vacation. Another option of the foods you should try is NasiKandar. This is also a traditional culinary for you to try. And the last one is to make sure you try pork noodles which definitely will make you want to taste it again over and over. What do you think about those foods? They sound so awesome, right? That is why if you have planned to go to Petaling Jaya, surely, you need to think about the hotels in Petaling Jaya for your places to stay and then, don’t forget to explore the city for a bit and let your tongue spoiled with the great foods there.


When you are organising a summer camp for a group of kids apart from location and activities which we will speak a little about later, one of the most important considerations is transport.

How are you going to safely and efficiently move a group of teenagers and all of their luggage which can often be described as an exercise not too unlike ‘herding cats’.

One of the easiest and most economical ways is a bus charter services which will collect everyone either from their respective homes or from a pre-arranged pick up point.

The types of vehicle available normally range from 8 seat minibuses up to full size 60 or 70 seat coaches and of course are priced accordingly. You can include transport in the pricing of your summer camp and I would recommend nailing down your price as early as possible as you will take a hit if the price of transport increases after you have advised parents of the camp prices.

You should also bear in mind, that bus drivers do have restricted hours and can only drive for a maximum of four hours before having to take a 45 minute break and this should be planned into your itinerary. It should also be noted that they can only drive for a maximum of 9 hours in one day and even a few minutes over this would result in severe penalties for the driver and bus company so please don’t expect them to exceed their driving hours.

When sending out your pre-camp rules, include bus etiquette as part of the rules. Most charter companies will stipulate that food and drink cannot be consumed on the buses, passengers must remain seated and no loud music should be played. Most modern charter buses do have on board entertainment including DVD players and sound systems for use at the driver’s discretion.

The final point that I would like to make is to remind everyone to be ready on time! There is nothing worse than getting a journey off to a poor start by having to wait for people to arrive who had been pre-advised of the meeting time. If you want your trip to get off to a great start (secretly) tell everyone to be ready 30 minutes before the time you actually need them and hopefully then nobody should be late.

Hope this article helps and that y’all have a great summer camp!

Anggun dan Cantiknya Pulau Cendrawasih

Papua is practically isolated in some aspects compared to other islands, especially Java. But from this isolation makes Papua has a treasure trove of beautiful places and natural lush untouched by poison the progress of time.

  • Raja Ampat Islands
    The archipelago is famous for its exoticism and often used as a place for honeymooners for young couples. These islands also attract many divers-divers from around the world to enjoy the underwater scenery. Believed underwater natural riches as unparalleled in the world. Hills, natural scenery, beaches, and its biological richness surely enchant you. Proving the nickname given people since time immemorial that “Puau Heaven” or “Paradise Lost”.
  • Lake Sentani
    Lake Sentani is located below the mountain slope that lies between the City Cycloops Jayapura and Jayapura district. Lake with group of islands in the middle is one of the loveliest in Indonesia. Festival held every June in this lake for 5 consecutive days. The festival is filled with traditional dances on boats, Papua typical war dance, traditional ceremonies such as the coronation Ondoafi and serving a variety of unique culinary Papua.

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Boat Hire Services in Australia

boat2Hiring a boat for special event becomes easier and simpler with the help of The site has the most extensive boat collections available for hire in Sydney. Anyone is allowed to rent a boat here, even if they need it for personal purposes. Even better, the company had arranged various service packages available to accommodate some specific events and purposes for both personals and commercials. Want to hold a birthday party on a boat to make it different this year? Consider it done since has more than enough of services and accommodations you possibly needed for it.

There are many reasons why celebrating your birthday at Australia Day Sydney Harbour is a good choice, mainly is because it simplifies everything related to your party. The fact is, AnyBoat, the company behind this site has managed to have solid teams dedicated to deliver the best boat party services whenever it needed. In other hand, if you need to hire a boat for other purposes than a birthday party, feel no worry since the company has everything to cover all your needs. This is a good opportunity for beginners who simply have no idea how to arrange everything for their event. The company will do everything for them instead.

AnyBoat isn’t new in the industry. In fact, they have been in the field for over a decade and had successfully accommodated more than a thousand clients throughout their operation years. They have diverse clients ranging from regular individual until to the large corporations. And yes, they hosted boats for various events and occasions. That shows us how they have long experience in dealing with any type of clients as well as to help host any kind of events. For more information about the company and their boat charter services, one can simply visit their official website.

boatHiring a boat for birthday party surely is unique. Not many people have such brilliant idea to celebrate their birthday on a boat. And if you are looking for something unique to commemorate your day of birth, then boat birthday party can be a good concept to work on. For anyone living in the Sydney, they can easily to hire a boat for party at This web page is presented to you by a professional boat rental provider in Sydney. Anyone is allowed to hire their boat, whether for personal or commercial events.

At, you will be able to find wide-array options of boats available for hire. Whether you want small boat for little group of people or the bigger ones to contain more people, good chance you will be able to find it available for rent at this website. There are many reasons why boat party can be a good option to celebrate your birthday, such as the all-inclusive party services, dynamic harbor view, professionally arranged party accommodations, and many more. All these can be expected to be found at BoatHireSydney. The team will assure you get The Best Birthday Party Venues in Sydney.

Since the first time it introduced to the market, BoatHireSydney had received positive feedback from the market which can be seen from the increased number of order being made by the people in the area. And through time, the team managed to improve their services aiming to give the most satisfying boat party solution to anyone who needs it. Today, people can easily to arrange reservation via online, thus allowing them to arrange everything for the party even without leaving their home. Even better, anyone could easily to check for boat availability whenever they want to and to book the desired boat early before it last.


Not all people have traveling in order to get some fun. Even though most of the people are having vacation and traveling to get rid of the stress and tension which are piling up inside the mind and to have some good time, there are some people who have different purpose. Take the example of how the people may expect to have better health care by having some traveling.

Yes, there are some health care services which have been proven to be great in several countries. You can take the example of how South Korea is famous for plastic surgery. Or even Thailand which is also well known for plastic surgery but it is more affordable than South Korea. Yes, there are some people who decide to have some traveling because of the other purposes aside from having fun. Have you ever heard about dental travel and cheap dental care in Egypt? For you who have troubles or problems with your dental condition, you can consider this kind of traveling. Yes, Egypt is the place for a great dental service which will help you to put an end to your dental issue. The service is offered by This kind of service is the home for you to expect some great dental treatments.

You are going to be taken care of by the most professional and experienced dentists. They are more than just capable of putting an end to your situation no matter how severe your dental issue is. In addition to the great service, you can also expect to spend less money. Yes, this service is going to give you such great dental care but at the same time you can forget about spending too much money. What do you think about it? Don’t you think it is the time for you to plan your next traveling to Egypt and get such awesome and affordable dental service?


In order to guarantee your satisfaction whenever you are having your vacation, you surely need to have some planning. Well, by having the plan, at least, you will know what to do during your vacation. Just imagine if you barely know anything to do during the vacation, you will face some dull moment and it is not good for you. So, what kind of planning you should do? Of course, the most important thing is to determine where you are going.

For this matter, you should consider having your vacation in Australia. What if you are already an Australian? Well, don’t you think it is actually a great thing to spend some great time in your own country? Use the holiday moment to optimize the fun. The closest one is to celebrate January 26th as the Australia Day. When it comes to such celebration, going to Sydney is going to guarantee the fun. But, are you pleased with just only “fun”? What if you are told that you can basically have more than that? Yes, there is a great way to guarantee more fun for you to celebrate Australia Day in Sydney. What you need to have is the cruise.

Yes, you can really celebrate January 26th in Sydney with the help from Australia Day Cruise. Just imagine about how the celebration can be even more fantastic when you are riding the cruise. In addition to the fact that you are able to enjoy the sceneries, there will also a selection of great privileges you can enjoy when you are on the cruise. This is surely a kind of activity you should consider of doing in order to guarantee your vacation in Sydney. If you want to get such cruise, it is totally easy to do. What you need to do is just to contact and everything will be done.

Tricks to Keep Skin Care while Travelling

Trik Jaga Kecantikan Kulit saat Travelling

When traveling, sometimes there are changes in the weather to be encountered, especially if it goes with the aircraft. As a result, these conditions can affect a person’s skin beauty. But you need not worry, because now there are tips to overcome this problem. Here’s his review.

  • Drinking water
    Drink lots of water. This is to overcome the problem of dry skin during traveling. When the air pressure inside the cabin of the aircraft, and also ac in the plane will affect your skin. Therefore, you should drink lots of water.
  • Massage
    When traveling, your metabolism will decrease drastically. Suggest to do the massage so that blood flow in the body smoothly. Massage when traveling it is useful to smooth blood circulation. This can also help the process of detoxification of the skin.

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Are you planning to spend your next holiday in Australia? If you are, then, you have already made a great decision. This country surely has it all. Whatever you expect for your great vacation can certainly be fulfilled. This is something that will blow your mind away because the vacation in Australia is going to give so many memorable moments to you.

Do you want to have some proof so you can be more convinced? Well, you should try having Australia Day cruises. What is it? Just imagine about how you can enjoy some great time on the sea by riding great cruise. There will be so many great things to make you feel so pleased and at the same time, you will also know that your vacation is going to be so fantastic. Why? Well, first, during the trip, you can enjoy the sceneries around which will keep you in awe. Then, on the cruise, there are so many facilities which will spoil you and make you feel like king or queen. And yes, things can be even more awesome if you take your beloved people to be on such cruise. In other words, this kind of vacation is something you must do without any doubt at all.

Please don’t forget that you are also going to be able to enjoy some trips all around Australia. Take the example of how you are going to have such great time Sydney which is also known as Australia’s harbor city. There will not be any dull moment at all. Such vacation is going to bring you the peaceful state of mind and at the same time, you can also feel like your whole body is rejuvenated. As the result, you will definitely want to have the same vacation again soon enough. What are you waiting anymore?