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Moyo Island Beauty

Moyo Island beach

Moyo Island beach

For lovers of nature and the world under the sea , three miles off the northern coast of Sumbawa , Indonesia , lies the island of Moyo , natural environment with rugged coastlines and meadows home to all kinds of wildlife .

Moyo island became more famous after the visit of Princess Diana of England who are looking for peace of paparazzi chase .
The main attraction of the island is located below the sea surface . Moyo is surrounded by a natural coral reef ideal for snorkeling . Swim with white sharks , diving near the stingray , found a bunch of tropical fish . Experience in the tropical waters of Indonesia will not be forgotten .

On land , two- thirds of the island is a nature reserve . The wildlife here includes deer , wild cattle and many kinds of birds , from the start of the storks , sea eagles brahminy and white – bird watchers will be pleased to see most of the birds that make the island their home .

Archaeology and cultural enthusiasts should not miss a visit to the traditional village of Batu tering where you can see the remains of megalithic culture . Once you meet with the village head , to accompany you around in Airnung village where you can see the remnants of power first and ancient relief carvings .


You can rent a boat from Sumbawa Besar. Hotel where you can arrange a rental for you , you can go alone to dock at Muara Kali and bid price for a ship .

For a faster trip , you can use a fast boat but the price is more expensive , if the weather permits , you can sail with the local canoe fishermen . Sailed by canoe will take time but this way you can feel the peace and enjoy different atmospheres .


Amawana resort truly secluded paradise . Located on the island’s nature reserve , you will not be disturbed by the noise of the outside world . This secluded hotel has attracted famous guests including Princess Diana’s world . Guests staying in tents made ??specifically where deer are curious to peek inside your tent as they walk .