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Without any doubt, there are so many things that can be done whenever we are trying to have some fun during our vacation. Visiting some tourist destinations is surely a must thing to do. But it is not all. While you have reached your destination, tasting the exotic foods there can also a great thing to do. So, what is your next destination?

If you are interested to go to Petaling Jaya, without a doubt, tons of great foods are available for you and those foods should be able to make your vacation even more memorable. You don’t need to worry about how to get those foods because basically, your accommodation can provide them. Let’s take the example of how you stay in Selangor hotels. The hotels should be able to provide the foods for you. But, it is totally a greater thing for you to do if you are willing to explore the city. At least, there are top 5 must eat foods you should try whenever you are in Petaling Jaya. The first is definitely about NasiLemak. This traditional food is still really popular. Toast and roast are also good for you to try.

Traditional coffee is also something that needs to try especially if you are keen on enjoying some coffee during your vacation. Another option of the foods you should try is NasiKandar. This is also a traditional culinary for you to try. And the last one is to make sure you try pork noodles which definitely will make you want to taste it again over and over. What do you think about those foods? They sound so awesome, right? That is why if you have planned to go to Petaling Jaya, surely, you need to think about the hotels in Petaling Jaya for your places to stay and then, don’t forget to explore the city for a bit and let your tongue spoiled with the great foods there.


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