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The Islands Of Banda

The Islands Of Banda

Since the first century AD, the islands of Banda has been the sole producer of spices such as nutmeg and mace. Banda islands visited by many ships from China, India, and Arab. Spices are very valuable and sold for huge profits in the world market at that time.

Banda community is based on natural resources until spices change after the Dutch monopoly on the spice trade in the world.

Although it has a great reputation, Banda Island a mere collection of small islands consisting of three large islands and seven smaller islands. The islands are perched on the edge of the cliff below the ocean’s deepest Indonesia Banda Sea. The waters here can reach depths greater than 6,500 meters.

The two biggest islands Banda Besar and the Naira, overgrown lots of nutmeg trees. The third island, the Mountain of Fire or ‘top fire’ is an active volcano. In the waters around these islands you will find some of the most spectacular underwater park. You can enjoy the beautiful coral and colorful fish, swim in crystal-clear water, diving, snorkeling, sightseeing or even just enough to satisfy your nautical desires to travel.

Located 132 km southeast of Ambon, these islands are very beautiful but remote area. With colorful coral reefs, warm waters and exotic marine life. Banda is a paradise for divers from around the world to explore the most remote dive sites and very natural in the world.

Currently, Banda had bewitched the divers, sailors, and cruise ships from around the world with its natural beauty. Both above and below the sea, the beautiful Banda can be aligned with the beauty of Raja Ampat in Papua, a paradise of other marine tourism in Eastern Indonesia.

Banda Islands are one of Indonesia’s most popular attractions for divers. Both expert and novice divers. All can dive from the shallow lagoon between Bandaneira and Gunung Api to the vertical wall in Hatta Island.

Wherever you go around here, it will find a stunning tropical scenery, remarkable history, friendly locals, and a variety of pristine coral reefs.

Scuba diving is still relatively new here, but who is an expert diver does not have to work hard to find beauty. Undersea world around Ambon and the nearby island of Saparua has several dive sites worldwide reputation. As you explore the underwater surface and you’ll see everything from sharks, large turtles, fish, napoleon wrasse, giant grouper, tuna, rays mobula, cepluk redtooth, various species of whales, spinner dolphins, and close relatives of lobsters large, up to a tame reef fish or fish endemic to Ambon lionfish.

Come to visit the island of Banda and your secrets are stored in Eastern Indonesia.


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