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Travelling Alone

Traveling Alone

Come out of your comfort zone, try traveling alone to a distant place at least once a lifetime. Life is only once, it’s a shame if it was spent without doing things that are fun and enjoyable. It is time you dare to accept the challenge now. Do not be afraid to do traveling alone because there are a lot of changes and benefits will you get the following:

1. More Open Addressing Differences There
Meet new people, exploring the place that had been so foreign, to open ourselves to feel the things that have not ever tasted. All of it will make us more open mind. So no more selfish in addressing something.
There are many new angles that can be found during the journey. In fact there will be surprises experience that could change your life forever. On his return or his return from traveling, you’ll be someone new. Read More…

Clothes Diving Existing since the 16th Century

Wetsuits are now commonly used by tourists, was already there since the era of Leonardo Da Vinci, the 16th century. According Atals Obscura, there has been no real evidence that da Vinci was the one who created the diving suit, but it is believed that da Vinci was the person behind the concept.

Initially, da Vinci strive to maintain the confidentiality of the concept of everyone. He is concerned there are evil people who will use the design diving suits, for the murder of a submarine. Scheme of killing is to crush the bottom of the ship, so the crew is therein will go down with the ship. Davinci is actually more known designs such as the flight one of the works he called “aerial screw”.

At this time, his work was better known as a helicopter. However, there is no harm in trying wetsuits designed by da Vinci in this modern era. Although, its design tends to like a costume in a horror movie.

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Challenging Adrenaline on slide glass with a height of 300 Meters

MULTIPLE types of activities offered by companies in the tourism industry. The latest, tourists can try to glide at an altitude of 300 meters. This relatively high waterslide made of glass and was named SkySlide. SkySlide opened at the end of last month in downtown Los Angeles, United States.

The glass slides were made in the building Bank Tower, precisely at the floor 70. Visitors who love to compete guts, can try the game quite challenging. Although only skied a few seconds, visitors can feel the sensation of gliding pretty scary, especially sliding glass material which one can see how high it was. It certainly can be daunting. But the owner SkySlide says the game is safe because the slide made from 1.25 inch thick glass.

Coupled with the experience can see a 360 degree view, this game began to tune travelers. The game is located on the 70th floor Bank Tower named SkySpace. Bank Tower itself is referred to as the tallest building in the United States. To achieve SkySpace, someone has to pay USD19 to USD25 or equivalent. Whereas to enjoy SkySlide, visitors must pay an additional fee USD8 or approximately Rp105 thousand.

For some people, fishing is totally a great activity. It is fun and don’t forget about the fish you can catch. You can surely do anything with the fish later on as long as we’re talking about legal fish here. You can cook it and eat it. Don’t you think it is so fun? If you want to maximize your chance to enjoy fishing, go fish in the ocean.

FISHINGYou’re going to have the chance to catch big fish. But, you may think it’s not really that possible for you to do that because you will need a lot of money to deal with such fishing. You will need a boat and some descent equipment to help you. Please don’t think that it’s totally impossible for you. With just some amount of money which is actually quite affordable, you can have fishing charter service. You can take a look at the service which can be done by Key West Fishing Charters. If you want to know even further about it, please visit You will find that everyone can enjoy such great fishing experience without spending too much money.

Yes, indeed, it is really true and you don’t need to worry at all. You will have everything you need to make sure you can enjoy nice fishing. If you want some alternative for the service, you can take a look at the fishing charter service offered by Which one is better? Well, they are all just the same. What you need to understand is just the preference. So, are you ready to taste the next level of fishing? You have learned about the great services to become your partners, right? It is the time for you to get the service right away. Now, awesome fishing belongs to everyone without any worry about spending too much money.

Barang Perlu Dibawa Agar Traveling Hemat

TRAVELING is a fun activity. However, that traveling should not spend big, you can bring certain items.

By doing so, you no longer need to spend to buy it. So what items are to be taken when traveling? The following items should be taken when traveling to be more frugal.

1. Plaster of various sizes
Make sure you bring a first aid plaster with others. Because, it will help if your feet hurt because of the shoes and clothes that you use.

2. stain removers in small packages
When your clothes food stains or dirt while traveling, you need to eliminate them immediately. To be more efficient and lightweight, you can bring the stain remover with a small package.

3. Plastic bags of food
Use plastic food bags to store food in large quantities. This can save you, because it does not need more often to buy food. Read More…

Top 7 Things You Can Do In Stockholm

To view Scandinavia at its best, go to Stockholm. Stockholm isn’t just the loveliest Scandinavian city, but it’s also regarded as among the most beautiful and cleanest cities on the globe. What’s more the town provides visitors with amazing experiences when they look at the well-known tourist spots. When you wondering what to do in Stockholm, allow me to share 7 attractions in Stockholm you have to see.

1.Go back in its history in Gamla Stan

Gamla Stan or even the Old Town because so many Swedes call oahu is the most preserved area in Stockholm. If you need to return with time and find out the rich cultural heritage of Stockholm, this can be the placed you need to visit. Move around the cobblestone streets and alleyways and learn buildings dating as back as 15th century. Get inspired through the sturdiness and functionality of Swedish Architecture. Enjoy Swedish delicacies from your many restaurants and cafes around Gamla Stan. Go shopping for beautiful handicrafts and acquire some Stockholm.

Look At The Royal Palace

Kungliga Slottet, certainly one of Stockholm’s two royal palaces, is found at the north eastern a part of Gamla Stan. Have a tour and feel the lifetime of the nobility when walking with the corridors that past kings and queens of Stockholm took. Integrated 1754, this palace has over 60 rooms. Be sure you include this with your trip, particularly if you have desire for lavish interiors.

Visit the Skansen

It becomes an open-air museum that showcases the original crafts in the office in Sweden since they existed ahead of the Industrial Revolution. Get the opportunity to find out 150 traditional buildings, many original, and exposed to this museum little by little. This Museum has many various kinds of craftsmen including bakers, glass-blowers, tanners and shoe makers.

Explore Riksdag (Parliament)

Sveriges Riksdag, Sweden’s parliament can be worth seeing. That’s where the Sweden’s legislative body deliberates. Located on Helgeandsholmen Island, the Riksdag complex consists of a series of architecturally interesting buildings including Mecuris, Cephalus, Neptunus and Rosebad the location where the government is housed. The oldest of such, Cephalus and Neptunus, have portions dating from 17th century. There is a 500-seat public viewing gallery at the Riksdag. Guided tours are available all seasons -round. An important feature about visiting Riksdag is there’s no admission charge.

Enjoy yourself at Djurgarden

Djurgarden or the Game Park is another wonder place you have to visit in Stockholm. This can be a lush island in the center of Stockholm. This tropical isle offers spectacular views and sights, and you may take advantage of the events how the park has planned for tourists. You may even take the lunch where you can picnic inside the lush gardens. Much to provide you this also place is actually free!

6.Go skateboarding in Kungstradgarden Park

If you are intending to visit Stockholm during wintertime, then you need to try ice skating in Kungstradgarden Park. Renting skates is relatively cheap. This massive park in central Stockholm is opened daily and you may always take the family.

Visit Stadshuset (City Hall)

Studshuset, Stockholm’s City Hall, is architectural delight that you must visit. This is perhaps Stockholm’s most prominent landmark, with among the best views of the city. It’s also famous for being the house of the Nobel Prize the place that the great Bia Hallen, the awards ceremonies are held each and every year in December. Guided tours can be found all seasons -round.

foto festival

As an island nation in the world with approximately 500 districts / cities and culture, as well as regional languages ??are very diverse, Indonesia has many international festivals are very unique and interesting. Here are 5 of them.

1. Jember Fashion Carnaval
Since the event event “Jember Fashion Carnaval” (JFC) first, that in 2003, eventini immediately attracted the attention of fashion enthusiasts. This also encourages the implementation of the JFC 2 in the same year. The uniqueness of this event lies in the concept of the show who use the highway as a catwalk and unique themes that are always different in each implementation. The success of the carnival participants in attracting international attention makes them were invited to various countries to showcase their work. In 2015, the JFC will take place on 26 to 30 August 2015. After enjoying a dish of JFC, you also can visit the Cape Coast Papuma are already very well known.
Interested to come to the JFC? Start by looking for the cheapest flight tickets to Malang then continue the journey by bus for 5-6 hours. If you think that tickets to Malang too expensive, then you can also find the cheapest flight tickets to Surabaya and continue the journey by bus for 4-5 hours. For those of you who are traveling with a group and have difficulties to get on the bus, then you can look for a car rental from the airport here.

2. Dieng Culture Festival
The friendliness of the people and festive event “Dieng Culture Festival” (DCF) will warm you from the cold in the Dieng Plateau, Central Java, especially if you attend with friends. DCF has been around since 2010 and always drew the attention of tens of thousands of people, including foreign tourists. The festival is always presenting a menarikl blend between tradition and wealth of indie art, and contemporary. Not only that, DCF also combine culture with nature tourism vehicle Dieng community and economic empowerment.
DCF usually takes place in July or August. If you are interested to see this event, start by finding the cheapest flight tickets to Semarang or Yogyakarta, then take a bus to Wonosobo, and continue the journey by minibus to Dieng.

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For more than eighty years, which is located in Ubud Gianyar, Bali, has enthralled foreign travelers. Ubud is able to provide long lasting memories for everyone who comes to visit.

In fact, Ubud became a search of love Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Eat, Pray, Love, which is then made into a film of the same name and starring Hollywood actress Julia Roberts. There are a variety of experiences that can be learned for tourists.


Ubud itself is seen as a center of art and culture. Not surprisingly, each tourist activity was related to culture, closeness to nature, the spiritual, and the relationship between human beings. Every activity in Ubud was finally able to give a deep impression on them.


You are interested in spending time in Ubud? Be prepared to fall in love at the magical aura of Ubud. Aura that makes you calm and always make you yearn to return to Ubud. Balinese people call this aura as “taksu”. Here are 10 tourist activities you can do in Ubud.

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Your visit to France wouldn’t be a complete if you don’t go wander around the cities and enjoy the beauty of everything they offered along the way. Yes, your France holiday will be really an unforgettable one if you decided to drive the vehicle on your own. So instead of being stuck on cab or buses without having the freedom to go anywhere you like, alternatively you may hire one of those cars or motorcycles offered by many rental companies in the country.

Just before you rent one of those vehicles provided, there is something you need to know before driving in France. For you to know, there are strict traffic rules and laws every riders and drivers need to obey in order to keep them away from troubles while driving in France. You need to have the following items in order to drive comfortably in France roads, they are Driving License, Passport, spare bulbs, and many more including the breath-analyzer. By having all these essential items available in your car will give you peace in mind especially when a police officer pull you over during the trip.

However, due to some reasons, sometimes we just don’t have time to go through all the processes in order to get the driving license or others ready for your trip in France. In that case, you may count on to get all these necessary stuffs ready for your next driving session. The company has dedicated themselves in helping tourists and visitors to get unforgettable driving experience in France without having to deal with all the frustrations and hassle along the way.

Driving in France is getting easier and safer with the help of They provide all kinds of services and solutions for your next France drive, including also guidance and driving map for your ultimate driving pleasure in the country. Just click here for more info about their services.

New York is known as a state full of diversity. It was the 11th state to enter the Union. So, it’s probably no wonder that it adopted the common core standards when the nation was seeking out a standardised way to define and articulate how children in schools were taught and tested. On January 10th, 2011; the Board of Regents approved these learning standards. This amounted to them adding certain portions to their existing state standards so that they were aligned with common core.

English Language Arts (ELA) and Literacy are areas of focus. Grades prekinderarten through 12 have seen a few differences in their classroom dynamics because of Common Core. ELA and Literacy shows up in History, Science and Social Studies in new ways, as well. This is one new dynamic, known as the cross-disciplinary literacy expectations.

With Common Core Standards there is now a national benchmark that governs how adopting states teach their skills and pass on the required knowledge.

The bottom line is that the Empire State is pulling all stops in order to have students graduate from high school ready in the literacy realm. Along with common core came new learning modules for teachers to use in their instruction. In other words, curriculum materials changed in some instances.

Some of the language amounts to addressing what this college and workforce readiness will look like. Words along the lines of “aligned with college and work expectations,” shows up; meaning that the high school graduate should already be postured to hit the ground running in college if they choose that route, or to easily adapt to the requirements of a job.

Even though the over-arching requirements look at getting students at this point by the end of their high school years, there’s also end-of-school-year requirements along the way. In addition to endof-school-year requirements, there are requirements that students meet certain benchmarks throughout the year. Every year they are expected to start off with the knowledge gained from the previous year in their arsenal and then be able to build upon that knowledge with more depth. Testing requirements involve using technology based assements and require the use of education headphones.

In ELA and Literacy, as well as other subjects, there are broad requirements and then specific requirements that go into more detail. For example, students have to show that they have the ability to gather, grasp, valuate, synthesize and report on information and ideas. That’s a broad requirement. What this looks like in more specificity is that they need to use media in order to accomplish this, that they should be able to tailor online searches using some offline information and that they have to know the limits of each type of technology so they can select the one more appropriate for a particular search goal.

Another common core addition is that students need to have exposure to increasingly more different reading text as they progress. Teachers now have tools to assess the reading passages for their level of complexity. This tool enables them to tell if one text is more difficult than another. In other words, there’s no guesswork involved when a teacher has to determine where the more difficult text is for the next lesson.