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Solo City is located in Central Java province has many tourist destinations are very historic and famous. Building history of the kingdom in Indonesia that still exist in the city of Solo is a palace. Not only that, in Solo are also a lot of natural attractions that can be visited.

Solo several natural attractions are:

1. Beach Sembukan
Sembukan very famous beach in the area of ? Surakarta due in Turkish Sembukan annually held a ritual by Kraton Surakarta commonly called by the name of ritual float exalted. According to the stories of local residents, Turkish Sembukan have mythical stories that are trusted by the citizens as a gateway to 13 Queen Nyai Roro Kidul as a meeting place with King Pangkubuwono which is one of the king in Surakarta. Their activities each year in Turkish Sembukan make a lot of tourists who come by just to see the show and want to know more details of activities and also enjoy the beauty of the beach Sembukan itself.

2. Cave Gong
Cave Gong has a unique decoration on the walls and also on the stalagmite and stalaktit. According to stories from local residents that the cave is on every Friday sound gamelan sounds like a gamelan gong so this cave called the Cave Gong. In Cave Gong there are 7 springs and 12 rooms while the gong cave itself is located under the sea about 256 meters. To be able to get to the Solo’s natural attractions you can go through the land transportation of direction Punung – Pacitan a distance of 7 km in the direction of southeastern city of Solo about 70 km. Read More…

seplawan cave

seplawan cave

Seplawan Goa is one of the cave that is in Purworejo district. The cave  is located on the border of the cluster of hills incise Purworejo and Kulon Progo Donorejo precisely located in the Village, District Kaligesing, about 20 kilometers to the east of downtown Purworejo and be around 700 meters from the sea surface.

Goa Seplawan it is a relic of past civilizations as evidenced by the discovery of an 22-carat gold statue of 9 cm tall with a weight of 2.5 kg. on August 15, 1979 in one corner of the cave.


Kencana statue was a statue of a man and woman who are holding hands. Experts archaeologists believe that it is a statue of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati, the statue is a relic of the days of Hindu Shiva.

The statue is now kept in the National Museum and instead the Government to build a replica of the statue in front of the mouth of the cave, a replica of it was bigger than it actually is.

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