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Pulo Aceh

ACEH have exciting destinations at the end of the unspoiled archipelago. His name is Pulo Aceh. Curious is not it? Indonesia’s westernmost island offers a beautiful piece of land like paradise. Pulo Aceh located in the district of Aceh Besar save a lot of good tourism potential of marine tourism, nature and even history. This potential spread and Pulo Pulo Nasi Breuh, two uninhabited islands in the cluster District of Pulo Aceh.

The white sandy beach with a greenish blue sea there everywhere. Mostly hidden behind a hill or through the leafy trees. Not just on the surface are beautiful, some beaches also save the underwater world views and is suitable for lovers of diving mapun snorkeling.

The forests that cover the island is also still dense. The chirping of birds and other animals behind leafy trees shouted besides sound waves. Pulo Aceh is an archipelago districts. There are 10 islands there, but only two were large and uninhabited namely Pulo Pulo Nasi and Breuh. Read More…

For anyone planning to spend some time in Toronto, now they have new alternative place to stay, it is called Atlas Suites. For those whom always staying at the Toronto hotels previously and are demanding for some new experiences to enjoy during their Toronto visit, they can try furnished apartment provided by Atlas Suites instead. These are fully furnished apartments people can find at Atlas Suites, to which each of the unit is designed to keep everyone comfortable and will fully enjoyed their stay in it. And no matter what you need, these experts from Atlas Suites will do their best to keep you accommodated.

And what people should know about Atlas Suites is the fact that they have been awarded by for their excellence on both quality of facility and services. TripAdvisor is the largest online traveling portal which become the destination to millions travelers in around the world when it comes about finding best accommodations for their next journey, from flight ticket, hotel rooms, apartment, and more. It has also largest traveling community with millions of active members which provides independent reviews, testimonials, and even traveling recommendations based on their experiences and knowledge.

Staying at the wrong place during your family vacation may simply ruin the joy and excitements you have. And when it comes about finding high quality Furnished Apartments in Downtown Toronto, nothing can compare to what has provided inside. People can enjoy high class accommodations in it not to mention also sophisticated sceneries and facilities they can get while staying there. For more information about Atlas Suites, such as their facilities, services and even pricing, one can simply just visited for it. Take your time to visit and explore the website, where you will be able to learn about the company and their services at once.

Usually many people choose to do their special hobby in the weekend. A nice hobby which is a combination of beautiful river view, sports, adventure, and fun is fishing. Many people like fishing in the weekend to release some stress. The good thing about fishing is you always can have delicious dinner after fishing activity.  It is very good if we can eat fresh fish dish from our fishing. If you like fishing so much, you need to purchase quality tools and equipment to support your hobby.

While the fishing gears and equipment can be easily found and purchased from the market, finding good spot to enjoy your weekend and holiday it, isn’t that easy. One need to observe as many as destinations available in nowadays’ traveling catalog until they come up with the right decision. And if you’re one of those who really enjoyed fishing on a lake, there is a good place in Alaska you should consider visiting this weekend or holiday season, it is called Kenai Lake.

We all know how Alaska is filled with so many kinds of lakes and watery landscapes suited for fishing and other water activity, however what Kenai Lake is offering more than just good spot for fishing. It has beautiful scenery and awesome landscape too, suited to those with adventurous personality. One can enjoy the morning time by exploring the every corner of the lake with canoe, while on the afternoon they may set up the fishing gear and feel the joy of fishing from the local wilderness of Alaska right away.

If you are curious to know more about Kenai Lake and everything about taking a vacation to that place, you are welcomed to visit The site has enlisted many tips and guidance related to Kenai Lake vacation as well as also list of cool things people can do while in the area.

There are so many reasons why living in Tampa Bay becomes a great alternative decision to take. Not only the area has beautiful weather all year round, Tampa Bay has also outstanding landscape with so many great destinations available in the area. Therefore, it is no wonder as if more and more people feel interested to invest their money to buy homes in Tampa Bay. Luckily, the local housing industry is at the golden era today in which it predicted to be prospective in the next few years. So whether you want to buy a new home to stay or as investment, Tampa Bay homes can always be excellent choices to take.

And one of the best places where you can find and buy new homes in Tampa Bay, specifically Apollo Beach and South Shore is Dale Spirakis, the expert realtor in the area will assist and guide you in finding the best move-in ready homes suit your needs and budget. He has years of experience in the business and had successfully assisted hundreds people in finding their dream home in Apollo Beach. That makes him to be a truly professional realtor in Tampa Bay and becomes the favorite person to call for a house or property purchases in the area.

Through, Dale Spirakis dedicated his time and effort to help those whom are interested in purchasing move-in ready homes in South Shore and Apollo Beach. There you can easily to browse through all the available properties for sale, right from your computer desk. They have listed the properties and enable people to find and shop homes they like. Find as much as homes you like from the list and arrange appointment with Dale Spirakis for further consultation, inspection, or even to deal the purchase. Address and contact number can be found on the site.

New York is known as a state full of diversity. It was the 11th state to enter the Union. So, it’s probably no wonder that it adopted the common core standards when the nation was seeking out a standardised way to define and articulate how children in schools were taught and tested. On January 10th, 2011; the Board of Regents approved these learning standards. This amounted to them adding certain portions to their existing state standards so that they were aligned with common core.

English Language Arts (ELA) and Literacy are areas of focus. Grades prekinderarten through 12 have seen a few differences in their classroom dynamics because of Common Core. ELA and Literacy shows up in History, Science and Social Studies in new ways, as well. This is one new dynamic, known as the cross-disciplinary literacy expectations.

With Common Core Standards there is now a national benchmark that governs how adopting states teach their skills and pass on the required knowledge.

The bottom line is that the Empire State is pulling all stops in order to have students graduate from high school ready in the literacy realm. Along with common core came new learning modules for teachers to use in their instruction. In other words, curriculum materials changed in some instances.

Some of the language amounts to addressing what this college and workforce readiness will look like. Words along the lines of “aligned with college and work expectations,” shows up; meaning that the high school graduate should already be postured to hit the ground running in college if they choose that route, or to easily adapt to the requirements of a job.

Even though the over-arching requirements look at getting students at this point by the end of their high school years, there’s also end-of-school-year requirements along the way. In addition to endof-school-year requirements, there are requirements that students meet certain benchmarks throughout the year. Every year they are expected to start off with the knowledge gained from the previous year in their arsenal and then be able to build upon that knowledge with more depth. Testing requirements involve using technology based assements and require the use of education headphones.

In ELA and Literacy, as well as other subjects, there are broad requirements and then specific requirements that go into more detail. For example, students have to show that they have the ability to gather, grasp, valuate, synthesize and report on information and ideas. That’s a broad requirement. What this looks like in more specificity is that they need to use media in order to accomplish this, that they should be able to tailor online searches using some offline information and that they have to know the limits of each type of technology so they can select the one more appropriate for a particular search goal.

Another common core addition is that students need to have exposure to increasingly more different reading text as they progress. Teachers now have tools to assess the reading passages for their level of complexity. This tool enables them to tell if one text is more difficult than another. In other words, there’s no guesswork involved when a teacher has to determine where the more difficult text is for the next lesson.

seplawan cave

seplawan cave

Seplawan Goa is one of the cave that is in Purworejo district. The cave  is located on the border of the cluster of hills incise Purworejo and Kulon Progo Donorejo precisely located in the Village, District Kaligesing, about 20 kilometers to the east of downtown Purworejo and be around 700 meters from the sea surface.

Goa Seplawan it is a relic of past civilizations as evidenced by the discovery of an 22-carat gold statue of 9 cm tall with a weight of 2.5 kg. on August 15, 1979 in one corner of the cave.


Kencana statue was a statue of a man and woman who are holding hands. Experts archaeologists believe that it is a statue of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati, the statue is a relic of the days of Hindu Shiva.

The statue is now kept in the National Museum and instead the Government to build a replica of the statue in front of the mouth of the cave, a replica of it was bigger than it actually is.

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Pan Pacific Nirwana Bali Resort

Pan Pacific Nirwana Bali Resort

Nirwana Bali Golf is a paradise for golfers from around the world . The arena was designed by Greg Norman is a professional golfer from Australia . Nirwana Bali Golf was selected as the best golf courses in Asia and in Indonesia as well as the best golf resort in Asia in the Asian Golf Monthly Awards Annual .

The resort is a luxury resort with a golf course challenging . Nirwana Bali Golf Club is a work of visual art that combines dramatic views of the ocean and golf course greens . With three holes along the cliffs overlooking the Indian Ocean and terrace rice fields that provide unique challenges .

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Paradise in Bali

alila hotel

alila hotel

If you intend to enjoy the paradise of the world , then Take a vacation to Bali , Indonesia . There is one location that will make you in awe , is Uluwatu . At this location there is a hotel that will make you not want to go home when staying in it . One of the most prominent of Alila Villas Uluwatu is located . A set of luxury villas are located in the highlands and the limestone cliffs of Uluwatu directly opposite to the open sea . The location presents a very romantic atmosphere , especially Alila Villas Uluwatu is also adjacent to the Pura Luhur Uluwatu Bali’s popular among tourists . Romantic atmosphere in Alila Villas Uluwatu making this luxury residential it one of the most favorite honeymoon in Bali .

There are several types of villas at Alila Villas Uluwatu is one and a villa with three bedrooms . Available throughout the villa has been equipped with a private pool and comfortable Balinese style furniture with the presence of elements of rock, water , wood , and rattan .

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As one of the largest islands of Greece, Rhodes Island has so many great attractions to keep visitors excited. There are many historic buildings you can find in Rhodes, along with also various modern attractions to provide the best vacation for your family. If you love medieval-style building or environment, Rhodes Island is the place for you. Here you’ll still find numerous medieval-like buildings, gates, minarets, narrow alleys, walls, fountains, and even busy squares as if you live in the middle of medieval age.

And with the increased number of visitors to the island in every year, it becomes reasonable as if many new accommodations are provided within the island to ensure every visitor’s satisfaction. Aside of their historic buildings and ancient walls, Rhodes Island has also great accommodations to comfort every visitor, starting from apartments, villas, home-stay, resorts, and many more. And the best thing is that you can book any of these accommodations provided in this UNESCO’s world heritage site, simply from the comfort of your home couch. Yes, there are many sites where you can book the apartments or villas, and Greece-Rentals co UK is one of the great examples to it.

As you entered Greece-Rentals co UK, you’ll be given the access to various types of Accommodation in island of Rhodes you can book. On each of the apartment and villas displayed inside, it followed with brief information of them to learn. The information is including the services or amenities you can enjoy on the site, extra features, the distance to various important destinations in the area, and much more. And compared to other places, you’ll find that every accommodation provided by Greece-Rentals has slightly better pricing. If that is just not enough for you, there is a “Hot Deal” section page available on the site you should check it out for much better pricing to enjoy.


The holiday season is already around the corner, the time has come for you to prepare everything for your next vacation abroad. This is always a good thing to get everything fully arranged, so that all the necessary accommodations will be secured for your arrival. We all know how sometimes our vacation becomes a disaster as we unable to find rooms or place to stay at the destination. You can avoid ruining the joy and excitements by making sure the rooms or all required accommodations are ready for you and family members.

The internet offers us easier way of securing accommodations for your next vacation. It allows you to book flight tickets, find rooms, car rental services, and much more by only clicking your finger. And the best thing about it is the fact that booking these accommodations online will likely to give you better pricing than if you book it on-site. Some online travel agencies are also offering some discount offers or special deals you better to check them out so you can make extra savings.

If you planned to visit Vienna on this holiday, you may consider visiting where you can find Vienna accommodations as well as the possibility to book anything you needed right from home. They have long list of the finest Vienna apartments and rooms for you to stay. The price and all the included services are stated on the page, so you can look at multiple options and do the comparison from wherever you are.

Enter and find some great Vienna apartments and villas listed on your screen. Each of them has specific services and ranging pricing from one to another. With over 500 accommodations available on the site, you’ll always find some good options to explore. Take some time exploring the site and find the best accommodation for your next Vienna vacation.