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Moyo Island Beauty

Moyo Island beach

Moyo Island beach

For lovers of nature and the world under the sea , three miles off the northern coast of Sumbawa , Indonesia , lies the island of Moyo , natural environment with rugged coastlines and meadows home to all kinds of wildlife .

Moyo island became more famous after the visit of Princess Diana of England who are looking for peace of paparazzi chase .
The main attraction of the island is located below the sea surface . Moyo is surrounded by a natural coral reef ideal for snorkeling . Swim with white sharks , diving near the stingray , found a bunch of tropical fish . Experience in the tropical waters of Indonesia will not be forgotten .

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Choosing the best SFO Airport Transportation is not too far different with finding the best transportation in any other airports around the US. With the rapid growth of San Francisco today, you can find various options of transportation methods available to take you from the SFO airport to the San Francisco downtown area, such as Taxi, shuttle, public transportation, and car rent. Each of the above transportation method has its own advantage and disadvantages. Therefore finding the best one would depend on your need and situation.

As many said that renting a car is always better than any other transportation method, well, that is not always true especially if you’re in a highly developed city like San Francisco. With the limited parking areas available, busy traffic, and strict traffic regulation, you may likely to reconsider your decision to drive a car around the San Francisco. In other hand, public mass transportation may not be recommended for first-timer as it may easily to get you lost the direction from one to another station.

Taxi is considered as a good option to take. Just say the address and the expert driver in town will get you there. You can enjoy the view of San Francisco city while the cab takes you to the desired direction. Whether you need ride from airport directly to the hotel or just need to go around the city, taxi is a good option to consider. Even more, taxi is easily to be found in airport area.

However, if you demand for fancy ride with elegance and ultimate comfort, limousine service from SFO airport is an excellent option for you. Enjoy the fascinating experience riding a limousine and get all your needs from this San Francisco airport public transit. And the best thing is that it’s less expensive compared to the Taxi. For more information about the SFO limousine service, you can visit



The most important factor of success is the preparation of a trip, especially the comprehensive research. The source can be obtained from the Internet, books, magazines, reference friends, and others. Here are 7 things that should be researched for a trip:

1. Location and access

It’s certainly the first thing that should be researched is the location. Research is not only about the location of the tourist areas you will visit, but also a place to stay, where to eat and places to shop (if necessary). Do not forget to research on access to and from the destination. Also learn how to reach the shelter of the airport / train station / bus stop and how to attraction of the place to stay. In order not to be deceived, Arm yourself with information transport rates.

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Uppsala – The executive class of any airline, you would not be able to ask to sleep in the pilot room or commonly called the cockpit. But on the plane Jumbo Stay, you can ‘repel’ pilot and sleeping in his office.

Obviously could sleep in the workspace pilot, because Jumbo Stay is not the airlines. It is shaped aircraft was on the runway Arlanda Airport, Stockholm, Sweden.

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People in Australia are one of the most interesting and fun loving people; they enjoy life to the core. Their motto is work hard and party harder. This is the reason why there are so many theme parks in Australia. Theme parks are quite different from the Amusement parks. As Amusement park is a greater version of a city park but a theme park specific to a certain theme. With the assortment of rides and fiesta, Australia is becoming a home for the youngsters.

Numerous Theme parks

When we talk about theme parks in Australia the name which crosses our mind is the state of Queensland, a state in Australia, which has four major theme parks. Those are on
Movie world-It is a park which is based on movies and people related to movies. It’s a famous park where one can meet face to face with their all time heroes.

Sea world- The theme of this famous park is marine life, it is based on life under water, to add to its feathers it also has some interesting rides and to top it all it is the oldest coastal strips theme park.

Wet n Wild water world –It is a park where one can play and have fun with waters along with different and interesting water rides. It is the largest water theme park in Australia.

Dream world- It is a place where you can have fun with your family and friends, not only built to thrill yourself but you one can also enjoy the one of the tallest rides in the world which is one of the centre of attraction of this park.

Apart from this, there is a theme park on the shore of Sydney Harbor is the Luna Park, it has faced various downfalls in the initial stage because there was news that the Ghost Train Fire killed six children and an adult but now it is up and running and is the centre of attraction for young minds. Another park which is in the north of Sydney, is the Sovereign Hill, it is Australia‘s one and only historical theme park and depicts the true culture and history of this beautiful country located in the southern hemisphere.

Sikuai Island, Indonesia

Sikuai Island

Sikuai Island

Sikuai Island is an island located on the west side of the island of Sumatra. Government administration of the island into the Gulf Bungus Kabung districts, the city of Padang, West Sumatra, Indonesia.

The island is located about half a mile northwest of the city center and can be reached by sea transport such as ships, through the port of Muara in time approximately 45 minutes and from the pier Airud Bungus in time approximately 35 minutes.

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Spending some times to get closer to the nature is always a good idea. The fact is that people can get the ultimate relaxation by letting themselves interacting with the natures. There are so many places in the world that offer natures as their main attractions, and if you’re looking for the one in Australia, some people may recommend you to mount Tamborine. Yes, with its remote location and pure natural environment, Mount Tamborine has becoming one of the most favored destinations for many travelers across the continents.

And one thing for sure, when it comes to spend some time with nature, you have to be sure having all the things well prepared. Those mountainous scenery, beautiful lakes, green forests, and some exotic animals around can give you either relaxation or troubles. And if you haven’t got everything well prepared, most likely you’ll end up with the worst scenario; unless you’re a well experienced hikers or outdoor survivors. The first thing you can do before making decision is to check the availability of essential accommodations in the destined area. See if there are rooms or shelters you can rent, any available foods, and so on. However, if you are apparently planning for a retreating event at mount tamborine with the community or families, you can find all the essential accommodations for it available at AU.

As we can see it from their official website, AU has dedicated their services to help people getting the most unforgettable mount tamborine retreat experience. Think about the time you get all the hassles and frustrations in arranging previous retreat event, now you can avoid all these unnecessary hassles by having these professional Mt Tamborine accommodation and planners to keep everything on schedule. Their service packages have been designed to be affordable and enjoyable for anyone whom taking participation on the whole event. And these are the things you won’t be easily found at other retreat planners.

Escarpment is the right place to find professional mount Tamborine event planners, especially with their awesome accommodations provided. You can enjoy relaxing time on a spa or watch private luxury cinema with friends. The dining time will be the most awaited moment for anyone here especially with the finest menus available. Just take some of your time exploring the site and enjoy all the great accommodations here at Mt Tamborine. Their complete contacts are also available on the page so you can either mail or call them for further information regarding to their services.

Are you looking for the best tropical place for your next fall or winter holiday? If the answer is yes, Bali Island probably can be your next holiday Destination. Bali Island is famous as The Island of Gods. Bali is one of the most favorite holiday destination that never running out of tourist every seasons. If you think you need to spend relax time enjoy coconut tree and beach in the next holiday with your friends or family, go to Bali Island can be a perfect choice. If you bring people with you, you have choice to stay in a villa. Bali offers a lot of beautiful tropical villas that you will love.

Beautiful and best Bali villa rent is waiting for your coming. If you like swimming a lot, you can also choose a villa that have swimming pool to make your holiday perfect.  With rent a villa you can save money on accommodation bill. Variety of Bali villa rent is available in Seminyak area in Bali. Seminyak offer beautiful view and different holiday experience and adventure than Kuta and Legian. You always can find unique crafts and arts in Seminyak, Bali. Villas rental in this area always full booked in high season (summer) and peak season (December), for that reason it is very good for you to make your reservation months or weeks before.

Balinese people, culture and traditions always makes tourist from around the world interested to come again and again. So, you need to prepare your accommodation like a suitable home before holiday season.  It’s so sad if your holiday property villa rent already taken because of late reservation. To save your time, you can do online reservation on BalliVillaRent Blog now. Check Bali and Seminyak villas details like price and facilities online before you make your reservation. Happy Holiday!




Niagara is a large waterfall on the Niagara River that are in line of the international border between the states of the United States, New York with the Canadian province of Ontario.

This waterfall is about 17 miles (27 km) north northwest of Buffalo, New York and 75 miles (120 km) southeast of Toronto, Ontario.

Niagara is the name of a group of three waterfalls. Third waterfall is a waterfall Horseshoe (sometimes referred to as a waterfall Canada), America waterfall, and the smaller Bridal Veil waterfall separated by an island called Luna Island from the main waterfall.

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Are you looking for the best retreat place in holiday? If the answer is yes, you need to visit Ardlui Retreat. This place offers a wide array of lodges which is set away from crowded city. This is the best place where you can stopover and enjoy the great scenery of Loch Lomond. The lodges are located in several acres of private loch side grounds. You can choose to stay in Nevis Lodge, Mc Dui Lodge, and Loch View Lodge. If crowded beach and mall are so boring lately, this is the right time for you and family to have quality time together in different place, where you can have great adventure activity with people of your life.

For you who want to stay in peace place, you can choose to stay in the lodges which are nestled behind Ardlui Mariana. The lodges are perfect for couples, family, and outdoor adventure. Beside enjoy beautiful scenery of the marina; you can also enjoy watersports on calm and quiet waters of Loch Lomond. The other activities you can do with friends and families are golf, snow sports, and Argyll and Trossachs area Exploration. Before you start go to the Loch Lomond lodges, you can check availability and prices online through the official website.

The lodges are available to hire all the year. You can bring your six members of family to sleep in a double room, twin room and fold down bed arrangement. You will find luxurious lodges with access to hot tub, kid’s play park, and private beach access. You can also use shared Finnish barbeque hut where you can barbeque in any weather and season. Each of the lodges is equipped with modern kitchen plus appliances and comfortable lounge or entertainment room. If you want to check the availability and price, you can visit the official website.