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Note About This Before climbing Mt.

Anyone can have an accident similar if not pay attention to the important things in climbing. Never try to climb the beginner, someone who has repeatedly into the same mountain could get hurt if underestimate it.It is essential to collectdata about points of interest, and information there. Such as climate, temperature, altitude, weather, until the cultural, ethnic, flora, and fauna.

Afterwards, the climber must map out how long an operation planned ascent.To provide logistical needs. Then decide what the appropriate amount of his lunch many days climbing, or exceeded. Reserves for anticipation. Then, consider what kind of climbing equipment in accordance with the dry or rainyseason, and estimate the temperature there.

After knowing the data and information, availability of means of support, the trip can be done.However, the most important of all these preparations, is to ensure prime physicalcondition and health.

On the other hand, the selection of the ascent schedule during holidays, for example, is fine, but the selection of climbing groups is also important.As a result, communication could not be established to make climberslost.

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If you are one of the many fans of the trilogy The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit JRR fib Tolkien must have been familiar with Rivendell, Elrond territory dotted dozens waterfall. Turns out the place was inspired by a stunning valley tucked in the mountains of Switzerland.

Lauterbrunnen, the valley is about 70 kilometers from Bern, capital of Switzerland. Lauterbrunnen surrounded by limestone cliffs that are part of the mountain Eiger, Monch, and Jungfrau. Just like Rivendell, the Lauterbrunnen valley filled with cliffs that flowing waterfall.

Lauterbrunnen means ‘many springs’. The name was given because of the many waterfalls that flow through the valley. Amusing Planet website reported, a total of 72 waterfalls are ‘homeless’ in Lauterbrunnen. Some of whom there are hundreds of meters tall. Read More…

destination solo travel

Solo City is located in Central Java province has many tourist destinations are very historic and famous. Building history of the kingdom in Indonesia that still exist in the city of Solo is a palace. Not only that, in Solo are also a lot of natural attractions that can be visited.

Solo several natural attractions are:

1. Beach Sembukan
Sembukan very famous beach in the area of ? Surakarta due in Turkish Sembukan annually held a ritual by Kraton Surakarta commonly called by the name of ritual float exalted. According to the stories of local residents, Turkish Sembukan have mythical stories that are trusted by the citizens as a gateway to 13 Queen Nyai Roro Kidul as a meeting place with King Pangkubuwono which is one of the king in Surakarta. Their activities each year in Turkish Sembukan make a lot of tourists who come by just to see the show and want to know more details of activities and also enjoy the beauty of the beach Sembukan itself.

2. CaveĀ Gong
CaveĀ Gong has a unique decoration on the walls and also on the stalagmite and stalaktit. According to stories from local residents that the cave is on every Friday sound gamelan sounds like a gamelan gong so this cave called the Cave Gong. In Cave Gong there are 7 springs and 12 rooms while the gong cave itself is located under the sea about 256 meters. To be able to get to the Solo’s natural attractions you can go through the land transportation of direction Punung – Pacitan a distance of 7 km in the direction of southeastern city of Solo about 70 km. Read More…

This Equipment and Supplies Hiking

bawaan naik gunug

Mountain climbing is one of the activities carried out in the wild or outdoors. To make the climb required to have special tools and equipment in accordance with the conditions we are going to climb the mountain. Not only the physical and mental strength must also be prepared especially health.

Extreme weather and fickle could affect the fitness of the body because of the absence of any facilities on the mountain. Then the climbers are required to prepare the equipment as best as possible because the physical forces that will work harder than usual, making us the climbers as well as a nature lover desperately need such equipment.

Indeed, in passing, fixtures and equipment such as mountain climbing only thing that’s it. But when viewed in detail and structured, many in number, and if we want to be able to spend their money to buy us deeply. But more and more people who enjoy mountain climbing activities, making some party outsmart the situation by creating a business opportunity that could be promising. So as to ease the burden of our pockets to climb the mountain. Read More…

wisata irlandia

Although Ireland states fall into the category of a small country, but the beauty and tours offered in this country can not be taken lightly. Many tourist destinations in Ireland was charming, beautiful and fantastically located in various corners of the country.

1. Cliffs of Moher
Tourist attractions in Ireland are located precisely in the north of Lahinch, Clare’s west coast. Cliffs of Moher which is the highest cliff in Europe is a tourist destination with beautiful views. Formerly, the Cliffs of Moher is an ancient site had been used for guard towers guarding the Viking attackers.

2. Rural Connemara
Connemara countryside has an area of ??approximately 2,000 hectares. Countryside who are in Letterfrack, Galway county is very charming and became one of the favorite national park administration protected in this country. Read More…

Niagara Madakaripura

air terjun pelangi

Still in the area close to Mount Bromo, we can see a waterfall that is so spectacular and beautiful. The waterfall is commonly called Madakaripura. The place is considered as a final meditation of the famous duke of Majapahit namely Gajah Mada. Let’s pay a visit to Niagara Madakaripura.

National Park Bromo-Tengger-Semeru

Niagara Madakaripura still be in the area of the National Park Bromo-Tengger-Semeru. In this area, you can enjoy the beauty of Mount Bromo that are well known in various corners of the world. The whole region is presenting nature so unique, from the stunning sea of sand at Mount Bromo, Mount Semeru grandeur to the surrounding nature is so beautiful. Including on the other side of this area, you can also enjoy how beautiful and spectacular Niagara Madakaripura. This waterfall is located north Bromo.

Location Niagara Madakaripura toward Probolinggo, precisely in the Village Wean, District Lumbang, East Java Province. The closest major city to the region are Surabaya and Malang. The journey from Surabaya around 3 hours ago Bromo region continued to Niagara Madakaripura. Read More…

kawah bromo

Holidays Bromo does provide many memorable experiences. A traveler who comes here will be presented with a panoramic sunset, Telettubies hill, to the sea of ??sand.

Mount Bromo and Mount Semeru is in the Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park. Many ways to reach Mount Bromo. Recommended the dismissal of the two main alternatives that can be achieved with air lines, namely through Surabaya or Malang.
To Mount Bromo via Surabaya – Probolinggo -Cemoro Lawang
Until at Juanda Airport, use Damri bus to the bus station Bungurasih Surabaya. From here use the bus or Banyuwangi Jember majors to go down in Probolinggo.

Nothing stops praising the mountain as high as 2,392 meters above sea level stands firmly in East Java. However, it all paid off with the sunrise is starting to look at the front of the eye. After that, do not stop amazed because there was a sea of ??clouds. Not to mention, seen sea of ??sand visible large extend the surrounding hills.

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Besides the famous seven summits, the mountain in Indonesia is also no less fascinating. Indonesia is located on the equator and awarded dozens of active volcanic mountains and frequent eruptions. Characteristics of a mountain in Indonesia is very unique and complete.

Mount is located at the equator with a tropical rain forest, but the top of the mountain almost bare due to volcanic activity. Walking from a wide lawn, entered the jungle, and the arduous journey to the top of the main attraction and a challenge for mountain climbers. A journey that could invite the climbers from all over the world.

  1. Read More…
Lake Diateh

Lake Diateh

Solok district is an area that has beautiful lakes. This lush green area located at an altitude of 400-1700 meters above sea level and has four lakes, ie Lake Batur, Gutters Lake, Lake Diateh (Above), and Lake Below. Last two lakes known as the Twin Lakes for almost the same extent and in reasonable proximity.

Twin Lakes is located in Solok, precisely in the area of ??Bungo Tanjung, Alahan Panjang. The location is very strategic and lakes located above the altitude that the air temperature is very cold. Mountains wrapped in mist and activities of farmers cabbage, potatoes, peppers, and various other vegetables into becoming a distinctive scenery.

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Climb Mount Merapi