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Garrett vs World

Garrett vs World ( is a nice site that focused in providing information and travel tips to Thailand and many other interesting places. This is a great place for anyone to learn about Thailand tourism, interesting things to do while in the country, and also things to prepare before visiting Thailand. We all know that not every day we can visit Thailand and we need to be sure our next trip to be well planned so it will go smoothly as we have expected. And this site is there to inform you many things about Thailand that you might not be able to find it in any other traveling sources out there. The best thing is, these tips and information were written by the real backpack traveler whom currently living in Thailand.

Well, there is a unique story of why Garrett, the owner of the site, decided to launch Few years ago, Garrett was one of the well-employed person in the U.S with enough income to give him a good life. However, due to some reasons, not too long after he had finally able to enjoy the new life, he found himself fired from the job. This, somehow become the turning point of his life. He then decided to pursue his old dream and passion, Thailand. So he settled up everything, get into Thailand, and leave everything behind.

Along on his journey in Thailand, Garrett would write everything he saw, learned, and experienced, into this website. And as a new digital nomad, he shares his thought and dream to everyone in around the world. Also, through the site Garrett welcomes anyone to make donation to fund their journey and trip exploring Thailand and in return everyone will be able to learn many things from the journey he had done. Visit for more information about Garrett’s new journey.

There are so many reasons why more and more people love stand up paddle boards (SUP), mainly because it offer a new way to explore the river, lake, and even beaches with less gear and skill required. With only few minutes of introduction and basic training, one will be able to paddle up the river safely with SUP.

Although most people consider paddle boarding as recreational activity, but the fact is, exploring the river or lake by paddling these boards can be a good way to exercise our body. As we paddle, our body will be fully worked out as well as also train our balance skill in such a way that you cannot find the equal training from any other exercises or sports.

To begin paddle boarding, one only need the board and a paddle to move around on the water. However, due to some reasons, you probably need also various additional gears just to keep you comfort and safe while paddle boarding. So, if you are curious to know about the complete items you will need to start paddle boarding, here are some of them.

  1. Stand Up Paddle Board. This is a must-have gear to start paddle boarding. There are various stand up paddle boarding options available in various size, thickness, colors, and even design. How you choose the perfect board to you will be determined on your weight, strength, and the condition of the water to explore. If you have some problems on it, you may just simply visit UK where you will be assisted to find the right one to shop.
  1. Paddle. Without a paddle, you’ll have difficulty to move and do maneuver on water. Paddle give you force to move as well as also functioning as a mean to steer the movement. Consider to choose a paddle with 6” extra length than your height to help you in perfect balance.
  1. PFD (Personal Flotation Device). PFD is required for the sake of safety. We never know what might happen. Even if you think you’re a good swimmer it doesn’t mean you have control on anything that may happen in the future. So, for your own safety, it would be a good thing to wear standard PFD while paddle boarding.
  1. Leash. At some cases, the leash has becoming one of the standard gear every paddle boarder should wear. It keep the board intact and closely to you in case of falling due to heavy wave or stream. With the leash you’ll make sure the board is within your reach range for safety. Also, this way allow you to get back on board easily and faster.

Aside of these gears above, you probably will also need to make sure you have proper clothing on. Choose outfit that will make you feel comfortable and suited to the weather at that time. Also, avoid wearing heavy jacket that would interfere your movement. Heavy clothing would also prevent you from swimming properly which will risk you from drowning.

One of the greatest challenges of professional photographers is to make their subjects fall in love with their pictures. When it comes to amateurs, the challenge is double. And when it comes to “selfies” the challenge is triple.

The main goal of a selfie is to capture the characteristics of your face, along with your most alluring glance,or to catch that intense or radiant look you`re after. In order to bring out the best of your selfies, you will have to become a master of illusion, unless you already have a perfect face. And if you are really serious about this and want to learn the secrets of creating perfect glamour photography, and a selfie is somewhere in that realm, you will be able to get past the status of beginnerin a glamour photography workshop that you`ll find in the rich array of Photoion Courses. But until you decide on going pro, let`s look over some useful tips for capturing the perfect selfie or glamour shot.

Scrutinize yourself objectively

The first step in capturing your charm is to look in the mirror from different angles and to observe all the irregularities and the asymmetries of your face. There`s nothing wrong with that, we all have our flaws. The goal is to find that perfect angle, your best looking one. This is also something you can do when you photograph someone else, but remember that it can be really annoying for them if you do it for a long time.

Make-up is crucial

Some make-up tips such as choosing a brighter eyeshadow at the inner corners of the eyes and darker at the outer ones, or hiding dark under-eye circles with the right concealer will create the most flattering look.

Find the right position

Once the asymmetries are detected, you must choose the proper position so that the irregularities are minimized. Shoot from the side of the face that is the most alluring. If one of your cheeks is fuller than the other, for instance, positioning it further from the camera will create a balance and the shot will be a successful one. While men look great in pictures when crossing their arms, women should better adopt Victoria Beckham’s famous position, with a hand on the hip, which always gives an elegant look.

Find the best, steady position for your camera

Try to create a mini tripod from objects that you have in the room, so that the camera is steady, especially in low lighting conditions. Otherwise, you`ll take only some blurry photos you won`t be able to use.

Many “selfies” are captured with the camera positioned really high above the head, which is a great tip if, for example, you want to hide a double chin, but it becomes a problem whenever you have a tiny face.

Don’t pose, be natural

The pose is nothing but a mask, while the “selfie” is about you. Striving to catch the essence of your personality is what you should focus on when shooting your face.

The greatest challenge for a “selfie” is to capture the energy of the moment and to give a hint of what you feel in that moment. Try to forget for a moment that you are taking a picture and that you might publish it. This will help you be more natural and relax a little bit. Honest feelings are always easier to catch on camera.

Ok, a selfie is not really the perfect example of glamour photography, but the same essential principles are used. So if you want to be able to take great selfie, then go ahead and attend a glamour photography workshop, it will make a difference.

Mosquito and Tick Hazards

Remember when a mosquito bite just meant that you developed a bump and itched for a few days? Unfortunately, that bite may also carry the possibilities of disease.

Mosquitoes are more than a nuisance. We’ve known of the dangers of mosquitoes since 1881 when Carlos Finlay, a Cuban doctor and scientist, proposed the idea that yellow fever was transmitted by mosquitoes. Walter Reed and a workforce of other doctors discovered that Finlay was correct. Mosquito Control reduced the spread of Yellow Fever in the United States.

Mosquitoes carry a number of other diseases, including:

West Nile Virus a disease with long-lasting effects on some humans
Dengue – fever and hemorrhagic fever of four types
Lyme Disease

All of us are familiar with the hazards of ticks. They, too, carry a number of diseases, including:

Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever
Colorado Tick Fever
Powassan encephalitis

There are a number of ways of protecting your family from mosquitoes and ticks. Common-sense prevention methods can help. Reducing the incidence of standing water helps stop mosquitoes from breeding. Consider the following sources of standing water:

Untreated swimming pools
Rain gutters
Wading pools, wagons, and toys
Ponds or low-lying areas
Open trash cans
Old tires or wheelbarrows
Bird baths, feeders, fountains

If you find dead birds lying around, be certain to report them to the county health department for possible examination for vector-borne diseases. Be sure your pets wear flea and tick repellent collars. Check them on a daily basis for ticks that may have embedded themselves. Shower and check pants legs for stray ticks.

You can also use sprays and repellents to control mosquitoes and ticks. Use products containing 20 percent DEET to repel mosquitoes and ticks. Applying products containing permethrin to boots, clothing and camping gear will help repel them also. Permethrins should not be applied directly to the skin.

For the health of you and your family, consider arranging for a commercial application system for sprays and mists to keep your property area even safer from these flying pests. There are two methods used to provide this protection:

Barrier spray – for adult ticks and mosquitoes, effective for up to 21 days
Misting system – effective and long-term solution for mosquito and tick infestation

Consider the benefits of protecting yourself from these dangerous insects.

Unbelievable for some, a reality for others, photography can be a full-time job and one that pays quite well. It is certainly achievable, but it may be a little less poetic than a beginner might believe. A professional photographer works hard and puts in long hours, but this job also allows one to express creativity and have some sense of freedom.

Photography is a competitive field so you need to make the effort to become great and stand-out. And the first thing you need to do is get the basics. There are amazing photography courses in London that can teach you even more than you need to know for a small sum. Photoion Photography School teaches the basics, but also speedlite photography, product photography, food photography and many others. They even have a night photography course.

At first you`ll need to understand that the camera is important, but not all there is. To become a good photographer you need to study how to use its functions, read books, magazines and articles to see what works and what doesn`t and to develop a creative spirit. You will eventually need to choose what niche of photography you want to study more in depth.

The second thing you need to do is to start taking photos. You need to do this every day, as much as possible, because good shots are rare and you need to start building a great portfolio. Try hiring some models or ask friends to do that for you. Try everything at first, every type of photography to see what fits your style and study the works of other artists, especially of those who are successful. Make sure you meet some professional photographers as you`ll be able to learn a lot more that way.

Once you have a portfolio decide a rate by looking up other photographers or asking around. Don`t price too high or too low in the beginning, but be flexible in order to get your first gigs. In order to get business, ask friends to recommend you, build a website and advertise. Invest in marketing, SEO, keep business cards at hand, tell everyone that you are a photographer and engage in direct sales.

Don`t expect immediate success, these things take time, but eventually your service will be asked as long as you do not stop improving. Doing great work, being professional, being persistent in following your goal and advertising constantly will help you make the change from your daily work to do photos full-time as a job.

Get your documents in line, your license if you need one and carefully manage money. Keeping tabs will help you understand if this can turn into a full-time thing or not. Don`t quit your job before you can make at least half of your salary through photography for at least three months in a row. It`s a competitive environment, but don`t let anyone tell you that you can`t do it. Most people that do not make it in this field give up after the first two or three months so of course they don`t make it big.

And the most important thing of all is never stop learning. Even professional photographers take advanced photography courses from time to time or try to specialize in new fields in order to offer more services and be even more valuable on the market. Always try to improve the quality of your work because that is the way you`ll be able to increase your rates, but don`t forget that a photographer who makes money is also a good marketer. And good marketing usually means conquering a niche, sniffing opportunities and having just the right amount of confidence.

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Internet plays important role in modern people’s life. At this time, many people choose find all information they needs from internet. More people use internet to sell and buy products they need. Internet has been changed into important tool to make the seller and buyer meet each other. Well, if you want to start online business and build a website, it is important to choose creative and unique domain name. Your domain name should be something short and attractive. At this time, people like to find best deal travel online. Online ticketing and online travel business are both good businesses.

If you want to start one of these businesses, you need to find attractive travel domain names for your website first. For some people, find a travel domain name is not an easy task. Domain name is important to establish your presence in internet. You need to create a good design that can represent your business as well. If you have no time to create the name and design, you can shop it now. Let the professionals help you with domain names. You can find wide selections of domain names and designs online now. Most of the designs are modern and dynamic.

It is easy to find what you need for your any business that you have. To save your time, you can search travel domain names by category. You can search by short names (two to six letters) as well.  Your brand name is unique identity. It is important to choose short name max 6 letters to make your potential customer remember your website easily. It is a good idea to shop domain names with trendy design now. You can save a lot of time and choose good investment for your business’s future. So, are you ready to shop your travel domain names now?

Wedding is one of the most important days of life. You need to plan everything perfectly in order to have ultimate wedding experience. Flowers are also important part in the wedding day. You can find flowers in your reception tables, wedding bouquet, flower hair accessories, and flower single buttonhole. At this time, you can find flowers that you want for your wedding in flower shop. The problem is somehow it is not easy to find the perfect wedding flowers that match with your style and your favorite color. You cannot find summer flowers that you want if you have a winter wedding.

At this time, you can choose good solution for wedding flowers. You can use artificial wedding flowers. UK silk wedding flowers are not the new thing. Many people like this choice because they can have any kind of silk wedding flowers for their wedding. There is no need to worry about the seasons. Your favorite flowers will available all year long. All you have to do is make your order, choose the type of flowers and the colors and they will make your silk wedding flowers order perfectly. You can order artificially pink poppies or orchid blue artificial flowers anytime you want.

They will send the best artificial flowers for your big events. Customers can order UK bridal bouquets, bridesmaid flowers, flowergirl flowers, ribbon, loose artificial flowers, and many more. There are some bridal color filters you can choose such as white, cream, peach, and purple. You can order specific colors such as ivory, tartan, or aqua from the company. They have years of experience in the business and always provides the best service for clients. If you have problems to decide the best silk wedding flowers design for your wedding, you can talk with their friendly customer service as well. Visit the online gallery to know more.

In this modern world the car is not simply a transportation vehicle that helps to cover our daily mobile needs because car has become one valuable asset that represents our lifestyle and prestige as well. There are so many types of cars we can find in the market and all of us certainly want to have the most stylish and fancy one. Porsche is known as one of the most popular car brand due to its elegant car design and excellent engine performance. it’s not too difficult to find Porsche since there are many car dealers that offer Porches but the only problem is to find the right car dealer that offers Porsche cars in cheaper prices.

If you want to find the right place to buy a Porsche car then today you can buy it online in This website represents an online car dealer that offers you all kinds of cars from all brands and car specifications. Of course as one of the most recommended online car dealer you’ll be able to find all series of Porsche in this website. There are several types of Porsche that you can find in this website and you can also view the full specification of any Porsche cars you want to buy. If you want to appear with the stylish sporty car then Porsche 911 is the right one for you. There are several types of Porsche 911 and in you can view the detailed specifications for each type Porsche 911.

Porsche Panamera can also be another alternative when you want to come up with a sporty type of car. You’re very welcomed to visit to know the series of Porsche Panamera offered along with full specifications and prices. The customer service in this website will happy to receive your questions or orders.

Everyone definitely knows the popular car brand Volkswagen which commonly called VW. This car brand has produced some popular car products like VW van, VW Safari and the reputable VW Beetle. VW Beetle is perhaps the most popular one since it comes in unique design. This type of car actually has been built since 1938 but because VW Beetle has excellent car engine performance and unique design as well that’s why even today there are many people love this type of VW Beetle.

Considering that the market interests towards VW Beetle remains high therefore VW has also been producing several series of modern VW Beetle that mostly have the same design like the original VW Beetle produced in 1938. The new VW Beetle comes with better materials and definitely has better engine than the original one. If you’re a person who wants to have your first VW Beetle then you can now find it in This website leads you to the online VW car shop that offers you a chance to view and to buy affordable cars Beetle VW for sale. At this website you can view all models and designs of Beetle VW from many different year or productions.

Besides, this website can also be the best source to find all VW car series as well from the past until the latest VW series as well. If you want to buy the Golf VW then this website is the right place to visit since it has the link for Golf VW for sale. Searching this type of car using this website is pretty easy since you may only need to use the search box tool to find the eight VW cars. This website can also be the best tool for you to search for the unique VW rabbit too. Please don’t hesitate to visit this website page for vw rabbit for sale for more details.



Moving process often makes some people stress and frustrated. Movers need to prepare everything and wrap certain things with special packaging in order to keep it safe. They also need to clean the house for the new tenant or homeowner. If you want to find local moving company in New York City, you will find many options. Choosing one of them can be a daunting task. It is important to choose reliable and affordable New York City moving company to get the best service on moving process.

If you have no idea where to find it, you can get website link on New York local movers in NYC and get the quotes. Get the free quote from Silver Stars Movers New York City. This company serves Bronx, Queens, Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Staten Island areas. Many people said that it is not easy to find reliable moving company that gives a good service in Manhattan. If you want to move from or to Manhattan, you can rely on reliable Manhattan local moving companies today. Just click here for movers in Manhattan. It is important to feel relax and happy in the moving day. Do not let the process annoying you. You can keep your family happy and your belongings safe by let the professional carry it for you.

This moving company provides service for residential moving, commercial moving and office relocation. If your business is planning to move to the new location, let the professionals help you on the moving day. Trained and experienced moving team knows how to treat your belongings so well. They will use special plastic and box to keep your things free from damage and dirt on the moving process. All you have to do is click to get affordable Brooklyn moving company. Visit now to get the free quote.