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Note About This Before climbing Mt.

Anyone can have an accident similar if not pay attention to the important things in climbing. Never try to climb the beginner, someone who has repeatedly into the same mountain could get hurt if underestimate it.It is essential to collectdata about points of interest, and information there. Such as climate, temperature, altitude, weather, until the cultural, ethnic, flora, and fauna.

Afterwards, the climber must map out how long an operation planned ascent.To provide logistical needs. Then decide what the appropriate amount of his lunch many days climbing, or exceeded. Reserves for anticipation. Then, consider what kind of climbing equipment in accordance with the dry or rainyseason, and estimate the temperature there.

After knowing the data and information, availability of means of support, the trip can be done.However, the most important of all these preparations, is to ensure prime physicalcondition and health.

On the other hand, the selection of the ascent schedule during holidays, for example, is fine, but the selection of climbing groups is also important.As a result, communication could not be established to make climberslost.

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Green Canyon Indonesia

Green Canyon Indonesia

Want to enjoy the beautiful green canyon? You do not have to go far to make it happen. West Java has Cukang Taneuh dubbed as Green Canyon Indonesia. You will be sedated by the beauty of the river flow Cijulang with high cliffs on both sides.

Beautiful blend of rivers, green valleys, forest and various stalactite-stalagmite was originally developed in 1989. The name Green Canyon itself was popularized by a French citizen in 1993. Initially the locals call it “Land Bridge”. In antiquity, the bridge is used by farmers to cross the river to go to their farms. The bridge has a width of 3 meters and a length of 40 meters. Uniquely, this bridge is in a tunnel between the cliffs that flank the river.

The best time to visit the Green Canyon is at the beginning of the dry season. In the rainy season is likely Green Canyon was closed due to increased water discharge. Besides the water will be brown. Whereas in the dry season, the river water is clear and green quieter so you can swim here. You should also not come on a weekend if you do not want to queue. Read More…

Tricks to Keep Skin Care while Travelling

Trik Jaga Kecantikan Kulit saat Travelling

When traveling, sometimes there are changes in the weather to be encountered, especially if it goes with the aircraft. As a result, these conditions can affect a person’s skin beauty. But you need not worry, because now there are tips to overcome this problem. Here’s his review.

  • Drinking water
    Drink lots of water. This is to overcome the problem of dry skin during traveling. When the air pressure inside the cabin of the aircraft, and also ac in the plane will affect your skin. Therefore, you should drink lots of water.
  • Massage
    When traveling, your metabolism will decrease drastically. Suggest to do the massage so that blood flow in the body smoothly. Massage when traveling it is useful to smooth blood circulation. This can also help the process of detoxification of the skin.

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Comfortable Sleeping During manner in plane

Cara Tidur Nyaman Selama di Pesawat

Many passengers choose to sleep during air travel. But sleep on the plane can not be comfortable, and how comfortable I’ll sleep? An educator clinical beds, share tips for passengers who want to spend their long journey with sleep.

Here are six easy ways to sleep during air travel:

  • Plan ahead
    Planned to sleep on the plane is one of the ways that can put you to sleep soundly. Because you know on what to do after I got on the plane. Some of exhausting activities before getting on the plane may also help you sleep well. Because the fatigue will make your rest more relaxed on the plane.
  • Brood
    More recently, voice applications meditation guides have been popular, and rightly so in a gentle voice guidance can help the brain to relax more quickly, especially when the audience was asked to imagine something with all their senses. If guided to imagine the scene at the waterfront where you imagine hearing the sound of the waves, looking at the sky, smell the flowers, air and salt, it can really help you get unstuck and fell asleep.
  • Bring lavender oil
    A recent study showed that people who inhaled 100 percent of lavender oil before and during sleep will experience a decrease in blood pressure and sleep patterns are deeper than those who do not. You can shed lavender oil into a small pillow of your trip, apply to temples and wrists as you sit in the chair.

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Tips And Tricks For Staying Fresh Travelling

Tips Dan Trik Tetap Fresh Selama Travelling

Travelling lately become a lifestyle trend. Not only to unwind the daily activities, which can reduce the risk of stress. For many people, travel is part of the adventure to discover new things. Traveling to a new place will make you interested in trying the typical food of the area.

Certainly a pleasant walk into a new place and you can enjoy new foods, which often do not realize we are not able to interfere with your health if it is less suitable food with your tongue and belly.

Here’s how to keep you safe in consuming food and beverages while traveling, so you remain fresh as follows:

  • Avoid drinking tap water, which is widely available in public places. It would be better if you consume bottled mineral water.

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Tempat Wisata di Makassar 1

In addition to delicious culinary, a number of tourist attractions in Makassar has an enchanting appeal, ranging from maritime natural beauty, rich culture and history, of games, to the refreshing scenery. Losari is an icon of tourism in Makassar, but you have to visit the island or island Kodingareng Keke Samalona to find out how much fun snorkel in the clear, distant sea and playing on the white sand.

Makassar, formerly known as Ujung Pandang, is the largest city in Eastern Indonesia. The city is also the leading door highland adventure to Tana Toraja in South Sulawesi with the culture of the people is amazing. Since the past, Makassar has been known worldwide as one of the busiest sea ports in the archipelago. Since the 14th century, many merchant ships from China, India, and Cambodia commodity transactions. Europeans began to enter into this Makassar region in the 16th century.

Places of Interest in Makassar
Compiled from various sources, here are a number of attractions in Makassar that you should visit, some of which are tourist destinations in South Sulawesi are popular among connoisseurs of trip:

1. Losari
This is the icon of the city of Makassar. Losari is a tourist spot with panoramic sunset in Makassar compelling. Accompanied by gusts of breeze beach and sea waves, the atmosphere relaxing in Losari be so impressive. With its location at the heart of Makassar, Losari coast has become a favorite destination for anyone who first stepped Makassar.

Epe banana culinary treats is one favored by many tourists in this place, in addition there are also a number of other specialties such as pallu butung Makassar, green bananas, soup konro, Coto Makassar, and others. If you prefer, there are also dishes fresh seafood that you can order. If you want a unique impression, you can even try to enjoy a dish of seafood in Losari this by entering into a floating restaurant that uses traditional boat Bugis Makassar famous, namely Phinisi.

If you want to play in around the beach Sejong, you can try some games such as banana boat or water bike to get around the beach. Read More…

Tips Traveling Abroad

Tips Traveling ke Luar Negeri

Tips on traveling abroad. What should we prepare? Most likely those who have often traveled abroad would have ordinary and not confused anymore. However, what about the new first-time? Of course, a little excited. The problem is in the land which is almost certainly far different from their own country. Another area to be in the country could be different and a lot of new things for us, let alone abroad.

Tips Traveling Abroad. This occasion we are happy to share tips on traveling abroad. What do you need to prepare both before and when he got there:

1. Document.

This is the most crucial thing when you are going on a trip abroad. Here are some procedures departure by plane. Provide passport if the destination country requires only a passport. However, if you need a visa then you should prepare a visa. Check-in two hours before departure for overseas flights. Prepare money for the airport tax. Upon check-in, in special immigration counter holding an Indonesian passport, then submit your passport and boarding to be stamped. Afterwards please wait in the departure lounge area corresponding to the gate on your boarding pass. Arriving in the city destination, you will again undergo immigration clearance. Fill the immigration card and answer the immigration officers at honest and convincing. You can take the luggage and now the time passes x-ray inspection and inspection of bags. Different countries certainly different regulations. Read More…

wisata ke afrika selatan

A country that has a population of approximately 45 million people, has become a trend now a tourist destination. Although the country has some security issues, do not make people hesitate to travel to this country. The beauty of this country is like having a powerful magic to keep calling tourists to come. Facilities luxurious facilities have been developed to support the tourism sector of the country. There bebarapa tourist destinations in the country such as drakensberg, cave cango, kwazulu natal, Augrabies waterfall and a no less interesting is kimberly diamond mine. There are also beach durban, Wildcoast, garden route and the peninsula coast for beach lovers.

The walk to the southwest of Africa, we can see the typical African wildlife such as lions, elephants, wildbeast, giraffes, rhinos and many other types of animals. One of the most famous of national parks Krueger National Park. This park is one of the largest, has a length of 350km and a width of 55 km. This park is home to wild plants, African wild dogs and Diceros bicornisatau that often we know as the black rhino.

Nature reserve that is no less well known is the Hluhluwe Umfolozi nature reserve. The nature reserve is also home to the famous five animals and endangered. Isimangaliso swamp in Zulu Natal region is home to hippos, crocodiles and various species of birds. Habitat for white rhino, buffalo, zebra and giraffe also can we meet at Pilanesberg nature reserve. Read More…

Top 7 Things You Can Do In Stockholm

To view Scandinavia at its best, go to Stockholm. Stockholm isn’t just the loveliest Scandinavian city, but it’s also regarded as among the most beautiful and cleanest cities on the globe. What’s more the town provides visitors with amazing experiences when they look at the well-known tourist spots. When you wondering what to do in Stockholm, allow me to share 7 attractions in Stockholm you have to see.

1.Go back in its history in Gamla Stan

Gamla Stan or even the Old Town because so many Swedes call oahu is the most preserved area in Stockholm. If you need to return with time and find out the rich cultural heritage of Stockholm, this can be the placed you need to visit. Move around the cobblestone streets and alleyways and learn buildings dating as back as 15th century. Get inspired through the sturdiness and functionality of Swedish Architecture. Enjoy Swedish delicacies from your many restaurants and cafes around Gamla Stan. Go shopping for beautiful handicrafts and acquire some Stockholm.

Look At The Royal Palace

Kungliga Slottet, certainly one of Stockholm’s two royal palaces, is found at the north eastern a part of Gamla Stan. Have a tour and feel the lifetime of the nobility when walking with the corridors that past kings and queens of Stockholm took. Integrated 1754, this palace has over 60 rooms. Be sure you include this with your trip, particularly if you have desire for lavish interiors.

Visit the Skansen

It becomes an open-air museum that showcases the original crafts in the office in Sweden since they existed ahead of the Industrial Revolution. Get the opportunity to find out 150 traditional buildings, many original, and exposed to this museum little by little. This Museum has many various kinds of craftsmen including bakers, glass-blowers, tanners and shoe makers.

Explore Riksdag (Parliament)

Sveriges Riksdag, Sweden’s parliament can be worth seeing. That’s where the Sweden’s legislative body deliberates. Located on Helgeandsholmen Island, the Riksdag complex consists of a series of architecturally interesting buildings including Mecuris, Cephalus, Neptunus and Rosebad the location where the government is housed. The oldest of such, Cephalus and Neptunus, have portions dating from 17th century. There is a 500-seat public viewing gallery at the Riksdag. Guided tours are available all seasons -round. An important feature about visiting Riksdag is there’s no admission charge.

Enjoy yourself at Djurgarden

Djurgarden or the Game Park is another wonder place you have to visit in Stockholm. This can be a lush island in the center of Stockholm. This tropical isle offers spectacular views and sights, and you may take advantage of the events how the park has planned for tourists. You may even take the lunch where you can picnic inside the lush gardens. Much to provide you this also place is actually free!

6.Go skateboarding in Kungstradgarden Park

If you are intending to visit Stockholm during wintertime, then you need to try ice skating in Kungstradgarden Park. Renting skates is relatively cheap. This massive park in central Stockholm is opened daily and you may always take the family.

Visit Stadshuset (City Hall)

Studshuset, Stockholm’s City Hall, is architectural delight that you must visit. This is perhaps Stockholm’s most prominent landmark, with among the best views of the city. It’s also famous for being the house of the Nobel Prize the place that the great Bia Hallen, the awards ceremonies are held each and every year in December. Guided tours can be found all seasons -round.

Fast and Comfortable Rome Cabs

Rome is undoubtedly one of the best tourism spots in the world. Every year, many tourists come to Rome. There are many historical places and buildings that can make you amazed once you see them. Besides, the culture and also the art are also a part of the fascination of this beautiful city. Most people want to go to different places in order to explore the uniqueness of Rome. However, some travelers, especially those who are new may find it difficult to reach places throughout the city with public transportation. If it is the case, then you may want rome cabs help you solving your problem.

Why Choose Rome Cabs?

Rome cabs are a famous private travelling cab provider that can help you reach your destination fast and directly. The cabs will be able to take you to many different places that the public transportation cannot. You even can choose the vehicles that you want. It also offers some tour package that you can choose according to your wants. The private cab will come with an experience and safe driver. The cab itself is secure and safe with many added features that will make you comfortable in enjoying your trip. You do not need to wait for a long time like in using taxi or other public transportations. You just need to make a booking and have the cab pick you up from airport to your destination. Besides, you will less worry about the cost since the cabs have no fares and meters like taxi.

Easy Rome Cabs Booking

You can enjoy your unforgettable trip by using private cabs from Rome cabs. The first thing you should do is booking a cab. You can make a booking through email or phone call. The registration is very simple and easy. Besides, there is also online payment service so you can make a booking anywhere and anytime.