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There are so many reasons why more and more people love stand up paddle boards (SUP), mainly because it offer a new way to explore the river, lake, and even beaches with less gear and skill required. With only few minutes of introduction and basic training, one will be able to paddle up the river safely with SUP.

Although most people consider paddle boarding as recreational activity, but the fact is, exploring the river or lake by paddling these boards can be a good way to exercise our body. As we paddle, our body will be fully worked out as well as also train our balance skill in such a way that you cannot find the equal training from any other exercises or sports.

To begin paddle boarding, one only need the board and a paddle to move around on the water. However, due to some reasons, you probably need also various additional gears just to keep you comfort and safe while paddle boarding. So, if you are curious to know about the complete items you will need to start paddle boarding, here are some of them.

  1. Stand Up Paddle Board. This is a must-have gear to start paddle boarding. There are various stand up paddle boarding options available in various size, thickness, colors, and even design. How you choose the perfect board to you will be determined on your weight, strength, and the condition of the water to explore. If you have some problems on it, you may just simply visit UK where you will be assisted to find the right one to shop.
  1. Paddle. Without a paddle, you’ll have difficulty to move and do maneuver on water. Paddle give you force to move as well as also functioning as a mean to steer the movement. Consider to choose a paddle with 6” extra length than your height to help you in perfect balance.
  1. PFD (Personal Flotation Device). PFD is required for the sake of safety. We never know what might happen. Even if you think you’re a good swimmer it doesn’t mean you have control on anything that may happen in the future. So, for your own safety, it would be a good thing to wear standard PFD while paddle boarding.
  1. Leash. At some cases, the leash has becoming one of the standard gear every paddle boarder should wear. It keep the board intact and closely to you in case of falling due to heavy wave or stream. With the leash you’ll make sure the board is within your reach range for safety. Also, this way allow you to get back on board easily and faster.

Aside of these gears above, you probably will also need to make sure you have proper clothing on. Choose outfit that will make you feel comfortable and suited to the weather at that time. Also, avoid wearing heavy jacket that would interfere your movement. Heavy clothing would also prevent you from swimming properly which will risk you from drowning.