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Keindahan Wisata Pulau Siladen di Manado

Siladen Island Tourism is one of the five islands in the area of ??Bunaken National Park in Manado, North Sulawesi. Siladen Island has a marine park with fish and coral reefs are colorful and a beautiful cave. Located in the northeast of the island of Bunaken, Bunaken District of about 8 miles from the city center which can be reached in 45 minutes by boat. Siladen island has an area of ??31.25 hectares, but kept the charming beauty of marine tourism.

Siladen island is known as a quiet tourist island. Siladan Island travel choice will be right for those who want to alienate a moment of fatigue and bustle of the city. You will get a pleasant experience to rest and sunbathe enjoying a healthy splash of sun. On this island there is a catamaran (boat glass), diving center, cottages, and food stalls so that you can choose according to taste tourist attraction. If in Bunaken is famous for the beauty of the sea, the island of Siladen further highlight the beauty of the coastline. Did you know that the foreign tourists prefer to sunbathe on this beach.

Tourism activities in Siladen Island

Expanse of white sandy beach was very dominant on this small island. This place is not only a great diving spots for experienced divers, but also a comfortable place for your snorkeling inexperienced though. Read More…

Keindahan Bawah Laut Pantai Olele Gorontalo

TOUR marine is one of the hallmarks of Gorontalo Province. It was like those in Olele Beach, one of the most famous places in Gorontalo.

Olele beach in the village of Olele, District Kabila Bone, Bone Bolango District, North Sulawesi. This beach is located approximately 20 kilometers from the center of Gorontalo and is the gateway to the Gulf of Tomini known underwater natural beauty.

Olele beaches have some diving points frequented by the traveler who thirst for the beauty of the underwater paradise. In fact, this beach has coral reefs and marine ecosystems are still awake. Read More…

Jerusalem is one of the most important and noble city in the world. This famous city is located in Middle East and never loses their visitors. Jerusalem is also popular because Christians, Moslems and Jews always visit this city to see histories of these three major religions of the world from the close. There are many interesting places you can visit in Jerusalem to which you can even do religious trip among these places to make your holiday even more memorable than before.

You can visit the hill where Jesus was crucified, where Jesus did amazing miracles, and where Jesus resurrected. These places never run Christians visitors throughout the years. The Moslem visitors like to visit place where Prophet Muhammad ascended. Travelers can visit Mount Moriah as well.

Traveling to Jerusalem will makes unforgettable experience and you will get rich value of holiday by visiting historical sites on this city. Beside these popular sites, you can visit The Western Wall, The Church of Holy Sepulchre, and many more. March to April and September to November are the best time to visit Jerusalem, Middle East.  Ensure yourself to choose the right travel agency that has experience to give best service on Jerusalem Trip. By having Jerusalem Visitor Guide, your trip will be more organized. Visit to find guides to Jerusalem interesting places, exciting activity ideas, and many more. They have teams of experts always ready to answer all your questions. Just contact them for more about travel to Jerusalem or about website, and they will be more than happy to help you get all answers to everything you have in mind.

Pulo Aceh

ACEH have exciting destinations at the end of the unspoiled archipelago. His name is Pulo Aceh. Curious is not it? Indonesia’s westernmost island offers a beautiful piece of land like paradise. Pulo Aceh located in the district of Aceh Besar save a lot of good tourism potential of marine tourism, nature and even history. This potential spread and Pulo Pulo Nasi Breuh, two uninhabited islands in the cluster District of Pulo Aceh.

The white sandy beach with a greenish blue sea there everywhere. Mostly hidden behind a hill or through the leafy trees. Not just on the surface are beautiful, some beaches also save the underwater world views and is suitable for lovers of diving mapun snorkeling.

The forests that cover the island is also still dense. The chirping of birds and other animals behind leafy trees shouted besides sound waves. Pulo Aceh is an archipelago districts. There are 10 islands there, but only two were large and uninhabited namely Pulo Pulo Nasi and Breuh. Read More…

goa gong

Goa Gong is one of the flagship attraction Pacitan, Indonesia. Gong Cave is one of the caves hidden in the belly small mountains in Pacitan. This cave is a cave with a horizontal length of about 256 meters.

In the cave are stalactites, conical limestone in the cave ceiling, and stalagmites, limestone rock that stands at the base of centuries-old. According to some researchers and foreign tourists, Goa Gong is a cave with stalactites and stalagmites of the most beautiful in Southeast Asia.

Read More…

Bangunan Cantik di Eropa

European continent is very famous for the buildings are historic and beautiful. Here are seven of them that you need to see immediately:

1. Eiffel Tower
Many people who dream can visit the Eiffel Tower in Paris is romantic. As an iron tower built on the Champ de Mars, located on the banks of the River Seine, the Eiffel Tower has become a global icon of France and named according to the architect, namely Gustave Eiffel. Built in 1889, the Eiffel Tower is the tallest building in Paris.

Until 2006, the number of visitors to the Eiffel Tower has reached 6,719,200 people, so that the tower was named the monument paid the most visited in the world. Has an antenna height of 24 meters and 325 meters high tower body, height of the Eiffel Tower is roughly equal to conventional 81-story building Every evening, many young couples who spend time in the park near the foot of the tower. Not only that, sitting in the garden of the Eiffel Tower at night is also very enjoyable because the lights were on so pretty. You will definitely fall in love at the Eiffel Tower. Read More…

Destinasi Snorkeling Terbaik

Underwater world attracted many tourists. Some places chosen to be the best offer beautiful underwater scenery.

Besides Raja Ampat and Komodo National Park in Indonesia, some places in the world is also interesting for snorkeling. From the Dominican Republic to the waters in Mexico.

Here are the world’s best snorkeling destinations as follows:

  • Silver Bank, Dominican Republic
    Silver Bank is one of the ayng allows tourists can swim and snorkel along a humpback whale. Silver Bank is in the shallow waters of the Caribbean Sea, so it is not bypassed by the big ships. It’s a comfortable place for humpback whales breed. You can enjoy the thrill of swimming with humpback whales between December and April when they crossed the area.

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Blue City, Morocco

Kota Biru Maroko Bikin Takjub Traveller

Moroccan sea EAST hidden beauty store. A Blue City fascinate anyone to visit, including the traveler.

Blue city in question is Chefchaouen in North Africa.

The first time you want to visit places I’ve ever visited legend adventure world. From there, arrived in the city of Chefchaouen Blue beautiful.

Chefchaouen is a city known for its white buildings accented light blue, as the nation’s cultural heritage. Even so, Chefchaouen not only attached to the nation’s history. Read More…

Destinasi Tempat Wisata Danau Terindah di Indonesia

Indonesia is the country that endless when discussing about the beauty of nature. With the beauty of the scenery so much and outstanding especially the lake.

Here are some of the most beautiful lake in Indonesia as follows :

  • Lake Paniai Papua
    The lake is located in Papua, which is precisely in this Paniai district has an area of ??14,500 ha in the mountains which have an altitude of 1,700 meters above sea level. Surrounded by cliffs towering in the surrounding area, make this place more beautiful and fascinating look natural. And the view was amazing. Paniai Lake area is also an area of ??indigenous people of Papua that Mee tribe and tribe Moni. With the grandeur of nature and beaches, as well as the lake was inhabited by many species of fish as well as shrimp and eel, is a suitable place and cool for the fans of fishing. You can circle the island by renting a boat and also while fishing will be able to add excursions to be very encouraging.
  • Labuan Lake Mirror Kaltim
    No less beautiful with other lakes in Indonesia, Labuhan Mirror Lake is a lake the most beautiful destinations in Indonesia attractive for your holiday fans / nature lovers. The lake is located in East Kalimantan and precisely in the village Lambuan Kelambu-dipper dipper districts this Berau district, was awarded the very clear water and three water color between dark blue, light blue, green and white. Clear water and stunning color gradation that makes the visitors who come here will experience peace and probably will linger in this lake. Moreover, the clarity of its water, to the point of view of coral at the bottom of the lake is visible when a depth of three meters to the bottom of the lake. It is very encouraging. You can also dive and swim to enjoy the beauty of Lake Labuan This mirror.

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Places Vietnam

Tempat Wisata Vietnam

Attractions Hanoi is a tourist destination in Vietnam is loaded with historical value. Hanoi is the capital of Vietnam, an exotic city, there are displays of luxury, and you will find the atmosphere of “rural” or “village” in the city. It is precisely these things that make the attraction Hanoi became a tourist attraction for travelers and put the city of Hanoi to the rows of the popular attractions Vietnam. This article will explore the attractions of Hanoi that you should know.

Attractions in Hanoi

Hanoi Tourism in the World Currency
Did you know the average travelers from Indonesia who came to Vietnam is 5,000 people per month, or about 70 thousand people of Indonesia in the year. The trip to Vietnam is dominated by tourist destination, coupled with other matters such as business and visiting relatives. Based on the official website of Tourism Government of Vietnam, Vietnam countries around the world receive as much Visits of at least 500,000 per month, or about 7 million annually. Attraction makes Hanoi as a tourist destination you was not in vain. Why? You gain experience for a city with an original personality. Hanoi city full of historical value in the history of the Vietnamese people traveling.

Hanoi city center collated from a number of areas which are arranged with a compact, known as Hoan Kiem District. The district is bounded embankment on the east side of the Red River, rail lines in the north and west, and its southern boundary is marked by Nguyen Du street, Le Van Huu, and Han Thuyen. The name of this district takes its name from a lake which has now become an identity of Vietnam, the Hoan Kiem Lake. Read More…