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If you plan to have some vacation or traveling in India, of course, you need to think about the transportation means there. It will be so vital to take you explore India. For your information, Paytm Bus can become the greatest alternative for you. This kind of transportation means is really affordable especially for the travelers who want to save a lot of money and at the same time, you need to understand that Paytm Bus is able to cover up to 12000 routes in India.

That is why it is really suitable for your traveling. Yes, it has been mentioned that this kind of bus service is quite affordable. However, don’t you think you want to make sure that the cost can be a lot much more reduced? Is it possible? Yes, to be honest, it is really possible. All you need to do is to get Paytm Bus coupons. This kind of coupons is going to help you save some amount of money which can then be used for the other purposes. Once you have got the coupons, all you need to do is to redeem them. You can find that the cost will be cut down within some amount. Don’t you think it is so nice for you? Now that you have known about it, you surely start wondering how to get such coupons.

Well, it is so lucky for you to find this article because you will be able to learn how to get the coupons here. All you need to do is to visit MyCouponPromotion website. There, you can find so many kinds of possible coupons which can be so helpful for you. In addition to the coupons for Paytm Bus, you can also find the other coupons and they will make it certain for you to enjoy your traveling even more because you can reduce your expense.


When you are organising a summer camp for a group of kids apart from location and activities which we will speak a little about later, one of the most important considerations is transport.

How are you going to safely and efficiently move a group of teenagers and all of their luggage which can often be described as an exercise not too unlike ‘herding cats’.

One of the easiest and most economical ways is a bus charter services which will collect everyone either from their respective homes or from a pre-arranged pick up point.

The types of vehicle available normally range from 8 seat minibuses up to full size 60 or 70 seat coaches and of course are priced accordingly. You can include transport in the pricing of your summer camp and I would recommend nailing down your price as early as possible as you will take a hit if the price of transport increases after you have advised parents of the camp prices.

You should also bear in mind, that bus drivers do have restricted hours and can only drive for a maximum of four hours before having to take a 45 minute break and this should be planned into your itinerary. It should also be noted that they can only drive for a maximum of 9 hours in one day and even a few minutes over this would result in severe penalties for the driver and bus company so please don’t expect them to exceed their driving hours.

When sending out your pre-camp rules, include bus etiquette as part of the rules. Most charter companies will stipulate that food and drink cannot be consumed on the buses, passengers must remain seated and no loud music should be played. Most modern charter buses do have on board entertainment including DVD players and sound systems for use at the driver’s discretion.

The final point that I would like to make is to remind everyone to be ready on time! There is nothing worse than getting a journey off to a poor start by having to wait for people to arrive who had been pre-advised of the meeting time. If you want your trip to get off to a great start (secretly) tell everyone to be ready 30 minutes before the time you actually need them and hopefully then nobody should be late.

Hope this article helps and that y’all have a great summer camp!


Are you planning to spend your next holiday in Australia? If you are, then, you have already made a great decision. This country surely has it all. Whatever you expect for your great vacation can certainly be fulfilled. This is something that will blow your mind away because the vacation in Australia is going to give so many memorable moments to you.

Do you want to have some proof so you can be more convinced? Well, you should try having Australia Day cruises. What is it? Just imagine about how you can enjoy some great time on the sea by riding great cruise. There will be so many great things to make you feel so pleased and at the same time, you will also know that your vacation is going to be so fantastic. Why? Well, first, during the trip, you can enjoy the sceneries around which will keep you in awe. Then, on the cruise, there are so many facilities which will spoil you and make you feel like king or queen. And yes, things can be even more awesome if you take your beloved people to be on such cruise. In other words, this kind of vacation is something you must do without any doubt at all.

Please don’t forget that you are also going to be able to enjoy some trips all around Australia. Take the example of how you are going to have such great time Sydney which is also known as Australia’s harbor city. There will not be any dull moment at all. Such vacation is going to bring you the peaceful state of mind and at the same time, you can also feel like your whole body is rejuvenated. As the result, you will definitely want to have the same vacation again soon enough. What are you waiting anymore?

goa gong

Goa Gong is one of the flagship attraction Pacitan, Indonesia. Gong Cave is one of the caves hidden in the belly small mountains in Pacitan. This cave is a cave with a horizontal length of about 256 meters.

In the cave are stalactites, conical limestone in the cave ceiling, and stalagmites, limestone rock that stands at the base of centuries-old. According to some researchers and foreign tourists, Goa Gong is a cave with stalactites and stalagmites of the most beautiful in Southeast Asia.

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Fast and Comfortable Rome Cabs

Rome is undoubtedly one of the best tourism spots in the world. Every year, many tourists come to Rome. There are many historical places and buildings that can make you amazed once you see them. Besides, the culture and also the art are also a part of the fascination of this beautiful city. Most people want to go to different places in order to explore the uniqueness of Rome. However, some travelers, especially those who are new may find it difficult to reach places throughout the city with public transportation. If it is the case, then you may want rome cabs help you solving your problem.

Why Choose Rome Cabs?

Rome cabs are a famous private travelling cab provider that can help you reach your destination fast and directly. The cabs will be able to take you to many different places that the public transportation cannot. You even can choose the vehicles that you want. It also offers some tour package that you can choose according to your wants. The private cab will come with an experience and safe driver. The cab itself is secure and safe with many added features that will make you comfortable in enjoying your trip. You do not need to wait for a long time like in using taxi or other public transportations. You just need to make a booking and have the cab pick you up from airport to your destination. Besides, you will less worry about the cost since the cabs have no fares and meters like taxi.

Easy Rome Cabs Booking

You can enjoy your unforgettable trip by using private cabs from Rome cabs. The first thing you should do is booking a cab. You can make a booking through email or phone call. The registration is very simple and easy. Besides, there is also online payment service so you can make a booking anywhere and anytime.

wisata maratua

Maratua Island, one of the outermost islands are so exotic Indonesia. The island is located in East Kalimantan and directly adjacent to Malaysia (Sabah) and the Philippines have atolls and coral were so beautiful and unspoiled. The tourists who visit it gave the nickname for Maratua as Paradise Island or paradise. What is interesting in Maratua Island?

To the island Maratua
Maratua located in the Celebes Sea, precisely located in the southern part of the town of Tarakan, East Kalimantan. To go to this place, you have to go first to Juwutan Airports in Tarakan. Now there are several flights to Tarakan.
From Tarakan, you can use the plane to Cape Redeb Airports in Berau. From Cape Redeb, you can use seater speed boat or ship to the island Maratua. With a speed boat will take about 3 hours to the island of Cape Redeb Maratua.
Given the number of tourists want to visit the island Maratua, then in 2015, there Maratua Island Maratua Airport. So you can go straight to Maratua by using aircraft with a shorter time than using a speed boat.

Derawan Islands
By speed boat, you can visit several islands in the Derawan Islands Maratua apart. Maratua is one of 31 islands in the Derawan Islands, which entered the district of Berau, East Kalimantan. The famous island Derawan Islands Maratua is in addition to Derawan Island, Island Samama, Charitable Island and Kakaban.

Generally the other islands in the Derawan Islands are uninhabited. Maratua island has a population of about 3000 inhabitants and there are four villages with the Bajo natives who worked as fishermen. The four villages is Hope Bay Village, Village Payungpayung, village and village Bohesilian Alolo Gulf.

Derawan Islands, you can find a saltwater lake which includes one of the largest in the world. The archipelago is also home to the world’s largest nesting of green turtles. Read More…

foto festival

As an island nation in the world with approximately 500 districts / cities and culture, as well as regional languages ??are very diverse, Indonesia has many international festivals are very unique and interesting. Here are 5 of them.

1. Jember Fashion Carnaval
Since the event event “Jember Fashion Carnaval” (JFC) first, that in 2003, eventini immediately attracted the attention of fashion enthusiasts. This also encourages the implementation of the JFC 2 in the same year. The uniqueness of this event lies in the concept of the show who use the highway as a catwalk and unique themes that are always different in each implementation. The success of the carnival participants in attracting international attention makes them were invited to various countries to showcase their work. In 2015, the JFC will take place on 26 to 30 August 2015. After enjoying a dish of JFC, you also can visit the Cape Coast Papuma are already very well known.
Interested to come to the JFC? Start by looking for the cheapest flight tickets to Malang then continue the journey by bus for 5-6 hours. If you think that tickets to Malang too expensive, then you can also find the cheapest flight tickets to Surabaya and continue the journey by bus for 4-5 hours. For those of you who are traveling with a group and have difficulties to get on the bus, then you can look for a car rental from the airport here.

2. Dieng Culture Festival
The friendliness of the people and festive event “Dieng Culture Festival” (DCF) will warm you from the cold in the Dieng Plateau, Central Java, especially if you attend with friends. DCF has been around since 2010 and always drew the attention of tens of thousands of people, including foreign tourists. The festival is always presenting a menarikl blend between tradition and wealth of indie art, and contemporary. Not only that, DCF also combine culture with nature tourism vehicle Dieng community and economic empowerment.
DCF usually takes place in July or August. If you are interested to see this event, start by finding the cheapest flight tickets to Semarang or Yogyakarta, then take a bus to Wonosobo, and continue the journey by minibus to Dieng.

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For more than eighty years, which is located in Ubud Gianyar, Bali, has enthralled foreign travelers. Ubud is able to provide long lasting memories for everyone who comes to visit.

In fact, Ubud became a search of love Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Eat, Pray, Love, which is then made into a film of the same name and starring Hollywood actress Julia Roberts. There are a variety of experiences that can be learned for tourists.


Ubud itself is seen as a center of art and culture. Not surprisingly, each tourist activity was related to culture, closeness to nature, the spiritual, and the relationship between human beings. Every activity in Ubud was finally able to give a deep impression on them.


You are interested in spending time in Ubud? Be prepared to fall in love at the magical aura of Ubud. Aura that makes you calm and always make you yearn to return to Ubud. Balinese people call this aura as “taksu”. Here are 10 tourist activities you can do in Ubud.

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Your visit to France wouldn’t be a complete if you don’t go wander around the cities and enjoy the beauty of everything they offered along the way. Yes, your France holiday will be really an unforgettable one if you decided to drive the vehicle on your own. So instead of being stuck on cab or buses without having the freedom to go anywhere you like, alternatively you may hire one of those cars or motorcycles offered by many rental companies in the country.

Just before you rent one of those vehicles provided, there is something you need to know before driving in France. For you to know, there are strict traffic rules and laws every riders and drivers need to obey in order to keep them away from troubles while driving in France. You need to have the following items in order to drive comfortably in France roads, they are Driving License, Passport, spare bulbs, and many more including the breath-analyzer. By having all these essential items available in your car will give you peace in mind especially when a police officer pull you over during the trip.

However, due to some reasons, sometimes we just don’t have time to go through all the processes in order to get the driving license or others ready for your trip in France. In that case, you may count on to get all these necessary stuffs ready for your next driving session. The company has dedicated themselves in helping tourists and visitors to get unforgettable driving experience in France without having to deal with all the frustrations and hassle along the way.

Driving in France is getting easier and safer with the help of They provide all kinds of services and solutions for your next France drive, including also guidance and driving map for your ultimate driving pleasure in the country. Just click here for more info about their services.

Gili Trawangan

Gili Trawangan

Gili Trawangan is one of the most famous islands in Lombok. A small island located in the North West of Lombok Island presents not only the beautiful scenery alone. Beaches and natural scenery will make you wonder. You can do a variety of activities that you enjoy doing during the day. In addition, you can also join the beach parties at night.

Lombok Island is one of the small islands in eastern Indonesia. However Lombok Island itself is surrounded by many islands are smaller, which is called “Gili”. One of the Gili Lombok Gili Trawangan is a favorite place. In addition, Gili Meno and Gili Air is also worth to visit.

Gili Trawangan

Gili Trawangan you will find the facilities of international standard. Because Gili is very popular with foreign tourists, as well as the majority of tourists who visit are tourists from abroad. So that existing services in Gili is tailored to the needs of the foreign tourists. For example, Gili Trawangan is the only island that has an Irish Bar. Gili Trawangan is fairly relatively small, with a stretch of about 3 Km from North to South, and about 2 km from the West to the East. Gili, rarely encountered in motor vehicles. The most common transportation is “Cidomo” (a kind of horse-drawn carriages) and bicycles. Environmentally friendly enough, is not it?


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