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Climb Mount Merapi

Climb Merapi

Climb Merapi

Not just anyone can climb the summit of Mount Merapi, which is located in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Steep terrain with sand and rocks, can make you fall up to now climb. High courage and stamina is the main requirement.

In October 2012, I was with my friends adventure climbing Mount Merapi.
We departed from Magelang around 17:00 pm, by taking the ascent of the path that is in Boyolali Selo. Get there at 19:00, and then we take a break. After that, we prepare the equipment. Our plan is to start climbing at 21:00 pm.

The equipment is ready, like a tent, head lamp, water and food supplies. Night’s bone-chilling cold start, but it did not dampen our steps to climb. Apparently, the night was also a lot of other climbers who climb.

To get to the peak of Merapi Selo pathway can be gone for about 4 jam. It’s  short, but the terrain that we are going through a very steep and need extra energy!

After passing through a few posts, we finally arrived at the camp area. Apparently, there is a stone inscription as a sign of there ever Yogya climber who died. Many climbers also say that the camp area was referred to as ‘Market Bubrah’. We also spend the night there.

Intention would be to see the sunrise, but we all failed, we woke up late around 06.00 pm. Even so, we continue to drive up the peak of Merapi.

Need great courage to climb the peak of Merapi. In front of us, there is a steep road full of small rocks and sand. In addition, many large stones are prone to landslides. We all have to be careful step. One little mistake, get hurt.

Although very tiring, as the climb is even. We all be amazed by the grandeur of God. It is remarkable in view of the peak of Merapi. Even though it looks barren, but it is absolutely gorgeous! Merbabu were visible towering above the top of this dashing.

Once satisfied, we were down. At that time, I thought like way down sandy plain. it turns out, I was stepping on sand ambles into my legs and almost half go. To the extent that, there are some climbers tumbling. Nevertheless, it was like we were playing sand boarding. Very exciting! You must try it….


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