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Destinasi Tempat Wisata Danau Terindah di Indonesia

Indonesia is the country that endless when discussing about the beauty of nature. With the beauty of the scenery so much and outstanding especially the lake.

Here are some of the most beautiful lake in Indonesia as follows :

  • Lake Paniai Papua
    The lake is located in Papua, which is precisely in this Paniai district has an area of ??14,500 ha in the mountains which have an altitude of 1,700 meters above sea level. Surrounded by cliffs towering in the surrounding area, make this place more beautiful and fascinating look natural. And the view was amazing. Paniai Lake area is also an area of ??indigenous people of Papua that Mee tribe and tribe Moni. With the grandeur of nature and beaches, as well as the lake was inhabited by many species of fish as well as shrimp and eel, is a suitable place and cool for the fans of fishing. You can circle the island by renting a boat and also while fishing will be able to add excursions to be very encouraging.
  • Labuan Lake Mirror Kaltim
    No less beautiful with other lakes in Indonesia, Labuhan Mirror Lake is a lake the most beautiful destinations in Indonesia attractive for your holiday fans / nature lovers. The lake is located in East Kalimantan and precisely in the village Lambuan Kelambu-dipper dipper districts this Berau district, was awarded the very clear water and three water color between dark blue, light blue, green and white. Clear water and stunning color gradation that makes the visitors who come here will experience peace and probably will linger in this lake. Moreover, the clarity of its water, to the point of view of coral at the bottom of the lake is visible when a depth of three meters to the bottom of the lake. It is very encouraging. You can also dive and swim to enjoy the beauty of Lake Labuan This mirror.

  • Lake Sentani
    Besides the beauty of Lake Paniai in Papua, are still no more, no less special than the existing lake is Lake Sentani in Papua. Lake Sentani is the most beautiful lake in Indonesia, which is in the mountainous region of Papua Cycloops Nature Reserve. The lake is located at an altitude of 75 meters above sea level. And mileage if departing from Jayapura to this place about 50 km. Lake Sentani is the largest lake in Papua with about 20 small islands in it.
  • Danam Maninjau
    Volcanic lake is said to be the lake formed by the eruption of Mount Sitinjau is located in Padang, West Sumatra, which is precisely located in the district of Agam districts cape highway. With water so abundant, this lake is the water source of the river Trunk Sri Antokan. And the lake is often in the connection between folklore footman nine. Regardless of the history of this lake, Lake Maninjau is very beautiful and the most appropriate place for those who want to refresh and relax with peace of mind.
  • Lake Segara Anak
    The lake is located in West Nusa Tenggara Lombok is really very amazing to the point that in 1998, the lake is in use as wallpaper denomination’s 10,000. The lake is located in Lawang Sembalun has beauty and exoticism extraordinary that you can visit for a tour of nature that challenge.

That is some of the most beautiful lakes in Indonesia are worth to you flown. Hopefully the above information can help you determine the destination lake tourist attractions in Indonesia. Have a good holiday!


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