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whale shark

whale shark

The whale shark (Rhincodon typus) was recorded as the largest fish on Earth at this time. Imagine the weight can reach 21 tons, up to 14 meters in length and up to 150 years old. Amazing animal was seen at certain times in a few countries, ranging from South Africa, the Philippines, Australia, and Indonesia. They move to migrate in search of a place to eat and lay eggs. However, did you know that the animals are real friendly yet full of mystery can be found throughout the year in the waters of Paradise Bay National Park in West Papua and Papua. This is where you can swim and play bubbles with them, how dare try?

It is now time for you to divert attention or labels diving in Raja Ampat in Papua only, why? That’s because the actual Paradise Bay National Park (TNTC) is the largest national park in the waters of Indonesia and has a wealth of marine life in the dose more than enough. This beautiful region stretching from the Gulf Wondama district in the province of West Papua, to Nabire in Papua province. Vast waters and protected more special because it is destined to be the presence of a large whale sharks as well as stunning.

The whale shark (Rhincodon typus) is named after the West Papuan people as gurano stars and by the Nabire in Papua province called hiniota nibre. Giant animals that had received notion jinxed when fishing in waters seen so commonly called the Ghost. However, that assumption is now gone because fishermen have long Kwatisore friends with, even supposing now a pet that lives in the wild. Want to know what he said?

In the village Kwatisore, Nabire, Papua province, the whale shark is friendly with the local fishermen. They appear in groups every day around the chart fishing (similar floating boats with fishing nets floating underneath) with the emergence of for hours. The whale shark was apparently interested in the collection of fish castle (a type of fish) were caught in nets and floating at the bottom of the chart also looking dead fish being thrown fishermen. They usually approach chart in groups of up to six birds. Though nature is actually solitary animals, plankton eaters, and often are under the ocean surface to a depth of hundreds of meters. Please note that in Australia, travelers must wait during the summer to see whale sharks and it was necessary herded advance so he could watch.

Chart fishermen in a boat floating Kwatisore is sized 18 x 18 meters which is converted to the location of the fishing rectangular castle with attached netting underneath. Wooden planks placed between the corner and connects  many lights to lights at night so the fish approached the castle and go in the net. The number of charts in these waters is pretty much over ten and whereabouts need to be registered at the Department of Marine and Fisheries.

In Kwatisore, whale sharks are accustomed to being fed fish castle and often interact with divers. When divers approached the giant fish will swim together casually. Unlike other sharks have sharp teeth, whale sharks have fine teeth on the end inside the mouth. The trick is to suck the sea water eating while capturing plankton and small fish that go along the water into his mouth.

Usually just before and after the full moon, the whale shark does not appear because fishermen can not fish due castle moon luminosity so that the lights of the chart is less interesting for the fish castle. Castle peak fishing in this area took place between December and January.

Already a provision of any diving operators will pay fishermen fish supplied castle to buy it for $ 1 million for a day so that divers can see right up close. You can also feed the whale sharks right off the chart. His favorite eating fish and plankton in the castle than Kwatisore obviously is unique and extraordinary.

Interesting Places is actually inadvertently started in 2000 when local fishermen together to build a chart in the middle of the ocean. At that time, the whale shark began to arrive chart visited castle attracted by the fish being caught in the nets under the chart. Fish castle on the net then frequently visited and smoked whale sharks. Actually no he was able to eat fish except the nets are missing. Often whale sharks sucking castle fish in the net it makes some dead fish in the net and then thrown into the sea fishermen. The habit of throwing fish that makes the castle often whale sharks were around the chart and as a pet. At that time, the local people also realize that the giant fish is actually harmless.

Many of the mysteries of the life of a whale shark that has not been revealed. Christoph Rohner, researchers from the University of Queensland, said that in fact a whale shark’s body size can reach 20 meters. It was based on the latest measurements with the laser is placed 50 cm from the camera on a moving shark. This method produces an accurate measure than the method previously photogrammetery. In addition, animals that estimated from 60 million years ago was apparently entered the age of childbearing at age 30. Reproduction is relatively slow compared to other fish that exist on earth. Referring to the International Union for the Conservation of Nature and Resources, is classified as protected animals is clear. Therefore, the existence of the year can be seen at Paradise Bay National Park (TNTC) is a phenomenon as well as a tourist attraction unique marine world.

Note TNTC until 2012 there was approximately 40 whale sharks that live in the bay area. They were always there throughout the year and are often found in groups. The discovery of the largest whale shark has a length of approximately 14 meters and weigh 15 tons. At present, the protection that only refers to the whale shark is a vulnerable species. This whale shark protection status should be improved as a protected species such as the Government Regulation No. 7 of 1999 on the Preservation of Flora and Fauna. Do not be late and turned state as in 2005, when threatened due to hunting shark fins. Then the presence of whale sharks at Paradise Bay National Park could be just a story alone and regret posterity. No one knows what else can be found from disclosure in Paradise Bay. Indonesia deserves proud of the people of Papua in Paradise Bay in collaboration with researchers and environmental activists to maintain the existence of the largest fish on earth.

Play to Paradise Bay National Park, specifically to Kwatisore. Here you can dive or snorkel while interacting and playing with the whale sharks are docile. You are not interested swimming  it could feed this animal from the top of the chart. The whale shark is the reason why a trip to the eastern part of Indonesia can be so special. After coming back to see whale sharks is certainly extraordinary mind was filled with awe. So, there are other options besides Papua maritime traveled to Raja Ampat is not!

To come into Paradise Bay National Park, a friendship is between May and October although whale sharks can be found here throughout the year. There are flights from Jakarta, Surabaya, Denpasar, Makassar toward Biak, subsequent use Susi Air plane to Manokwari or Nabire. There are also flights from Jayapura to Biak. You are coming from Jakarta and Makassar can utilize Batavia flight to Manokwari. From Manokwari to TNTC can go on the ship as far as 95 km. Lion Airlines provides direct flights from Jakarta to Nabire. While from Nabire to TNTC use a motor boat as far as 38 km or approximately 3 hours.


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