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Komodo island tourist submarine

Komodo island tourist submarine

Sea around the island of Komodo offers bright colors and exotic marine life. That’s what makes it great charm for divers and snorkeling enthusiasts. If you’re one of them, this marine area should be explored.

When diving in the waters around the island of Komodo, you can see the collection of fish that go up into the path of rushing water from the deep sea vents. Meanwhile, the ocean floor left by schools of fish are covered with a thick fluorescent corals and marine invertebrates. It also makes it a paradise for underwater photographers.

Pristine coral reefs in Komodo Island is filled with Mantas stingrays, sharks, turtles, dolphins, dugong, pelagic, sea horses, nudibranchs, frog fish, and various other fish species.

Water surrounding the island is turbulent and filled with unique marine life. A marine reserve has recently also been established and the majority of these reserves have been documented but not yet investigated.

You can find a spot that varies in these waters from the reef slopes gently to the area in which will make the heart beat and warm waters of the Flores Sea in the north to cooler waters in the southern Indian Ocean.

Underwater terrain varies with the wall of cliffs, peaks, plateaus under water, slopes, caves, and a variety of channels that have different colors and sizes as well as various types of hard and soft corals.

Some interesting dive sites around the north island of Komodo is Angel Island, Sabolon, and the Batu Bolong. Each has its own uniqueness and has certainly the underwater scenery is very beautiful.

Water temperature in the range of dive sites 20-28 degrees Celsius and spot the South has a cooler temperature. 3mm wetsuit is recommended while enjoying the beautiful view with a rare view of 10-50 feet throughout the year.

For a more amazing experience, you can dive at night. When you do, you’ll see the beauty of color and diversity of life is more amazing.


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