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Eating Ethics in Japan

Eating Ethics in Japan

Japanese food such as sushi, sashimi, ramen and a variety of tourists favorite dishes when traveling to the sakura country. Before eating a variety of delicious food, there are some ethics that you need to know. This is the 5 ethical eating in Japan :

1 . Chopsticks
Chopsticks are the main eating tool . The procedure for laying chopsticks also need to know , you can not put chopsticks over a bowl of rice because this is the way the local people give rice to the dead , should put the chopsticks in the bowl aside . Also do not give you food from your chopsticks to another person . Surely this is another tradition that is still associated with the funeral .

2 . Eating noodles
When you in Japan, eat noodles should be the main agenda. There are many ramen sold in restaurants or roadside stalls. There are rituals that enhance your ramen meal, ” Slurp ! ” Suction ramen and let the guy next to you hear that voice. That’s the best way to eat ramen.

3 . Expressions
When to start eating, Japanese people will start to say the word “Itadakimasu”. Similarly, when finished eating, you have to say the word “Gochisosama deshita”. These words can mean gratitude for the food served.

4 . Kampai !
Japanese people like to enjoy a drink of tea or other special drink together. If you follow the tradition, should never fill a glass for yourself. While enjoying a drink, the Japanese have the habit of pouring a drink for the person who is next. So you and your friends will each fill drinks. Once all the glass is fully charged , usually everyone will shout “Kampai !”.

5 . Payments
When going to pay for food, do not give cash to the waiter. Put your money on a small tray that is located next to the cash register. Here’s how the Japanese pay for food.


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