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Moyo Island

Moyo Island

Moyo Island is a quiet and small  island but has a richness of Nature.This small island managed to attract some “big” like Lady Diana and Mick Jagger for a vacation.

Moyo Island, a small island located in the northern island of Sumbawa, West Nusa Tenggara Province. Seeing the beauty of the beach, sea and nature, it offers peace for lovers of the outdoors and the beauty beneath the sea. “I remember when Princess of England, Lady Diana visited the Moyo Island. So is the world rock musician Mick Jagger was also vacationing on the island. But unfortunately, many people of Indonesia who do not know the beauty of the island of Moyo, “said Maman, one of the guides at Moyo Island.

To reach the island of Moyo is straightforward. Traveling by car can be taken from Sumbawa Besar to Ai Bari, a coastal village located about 20 kilometers north of Sumbawa Besar. Or if you do not want to bother, Hotel and Golden Beach Hotel Tambora in Sumbawa Besar, can arrange trips to the island.

Ai Bari in Samawa means salt water, a poor fishing village facilities, but from the Sumbawa, Bajo and Bugis who inhabit this area, very friendly.

Ai journey from Bari to Moyo Island can be reached for about 15 minutes by speedboat, or a boat ketinting. One fisherman who always provide this transportation is Mr. Lahi who are used to receiving foreign visitors, often written in a variety of travel guidebooks!

Moyo Island has a height variation from 0-648 m above sea level. As a marker still sustainable  island of about 30,000 acres, hundreds of butterflies will be seen from behind the bushes, trees or in the middle of savanna.

The island is also home for 21 species of bats, birds, macaque, wild pig, deer and snakes. With the natural conditions are still very natural, not advisable to enter the island without a guide. Because there may be lost. “But strangely, every time there’s a stray, would still find a way out of its own. Either the “led” by a bird or a butterfly, “said Maman.

According to him, “residents” (Astral beings) forest on the island of Moyo does not like to interrupt. When visiting this island, we could see the beauty of unspoiled nature. Beautiful forest and almost untouched, waterfalls and natural rivers, as well as the beauty of the endless sea. In addition to hiking in the woods, along streams and waterfalls, a cave that can be reached on foot, could be an alternative activity.

One is the  Ai Manis cave be achieved with a little rock climbing. This cave where hundreds of breeding bats. In addition, other activities you can do is trekking for two hours that can be started from Labuan Haji, towards Waterfall Brang Rea (Great River) is located in the center of the island.

Moyo Island is also a “paradise” for bird lovers. Of the 124 bird species found in Sumbawa, 86 species of which are located on the island. Rare bird species can also be found here. Among them is the yellow-headed Parrot and the megapode birds. Scrub fowl, is unique because it relies on plants and branches to produce heat during the incubation period the eggs.


When you want to snorkel or dive, the area around the island offer a variety of underwater beauty that is equally interesting. Marine parks that make up the soft and hard coral formations are beautiful, can also be found sponges and crustaceans. A Dutch tourist who happened to have just finished snorkeling, sharing her experience. “Last time I saw snorkeling small sharks swimming around Ai Manis beach. And in the neighborhood, the scene was beautiful reefs. I also saw an eel, “said Febri, one of the tourists visiting the island of Moyo.

Moyo Island also offers the beauty of the underwater world. Almost the entire island is surrounded by reefs still in good condition and not damaged. Sharks with a length of approximately two meters, anemones, pelagic, eels, groupers and even mantas, all there is.

If you like diving, you can do around the island Medang, located in the northwestern island of Moyo. Yacht from Bali, Lombok or even abroad often make stopovers on the island. The trip usually stop in the island of Moyo and Satonda Island, a tiny island in the northeast of the island of Moyo who has a salt water lake in the middle of the island.

In addition to out of reach of domestic travelers, the promotion of Moyo island is still very small. To vacation here, it takes time and funding availability is pretty good. However, if there is a desire to see the beauty of a small country, Pulau Moyo is one of the places worth visiting. “If it happened to be lucky, you can see a bunch of flying fish,” said Mr. Lahi, pointing at a group of flying fish jumping out of the water onto the surface.

Moyo Island is not as popular as the islands are a haven to other attractions, such as Bali or Lombok. But who would have thought, that this small island has become one of the world-class tourist destination that is often glimpsed by celebrities. Call it, the late Princess Diana or Mick Jagger both have made the island of Moyo as a vacation spot.

Ranging from rain forests, mangrove forest (mangrove), to the grasslands (savanna). In addition, by visiting the island, visitors can see hundreds of fluttering butterflies, trees of various sizes, and various birds. Various kinds of fish and coral reefs were also found on the island which has a coastline of 88 km as far as this.

Privilege of traveling to the island of Moyo, visitors can do some activities. Such as, hiking in the woods with unspoiled beauty, the beauty of the underwater diving, or just relax on the beach. Entering the forest on the island of Moyo, visitors can enjoy the unspoiled beauty that is rarely touched. Visitors can navigate the rivers are found in the forests.

In addition, visitors can also play the water while enjoying the beauty of Niagara Brang Rea is located in the center of the island of Moyo.

If you want to enjoy more challenging adventures, exploring caves can be a fun alternative tourism. In the forest on the island of Moyo, there are some caves that can be reached on foot. Among other things, which is quite interesting to explore the Cave of Ai Manis is a breeding place of hundreds of bats.

Content to enjoy the beauty of the mainland island of Moyo, visitors were able to perform other adventures, which explore the beauty beneath the sea. Various types of coral reefs can be enjoyed by visitors, either by snorkeling or diving.

In the past, the diversity of coral reefs in Moyo Island had suffered damage, caused by the bombing of fishermen from outside Indonesia. However, with increasing local awareness about nature conservation, coral reef on the island began to recover. Exploring the underwater enchantment on Moyo Island, but enjoy the coral reefs, visitors can also see various kinds of fish, like a shark with a length of approximately two meters, anemones, pelagic, eel, gropuers, and manta.

After enjoying a variety of exciting adventures on the Moyo island, visitors can take a break to enjoy the panoramic sunset on the coast of Pulau Moyo. White sand beaches on the island of Moyo made look very beautiful, the waves are running around chasing the shoreline, and accompanied by a dusk that makes the atmosphere becomes more romantic, potent eliminate all exhausted after the adventure.

Until now, the management of Moyo Island is not handled by the tourism department or other government agencies, but are handled by private parties. So no wonder, if it is to access and enjoy all the beauty and adventure on the island of Moyo, required substantial funds.

For visitors who want to vacation on the island, the manager requires a deposit of $ 5,000. Actually, the amount of money that will be used to enjoy the whole package on offer is not that big. However, the deposit requirement is intended to ensure that tourists who come, it had enough money to pay for the tour packages offered.

Moyo Island to enjoy the whole heaven, certainly not enough in a day. If you want to stay, the visitors need not worry. Because, on the Moyo island, there is a resort that provides the facility to stay with the use of tents. Visitors need not worry, though using a tent, the facilities provided by the resort is quite assured.
In addition, because of Moyo Island visitors come from overseas, would not be surprised if this small island also has internet facilities and doctors available.



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