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kawah bromo

Holidays Bromo does provide many memorable experiences. A traveler who comes here will be presented with a panoramic sunset, Telettubies hill, to the sea of ??sand.

Mount Bromo and Mount Semeru is in the Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park. Many ways to reach Mount Bromo. Recommended the dismissal of the two main alternatives that can be achieved with air lines, namely through Surabaya or Malang.
To Mount Bromo via Surabaya – Probolinggo -Cemoro Lawang
Until at Juanda Airport, use Damri bus to the bus station Bungurasih Surabaya. From here use the bus or Banyuwangi Jember majors to go down in Probolinggo.

Nothing stops praising the mountain as high as 2,392 meters above sea level stands firmly in East Java. However, it all paid off with the sunrise is starting to look at the front of the eye. After that, do not stop amazed because there was a sea of ??clouds. Not to mention, seen sea of ??sand visible large extend the surrounding hills.

Not surprisingly, there are many domestic and foreign traveler who falls in love with Bromo. Many people also call it the State in the Clouds. Whatever it is, Bromo is God’s creation is amazing.
Trust me, once came to Mount Bromo it seems you want to come again and again. Panorama of nature there is truly extraordinary beautiful, from the atmosphere to the place called sunrise sand whispered. Mount Bromo be evidence of one of the beauty of Indonesia!

Mount Bromo has always been a tourist destination attracting tourists traveler both local and foreign tourists. Always hypnotic charm anyone who visited there.

Slowly light so shine and illuminate the surrounding scenery seen by our magnificent. Start of Mount Semeru in the end, the crater of Bromo and Mount Batok who stands firmly nan magnificent.

Bromo amazed charm that never cracked by age is increasingly present.

In addition to scenic crater emitting she said the crowd of tourists also be interesting sights ..

Exploring the beauty of Mount Bromo is not endless. Mount Bromo eruption that formed the crater and the surrounding sand seas provide beautiful scenery. Not a few tourists are amazed.

To be able to see the crater, visitors must pass through a sea of ??sand as far as approximately one kilometer with a view of Mount Batok solid and verdant.

The beauty of this sand sea can be enjoyed on foot or by renting a horse. After that it will climb and climb hundreds of steps to the crater of Bromo.

Although the climb and climb hundreds of steps to get to the summit crater, often have to be patient and queue for many tourists. All of them want to capture the moment on the steps and the beauty of Bromo crater, along with sea sand from the top of the peak.

Enough hot air, and the winds that bring sand did not deter us as well as thousands of local and foreign tourists to capture the beauty of this mountain.

Therefore it feels incomplete if to Bromo without visiting this amazing Bromo crater. Greetings Traveler


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