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angel falls

angel falls

Altitude of nearly 1,000 meters to make a waterfall in Venezuela named the highest waterfall in the world. I was so high, this waterfall was named Angel Falls waterfall or which means angel.

At the end of Mount Auyantepui in Rio Caroni, Canaima National Park, Venezuela, South America, this waterfall the water from a height of 979 meters. The name of the waterfall is actually taken from the name of the pilot who flew for the first time looking for a gold mine in 1963. The pilot named James Crawford Angel then see the waterfall and landed not far away locations. To commemorate its discovery, the waterfall was named Angel Falls.

However, there are also tourists who interpret this as a place of angels waterfall because of its height. This high waterfall is not playing games, reaching 979 meters. Because of the high is almost 1 km makes like an angel that will fall from the top of the mountain.

When water are high plunge from the top, never to stand just below the water with the intention to relax the body as you can do in other waterfalls. If you force it, not the freshness to be had, but in fact just the pain that you can feel.

During summer, Angel Falls presents a unique phenomenon. At that time, aka water volume decreases so the water has run out before reaching the base. The water refracts as if lost somewhere. By local residents, this phenomenon is called “falls of the deepest place” or fell into the deepest places.

Beautiful scenery would not only be presented under the waterfall, but also at its peak. Do not bother to climb, because you can enjoy the view by using the aircraft. Enjoy the Canaima National Park from the air by paying USD 60. Waterfall will look like fine white cloth in between the brown cliffs. Enjoy the green forest covered with white fog, then the view will hypnotize you.

In addition to exciting flying experience, you can also enjoy the park longer. You can follow the package 3 days 2 nights tour of some travel agents. The package usually includes trekking and canoeing. The best time to visit this place is from about May to November.


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