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Uppsala – The executive class of any airline, you would not be able to ask to sleep in the pilot room or commonly called the cockpit. But on the plane Jumbo Stay, you can ‘repel’ pilot and sleeping in his office.

Obviously could sleep in the workspace pilot, because Jumbo Stay is not the airlines. It is shaped aircraft was on the runway Arlanda Airport, Stockholm, Sweden.

Formerly, it was an aircraft carrier company born in 1976. Then the airline went bankrupt in 2002, so it can no longer deliver travelers to many destinations. Abandoned its aircraft. Later in 2008, the airline changed to corporate lodging.

Interestingly, they are not selling existing aircraft to buy a luxury building on hotels. But that plane are transformed into rooms for guests.

The hotel uses a Jumbo Jet 747 aircraft. The aircraft has 25 rooms, including the cockpit were changed into a very luxurious room.

To be able to spend the night in the cockpit, you have to pay a sum of 1400 Swedish Krona ($ 2 million). There was no seat for the pilot and co-pilot here, that there are only 2 beds for 2 people. Screens that were used for radar altered function as a television. The rest, the room is still very similar to the original. The aircraft was still there.

Because of a plane has only one cockpit, so be advised only if you have to do the reservation in advance in advance. But if you still do not get a room in the cockpit, you can try another room, no less comfort. Each living room has several windows typical aircraft. From here, you can see a full view of Arlanda Airport with flight activity.


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