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Surfing at Lakey Beach

Surfing at Lakey Beach

Have you ever heard the term left-handed waves? If you have not and want to see or even to conquer it by surfing the visit Lakey Beach. Today is largely coming to Lakey beach is as foreign tourists from Australia, South America, the United States, and others. This beach is located in District Hu’u, Dompu Regency, West Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia.

Lakey beach is actually one of the famous beaches as one of the best surfing area and unique in the world. What is unique? The waves appeared to have the direction of the sweep to the left instead of right, in common. The uniqueness of this fact also have been fulfilled by the beauty of the beach that has become a byword especially among the surfing enthusiast. In addition, the sea breeze is fairly tight in this area also supports the activities of surfing, wind surfing, or kite surfing.

Lakey beach has waves are fairly stable throughout the year (not affected by season) and therefore a few times to locations holding world-class surfing competitions. Dozens of participants of this competition usually come from different parts of the world as well as Indonesia. The advantages offered by the tourist beaches Lakey beach is already visible in the center of Dompu, marked by a statue of the person who was surfing.

For the surfing enthusiast, big waves and is highly sought after high waves on the beach but Lakey is not too high (ranging from 6-8 meters) would be challenging when it must be conquered by waves of left-handed direction that requires special expertise. Tourists had come all the way to the beach in the South Island of Sumbawa is to try surfing expertise.

Lakey beach has four types of waves which was mentioned by the surfer, the Lakey Peak, Cobble Stones, Lakey Pipe, and Periscope. The most challenging and great for surfing the Lakey Peak presents a challenge because the waves from the left or right; on the left side of the long tunnel-shaped, while in the right form of the waves are perfect for surfing.

Of coastal white sandy beaches, scenery off the Coast Lakey predominantly blue expanse of sea water as blue as the sky the shelter. Sound waves that break into the media for surfers to try out his abilities. Let alone to attraction on boards, to see the skill of the surfers was fun enough.


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