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Legian beach surfing

Legian beach surfing

Legian is a village in the district of Kuta, Badung, Bali, Indonesia.
To Parahyangan in Legian there is some Pura Pura Agung, Pura Puseh, Pura Desa, Pura Dalem heaven and Upgrading. Besides, there are a few temples like Pura Bagus Pemaksan Cadet, Pura Segara Bena, Batan Ae Pura, Pura Batu Pageh, Pura Uluwatu, Pura Melanting, Ulun Cape.

To provide education to children there is a Kindergarten named TK Coral Legian sweetness, and to provide religious education there is a named Pesraman Pesraman Wana Santi Pura reply was in the area Puseh.

For economic empower residents of the village, the village of Legian has one unit of LPD savings and loans that have been established since 1985, by the Governor of Bali when the Alm. Mr. Ida Bagus Mantra and Kelian Village was still Alm. Mr. Wayan Sekur. In addition to LPD, there are also other business units such as the Morning Market, Arts Market. Now being piloted an entity which cover all business units, namely the Village Owned Enterprises.

Community empowerment is not only in the field of Religion and Economics, as well as in health. Legian Village Sports has some of the shelter units in a unit called BIRLIAN. The sports that take shelter under it, namely: Football,  Volley football, Karate, Badminton, Table Tennis.

Sights was the only one in Legian, Legian beach with the waves which can reach a height of 3 meters so good surfing. Legian has already global surfer Nengah Kasim is now a Stakeholder / Prayer leader at Temple Puseh.
In addition to the organization and Banjar village, there are several organizations that involve young people and some residents who have a common hobby.

Youth organizations, namely, Mangala Wijaya who embodies all the members of the Youth Young women in the area of Legian, Manggala Sunu, organization / sekaa Youth and Young women who embody to the Legian Kaja, Wija Pekandelan adnya to the Middle Legian and Legian area for Dharma Jaya Kelod.


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