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Lighting The Water

ledIf you enjoy being on a boat at night, you might find that a brighter kind of light is a benefit instead of using the traditional yellow lights that you are accustomed to finding. LED lights for boats shine farther on the water, giving you a way to see if there might be any animals in the water or if there are any other boats in the distance that might not have lights.

This kind of light only uses about 10% of the energy of a traditional light. This means that you can have a brighter glow without using as much power. If you aren’t sure how long you will be on the boat, then this is a benefit so that you don’t risk running the battery down to the point where it needs to be charged. The bulbs that are in the lights usually last forever unless you use them on a frequent basis. Even if they do run out, they aren’t hard to change, which means you can get back on the water at night in no time. They also work easily in combination with a traditional light. You can sometimes find colored LED lights so that you can have a little originality to the boat. Some states require that you have a certain color on the side or the back so that others can see you while you are on the water.

Most LED lights don’t become damaged from the vibrations of the boat. They aren’t as sensitive to the temperature, either. Weather conditions usually don’t affect the lights as they are protected by a cover so that water doesn’t get inside the housing.

One of the things to think about is that LED lights sometimes cost more money than traditional bulbs. However, if you think of the length of time that you will be able to use the lights, then it balances itself out. Some of the lights shine in a focused area instead of in a general area. This can sometimes be a disadvantage as you will need to have a way to move the light so that you can see in areas around the boat.


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