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Kuta beach, Lombok

Kuta beach, Lombok

In Lombok, there is a beach whose name is the same as the beaches in Bali, Kuta. Kuta beach in Lombok, is not as famous Kuta Beach in Bali. However, the beauty and the beauty will hypnotize you to linger here.

Hearing the name of Kuta Beach, Bali secured the shadow of the sunset and will immediately come into your head. Perhaps, Kuta Beach in Lombok have known too many tourists. Therefore, if you are to Lombok, try a visit to this beach.

Kuta beach is about 56 km from the city of Mataram, or about 2.5 hours. Precisely located in Kuta village, Central Lombok, Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara. Usually, tourists rent a car to get to Kuta Beach.

Kuta beach has white sand and clean. Seawater was clear, so you’ll lose track of time while playing on this beach. Plus views of the mountains, the main attraction for the Kuta Beach. The Sunset was no less tempting, do not forget to set your camera.

One of the favorite activities at this beach is the surfing. Kuta Beach is directly adjacent to the Indian Ocean, no wonder it became a favorite beach for surfing. The waves are very friendly for a beginner surfer or a professional surfer. Although friendly, you must remain vigilant. Dare to try?

Traditional festival which is always held at Kuta Beach is the smell Nyale Festival. One of the famous festival of the island of Lombok. In the festival, people looking for Nyale alias marine worms. The festival can also be done by tourists, foreign tourists or even in a country that follow this festival each year.

For lodging not to worry, there are some that you can find accommodation around the coast. So, when you are on vacation and enjoy Kuta Beach Lombok?


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