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If you crave the adrenaline tour capable of, come to Lawang Sewu located in Semarang, Central Java region at night time. In addition to test the level of your courage, Lawang Sewu tour also promises exotic architecture of the past.

No doubt, one of the charms of Lawang Sewu is located on the mystique that surrounded him. No wonder if at night, visitors still swarm the building.


Within a day, the number of visitors could reach tens to hundreds of people. As the holiday season, usually the visitor who comes to touch the figure of 200 to 500 people. Overflow of visitors who came in the evening could not be separated from the efforts of the Board to promote Lawang Sewu as one of the mandatory tourist destinations in Semarang. This is supported by the Decree of the Mayor No. 650/50/1992, which states Lawang Sewu as one of the 102 ancient or historic buildings in the city of Semarang that should be protected and maintained its building preservation.

Not long ago, the board has finished renovating part of Building A Lawang Sewu. Renovation fulfilled in order to keep the building maintained. In addition, this step is taken also for draw more visitors. Section, Building A also recently opened for the reception and other events. A building restoration takes a long time and completed by the end of June 2011. The building was opened to the public.

Lawang Sewu is a relic of an ancient building which was built in 1904. Dutch history of the building is not separated from the history of railways in Indonesia because it was built as Het Hoofdkantoor Van de Nederlandsch – Indische Spoorweg Maatscappij (NIS), private railway company in the Dutch East Indies government. The company was the first to build a railway line in Indonesia, Semarang connect with “Vorstenlanden” (Surakarta and Yogyakarta) with the first track Semarang Line – Waterford.

NIS administration initially held in Semarang Station. However, the increasing need for encourage administrators NIS to build the administration building at the new location. As a result, after going through a rather lengthy discussion, it was decided to create a building on the edge of town near the residence of the Resident of the Dutch East Indies, the southern tip of Bodjongweg Semarang. At that time, the Board of Directors NOS submit building plans to Prof. Jacob F. Klinkhamer and B.J. Ouendag, the famous architect from Amsterdam Netherlands.

Construction began on February 27, 1904 and was completed in 1907. According to information reported by the official website of PT KAI, soil conditions on the road should be improved prior to dig as deep as four meters and replaced with a layer of volcanic. The first building is done is a guard house and buildings printing, followed by the main building. Having used a few years, the expansion of the office held by creating an additional building in 1916 to 1918.

Similarly, review the history of his stand Lawang Sewu of VOC era. So however we must maintain cultural heritage and historic buildings that tourism destinations that attract overseas travelers or domestic. Are you ready to air fights adrenaline? Trying to come to Lawang Sewu.


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