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Cremation is a burial or cremation ceremony of  Hindu people in Bali, Indonesia. Cremation ceremony is a ritual performed to send the bodies to the next life. Bodies should be put asleep, and the family left behind will always think so (asleep). No tears, because corpses are temporarily absent and will undergo reincarnation or find last resting  Moksha (free from the wheel of death and reincarnation).

Appropriate day for this event are always discussed with people who understand. On this day, the body is placed in a coffin corpses and death. coffin is placed in a sarcophagus that resembles the ox or the temple-shaped container made of wood and paper. Form of an ox, or the temple brought to the cremation through a procession. The procession is not running on a straight road. This is to confuse evil spirits and keep him away from the corpse.

The highlight is the burning whole Ngaben structure (Ox or temple made of wood and paper), along with the corpses. The fire needed to liberate the spirit from the body and facilitate reincarnation.



Cremation is not always done with soon. For members of high caste, it is reasonable to perform this ritual within 3 days. But for members of lower castes, the bodies were buried first and then, usually in a group event to a village, cremated.


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