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Nyang-Nyang Beach

Nyang-Nyang Beach

This beach is located hidden behind a hill and to reach it takes extra effort because you need to pass the path is not smooth. However, after an unspoiled beach winsome presented to you that visited. Nyang Nyang beach is located in the southern part of Bali, precisely in the village of Pecatu, District of South Kuta, Badung regency.

This beach is so perfect for relaxation because not many untouched frenzy, the tourism industry is rampant on the island of Bali. Nyang Nyang Beach offers beautiful white sand and gentle ready to greet your feet are tired after going down the stairs. Waves and ocean waves which can be said to be perfect for surfers is another beauty of this beach. It is more complete with private impression would you get on the beach which is fairly quiet and the virgin in South Bali. The location of the hidden beaches and access roads are not comfortable making tourists rarely visit this beach.

Located in the west of the Bukit Peninsula and overlooking the vast Indian Ocean, Nyang Nyang Beach can be regarded as an isolated beach. Characteristics of the beach in South Bali almost everything had to be achieved by down the hill. Therefore, this is one of the virgin beaches that offers the comfort and tranquility wrapped in stunning scenery.

Nyang Nyang beach with a condition similar to Karma Kandara Beach and Green Beach Bowl. All three are located in the District of South Kuta, Badung regency, Bali. This beach offers you a place that is different from the atmosphere of deserted beaches and natural. This is where your vacation will be more memorable and exclusive feel.

Before you arrive at coastal beaches, views of the Indian Ocean blue nan lie beneath the hill was going to invite anyone to visited. Nyang Nyang beach is more popular with foreign tourists who are fond of surfing. Virgin beaches and beautiful nature hidden nan does have a pretty big waves and is ideal as a place to surf. Due to the characteristics of the waves are big, the beach is a choice location surfing championship national and international levels. However, keep in mind that the beach is only for professional surfers and is not recommended for beginners.

Even if you are not interested in surfing, sightseeing and relaxing on the beach while enjoying the incredible views of natural beauty is a guaranteed fun activity as well. Nyang Nyang beach visitors quiet beauty store hidden behind the high hills and green. Blue water sprawling in front of the eyes is a natural treat that soothes the eyes and heart of the beholder. The natural beauty can be enjoyed without the need to share it with many people.

Sunbathing and swimming at the beach is a selection of other fun activities you can do during Nyang Nyang Beach. On the beach with this charming panorama, still found plenty of sea shells.

Nyang Nyang beach is also located not far from the famous Uluwatu Temple. Having tired of playing on the beach, you can see the attraction each day Kecak dance which was held in the Pura Uluwatu as the Sun sinks.

In addition, this beach is located inline with other South Bali tourist destinations, namely Dreamland Beach, Suluban (Blue Point), Graha Wisnu Kencana (GWK). Nyang Nyang beach is also not far from the beaches are more crowded flagship and renowned in the area of ??Bali, the Kuta Beach, Sanur, and Nusa Dua.


Given Nyang Nyang beach is isolated and unspoiled tourism industry hence no hotels and other facilities along the coast. However, Nyang Nyang Beach is located in the area adjacent to the tourist destinations in South Bali. Therefore, to satisfy your need for accommodation can be found in the nearby places.