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Sunset at Pangandaran Beach

Sunset at Pangandaran Beach

Pangandaran beach is a tourist place is a mainstay of Ciamis District government, and a beach that received the title as the best beach AsiaRooms version.

The beach is geographically located east of West Java, or rather, lies in the village of Pangandaran Pananjung District, approximately 92 kilometers south of Ciamis is indeed arguably has many advantages when compared with some other coastal attractions, particularly in the island of Java . Some of the advantages that we can encounter while visiting Pangandaran beach attractions are as follows:

*Have very gently sloping beach with clear water, and supported by the distance between the ebb and flow of sea water that can be said to be relatively long, allowing the tourists who visit the beach for a swim in Pangandaran.

*Can watch the sunrise and sunset with all the beauty of natural scenery, at the same place.

*There is a beach with white sand and breathtaking skyline.
*Available coast rescue team in place.
*Has a marine park with a variety of marine life that dangat beautiful and fascinating.
*International Kite Festival (Pangandaran International Kite Festival) with a range of supporting activities that we can see in every month of June or July.
*Parking area large enough

With all the advantages that exist in Pangandaran beach, obviously very supportive of the tourists who want to take off for a while busy day the day relaxing and enjoying the holiday. Many things we can do when visiting Pangandaran beach, because the place is also equipped with various facilities to satisfy the tourists who visit, such as camping, bike rentals, parasailing, jetski, discos and cinemas, waterboom, and various support facilities for entertainment the other.

Not only there, the place we Pangandaran beach resort can also easily get a hotel, inn, and even the existence of which a special house for rent for tourists who want to enjoy the beauty of Pangandaran beach for a longer time. For foreign tourists, not to worry about buying and selling as well as the communication fabric of this place, because in the Pangandaran beach resort is also equipped with a means of postal services, telecommunications and money changer.

How to Get there?

From Jakarta you must give way to Pangandaran 8 hours or 4 to 5 hours of travel time if you live in Bandung.


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