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Pendet was originally a dance of worship which was exhibited in many temples, places of worship of Hindus in Bali, Indonesia. This dance symbolizes welcoming the gods fall into the natural world. Gradually, over the times, the artists transform Pendet to “welcome”, but still contains elements of the sacred-religious. Creator / choreographer of modern dance is a form of I Wayan Rindi.

Pendet is a statement in the form of an offering ritual dances. Unlike dances performances that require intensive training, Pendet be danced by all people, pemangkus men and women, adults and girls.

This dance is taught simply by following the movement and rarely done in the hamlets. The young girl followed the movements of the more senior women who understand their responsibilities in providing a good example.

This daughter has a dance motion patterns are more dynamic than Rejang Dance sung in groups or pairs. Usually appear after a dance in the courtyard of the temple and Rejang usually facing toward the holy (pelinggih) by wearing ceremonial dress and each dancer brings sangku, jugs, bowls, and other equipment offerings.

Controversy Pendet 2009

Pendet Indonesia into the media spotlight since appeared in television programs Enigmatic Malaysia Discovery Channel. According to the government of Malaysia, they are not responsible for the ad because it was made by the Discovery Channel Singapore, and Discovery TV sent a letter of apology to both countries, and stated that the television networks are fully responsible for ad serving program. Nevertheless, the incident aired on the television program pendet in Malaysia had a chance to trigger anti-Malaysian sentiment in Indonesia.


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