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Rooms with a View Most Strange World

Sentosa Resort

Sentosa Resort

Hotels getting creative to find ways to attract the traveler. The view from the room window which is unusual even recognized as a powerful magnet arrival of the guests. Here are 5 hotels with the most bizarre world.

Imagine you wake up and see the stingrays were swimming outside the window of your room, or even see the legs of people who are passing by the window. Be seen from the Telegraph, Thursday (22/11/2012) these 5 hotels with rooms that have the most unusual sights in the world:

1. Sentosa Resort

Singapore has always had a creative idea to bring in the tourists. Not quite the sparkling city abundant attractive activities, Singapore now has hotel rooms with a view of the sea style. Sentosa Island does have abundant tourist destinations, one of which, the hotel room with a unique panorama.

Not only in the window, you can also see a variety of marine life from another room that has a window. Room 11 is indeed the theme of Ocean Suites. These rooms are not in the sea but are connected with a large aquarium that offers views as under the sea. The hotel recently opened in November 2012.

2. Giraffe Manor

Kenya in Africa is indeed a terrain filled with exotic animals. Wasted no grace, a hotel makes interesting concept to include one of the animals is the giraffe. Hotel Giraffe Manor in Kenya are private lands that maintain a giraffe.

So do not freak if you see giraffes relax around the hotel courtyard. Or even, giraffe peeking room and your dining room. For the traveler animal lovers, here is the perfect place to stay. Who does not passionately peek at sweet giraffe just got up?

3. Hotel Kakslauttanen