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Sanur beach

sunrise in Sanur

sunrise in Sanur

Sanur beach is a place famous tourist resort island of Bali. This place is located just east of the city of Denpasar, the capital of Bali. Sanur is located in the municipality of Denpasar.

Because it has a fairly calm waves, the Sanur beach can not be used to surf like Kuta Beach. Not far off there is also the location of Sanur beach diving and snorkeling. Because the condition is a friendly, dive sites can be used by divers of all skill levels.

Sanur beach is also known as the Sunrise beach as opposed to Kuta Beach.
Because of its location on the island east of Bali, the Bali beach is a perfect location for enjoying the sunrise or the sun rises. It makes it more interesting sights, there is even a segment on Sanur beach is a beach called Sunrise because the scenery is very beautiful sunrise when viewed from there.

Along the coast of Bali is a fitting place to see sunrise. Especially now built a sort of sanderan containing tiny cottages that could be a place to sit around waiting for sunrise. In addition, the waves on the beach is relatively quiet so it is suitable for beach recreation scene kids harmless.

In addition, visitors can see the sun rises with a swim at the beach. Much of this coastal region has an exotic white sand. Equipped with shade trees, visitors can sit and enjoy the spring rolls or grilled corn sold many street vendors.

Sights along the coast of Bali is now equipped with a supporting tour, such as hotels, restaurants or small cafes and art shops. One of the oldest hotels in Bali are built on this beach. The hotel is named Ina Grand Bali Beach is located right on the beach. In addition, the coastline is also constructed such a pedestrian area that is often used as a jogging track for tourists or locals. The line was stretched to the south across the beach Shindu, coral beaches to Semawang so tourists can enjoy the beach at the same time exercising in the morning.


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