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Sianok canyon BukitTinggi, Indonesia

Sianok Canyon

Sianok Canyon

Sianok canyon or Pendiang valley is a beautiful valley, green and lush. In essence flowed a tributary of the winding cliff crevices tracing the background of Mount Merapi and Mount Singgalang.

Sianok canyon is a steep valley (cliff) located in the border town of Bukittinggi, with District IV Koto, Agam regency, West Sumatra. The valley is elongated and meandering as the southern boundary of the city of canyon Koto Gadang get Sianok Canyon Six Tribes, and ended up Palupuh. Sianok canyon has beautiful scenery and become one of the main attractions of the province.

This gap of about 100 m which stretches along 15 km with a width of approximately 200 m and is part of the fault that separates the island of Sumatra in half lengthwise (Fault Semangko). Fault forms the steep wall, even perpendicular and form a green valley – the result of the movement of the earth’s crust down (sinklinal) – a powered trunk Sianok (mean stem river, the Minangkabau language) that the water is clear. In the Dutch colonial era, the gulf is also called buffalo sanget, because the number of free-living wild buffalo in the bottom of the canyon.

Sianok rod can now be forded by using canoes and kayaks that in initiated by a water sports organization “Qurays”. The route taken was from village to village Sitingkai Lambah Stem Palupuh for approximately 3.5 hours. At the edge there’s also the rare rafflesia plants and herbs. Fauna encountered such long-tailed monkeys, gibbons, hoop, deer, wild boar, leopard, and tapir.


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