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Sikuai Island, Indonesia

Sikuai Island

Sikuai Island

Sikuai Island is an island located on the west side of the island of Sumatra. Government administration of the island into the Gulf Bungus Kabung districts, the city of Padang, West Sumatra, Indonesia.

The island is located about half a mile northwest of the city center and can be reached by sea transport such as ships, through the port of Muara in time approximately 45 minutes and from the pier Airud Bungus in time approximately 35 minutes.

Sikuai Island has an area of approximately 44.4 hectares, including year-round tropical island with white sand beaches and still have natural tropical forests.

As a tourist destination, the local government working with the private sector, has facilitated this island resort hotel equal to two-star hotel.

Approximately 2.4 hectares of the vast island has been used as a resort area while the rest is still a forest and a beach. Hotel resort island offers 54 pieces of cottages, restaurant, rooms for meetings, and a swimming pool, even though the rental rates are quite expensive, but visitors can enjoy the beautiful beaches around the island or explore the natural forest to climbing or marine tourism.


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