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The most important factor of success is the preparation of a trip, especially the comprehensive research. The source can be obtained from the Internet, books, magazines, reference friends, and others. Here are 7 things that should be researched for a trip:

1. Location and access

It’s certainly the first thing that should be researched is the location. Research is not only about the location of the tourist areas you will visit, but also a place to stay, where to eat and places to shop (if necessary). Do not forget to research on access to and from the destination. Also learn how to reach the shelter of the airport / train station / bus stop and how to attraction of the place to stay. In order not to be deceived, Arm yourself with information transport rates.

2. Geographical conditions

The importance of knowing geography is a tourist destination that we are not wrong style. Some areas have geographical conditions can be deceiving. For example Sempu Island in East Java. So hear the word island, certainly the mind is beach tourism. However, to achieve an amazingly beautiful beach, you have one hour of trekking in the forest. Imagined it, what kind of costume you need to prepare? Even as the summer was, the temperature at night can suddenly fall. Do a complete research about the weather at the destination.

3. Weather

Sometimes we are lazy to research the weather and considered trivial because they feel out. Though the weather is not always exactly as theory, what with global warming and other trivia. The easiest example is the weather in our country today. When primary school, I learned that the season lasted from March to August. Now everything is uncertain. This will affect the costumes we carry.

4. Habits and customs

When in Rome, do as the Romans. Before visiting a place, make sure you understand the local customs and habits. Violated customary punishment more severe than breaking the law as traffic rules, for example. The simplest is to apply manners and not excessive. Note also the way you dress because in some areas, clothing is very sensitive.

5. Program

Some areas hold special events such as festivals and carnivals with a fixed schedule every year. Researched events in the destination is very important because in addition you can take part, special events like that usually makes the price of lodging and transportation becomes more expensive, like the holiday season.

6. The political situation

Though your destination is not the conflict area, researching the political situation is still needed. The political situation here does not merely mean armed conflict, but could also be other activities such as local elections. Of course you do not want to get caught up in a campaign motorcade during the holidays, right? In addition, when suddenly your destination turn into vulnerable areas, you can immediately make other plans before reaching the destination.

7. Currency

If you are planning a trip to abroad, do not forget to research the destination country’s currency. Not just kind of accepted currency, but also find information on how the currency exchange system. Is there rupiah exchange behavior? Or better bring an international currency like the U.S. dollar? Is the money changer easily obtainable?

8. Language

Language difficulties is not a constraint, but it would be better if we know and master the language used at the destination. Minimal you master practical conversation, such as asking prices of goods or where the toilet. Arm yourself with a practical dictionary as a reference.


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