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Not only many historical haunts, apparently Europe also has an amazing natural phenomenon. From the beautiful Aurora space to the desert in the middle of the green forest, this is some of the most magical natural phenomenon in Europe!

Europe is a continent with diverse destinations lengak. You can spend coming to the Mediterranean region for sunbathing and playing water at the beach beautiful, playful to the Alps to ski areas, or go to a lot of cool buildings in the UK.

More than that, Europe had had a natural phenomenon to be missed. Be prepared to discover the wonders that are hard to find anywhere else in the hemisphere.

Here are some of the coolest phenomenon in Europe:

1. Aurora, Norway

Perhaps, you are already familiar with the word Aurora. It is a natural phenomenon in the form of bright light burning in the lining of the ionosphere, caused by the interaction of magnetic fields with charged particles emitted by the sun.

In essence, the aurora is shaped light green, red, purple, blue up in the sky at night. Very pretty! Auroras occur in the northern hemisphere. In Europe, you can see it in the Scandinavian or northern European winter arrives.

From the website Visit Norway, you can see the Aurora in the coastal region in the western part Norwergia. The place is still natural, there are no tall buildings and settlements. Therefore, the aurora was seen clearly. However, the appearance of the aurora is difficult to predict.

One tour operator in Norway, Hurtigruten may invite the traveler to hunt aurora. Package price offered is around U.S. $ 735, for a 6 day trip to see the aurora. Interested?

2. Aletsch Glacier, Switzerland

It is a natural phenomenon called the glacier and is one characteristic of European countries particularly Switzerland. The glacier is a large chunk of ice deposition and formed on the surface of the ground for long periods of time. Aletsch Glacier is a glacier in the Alps, Jungfrau, Switzerland, and the most powerful in Europe!

From the official website of UNESCO, Aletsch Glacier is the longest glacier in Europe and large. Just imagine, these glaciers have an area nearly 128 km2, a length of 23 km, and a depth of 900 meters. Consequently Aletsch Glacier was named a World Heritage by UNESCO in 2011 ago.

Not surprisingly, a traveler who visited the Jungfrau certainly make themselves available to the Aletsch Glacier. Here you can play the snow, ride a cable car, take pictures, or skiing. Do not forget to wear a thick sweater ya!

3. Dune du Pilat, France

Who would have thought, apparently France has a desert! The deserts are called Dune du Pilat which is located in La Teste-de-Buch, Arcachon Bay, about 60 km from the city of Bordeaux, France.

Dune du Pilat is actually a sandbar. Height reaches 107 meters and is the highest in Europe. To step feet at its peak, you have to climb hundreds of steps as written in the official website Gironde.

The view from the summit is guaranteed to leave you spellbound. Just imagine. From the Dune de Pilat peak, you can see the beautiful blue ocean in front of the eyes and lush green forests behind you. Feel the soft sand!

The length of this desert reaches 2,700 m with a width of 500 m, and 6 million m3 of sand here. This is one attraction for the world traveler. Dune du Pilat never empty of tourists. Take pictures here, certainly unforgettable.

4. The Giant’s Causeway, Northern Ireland

The Giant’s Causeway is a volcanic rock piles caused by volcanic eruptions millions of years ago. Uniquely stones neatly arranged like a stone block and located at the seaside. It makes the Giant’s Causeway as one of the most unique beaches in the world.

From the website of Discover Northern Ireland, the Giant’s Causeway was named a World Heritage by UNESCO since 1986. The beach is also part of a national nature reserve in Ireland.

Giant’s Causeway was a¬†favorite in Northern Ireland. Obviously, tourists who come here would be shocked abysmal. How not, the stones are arranged in a neat and towering. Not to mention the beautiful blue ocean and the birds often perch on rocks.

But apparently, there is a separate myths about the Giant’s Causeway. Irish Society believes there is a giant ancient Irish are making their way towards Scotland and wants to destroy the country. However, the sleeping giant, and then another giant of Scotland emerged.

His intention to kill the giant Irish, even the giants of Scotland instead of fear. They run away and shut the Irish giant. Well, the rocks high on the Giant’s Causeway is exactly what is believed to be a barrier created by a giant in Scotland.

Believe do not believe, the beach is still frequently visited by tourists. You can walk on top of the rock and saw the stones are arranged neatly. Although there is no white sand, wonders Giant’s Causeway was able to hypnotize you!


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