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You are excited about going to a new summer camp that is far away. In fact, it is so far away that you need a passport in order to get there. Normally, the process for a new passport takes about four to six weeks. There are steps you can take, however, to speed up the process, if you need your passport sooner than the usual processing time. Here is how to expedite a passport.

Apply and Request Documents in Person

When official documents have to be mailed, they can take a while to reach you. Not only must the processors in the facility where you make the request wade through thousands of requests, but the the documents must also make it safely back to you through the regular mail service. It is best to request documents like a birth certificate in person. Go to your vital statistics agency, request your birth certificate, pay the fee and receive your official birth record on the spot.

The same rule goes for the agency where you apply for your passport. Be sure you have done your homework and covered all possibilities for delays. For example, if your state-issued driver’s license or identification card is from a different state than the one where your currently reside, you must present secondary identification, like a social security card, a credit card or work identification.

Be Prepared to Pay All Applicable Fees

In order to receive your passport sooner than usual, you must pay the standard passport fee in addition to a $60 expedition charge. There may also be fees for your passport photo and overnight delivery, if you choose this option. Expedited service still takes two to three weeks, even if you use overnight service both for sending and receiving your passport.


There are some cases when a passport is required for a life-or-death emergency. You will have to show proof of that emergency, but in these cases, the process for expediting your passport can take a few days. If you are in a country outside of the US, but you are a US citizen, you should inquire about emergencies with the US Embassy in the country where you are.

To alleviate the stress of last-minute passports, you should always leave enough time in weeks to make sure you secure yours. You do not want to be in a situation where all of your travel plans are made, and you still cannot travel. Always plan ahead to avoid any glitches.