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One of the greatest challenges of professional photographers is to make their subjects fall in love with their pictures. When it comes to amateurs, the challenge is double. And when it comes to “selfies” the challenge is triple.

The main goal of a selfie is to capture the characteristics of your face, along with your most alluring glance,or to catch that intense or radiant look you`re after. In order to bring out the best of your selfies, you will have to become a master of illusion, unless you already have a perfect face. And if you are really serious about this and want to learn the secrets of creating perfect glamour photography, and a selfie is somewhere in that realm, you will be able to get past the status of beginnerin a glamour photography workshop that you`ll find in the rich array of Photoion Courses. But until you decide on going pro, let`s look over some useful tips for capturing the perfect selfie or glamour shot.

Scrutinize yourself objectively

The first step in capturing your charm is to look in the mirror from different angles and to observe all the irregularities and the asymmetries of your face. There`s nothing wrong with that, we all have our flaws. The goal is to find that perfect angle, your best looking one. This is also something you can do when you photograph someone else, but remember that it can be really annoying for them if you do it for a long time.

Make-up is crucial

Some make-up tips such as choosing a brighter eyeshadow at the inner corners of the eyes and darker at the outer ones, or hiding dark under-eye circles with the right concealer will create the most flattering look.

Find the right position

Once the asymmetries are detected, you must choose the proper position so that the irregularities are minimized. Shoot from the side of the face that is the most alluring. If one of your cheeks is fuller than the other, for instance, positioning it further from the camera will create a balance and the shot will be a successful one. While men look great in pictures when crossing their arms, women should better adopt Victoria Beckham’s famous position, with a hand on the hip, which always gives an elegant look.

Find the best, steady position for your camera

Try to create a mini tripod from objects that you have in the room, so that the camera is steady, especially in low lighting conditions. Otherwise, you`ll take only some blurry photos you won`t be able to use.

Many “selfies” are captured with the camera positioned really high above the head, which is a great tip if, for example, you want to hide a double chin, but it becomes a problem whenever you have a tiny face.

Don’t pose, be natural

The pose is nothing but a mask, while the “selfie” is about you. Striving to catch the essence of your personality is what you should focus on when shooting your face.

The greatest challenge for a “selfie” is to capture the energy of the moment and to give a hint of what you feel in that moment. Try to forget for a moment that you are taking a picture and that you might publish it. This will help you be more natural and relax a little bit. Honest feelings are always easier to catch on camera.

Ok, a selfie is not really the perfect example of glamour photography, but the same essential principles are used. So if you want to be able to take great selfie, then go ahead and attend a glamour photography workshop, it will make a difference.