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Recommended This island vacation time to Lombok

Recommended This island vacation time to Lombok

Traveled to Lombok certainly do not miss the beauty of the island. Here are some of the most recommended while on vacation to Lombok. One more marine tourism at the Tourism Village Tawun Bara Sekotong, Lombok Barat with three Gili charming. Among the Gili Sudak, Gili Gili Kedis and Nanggu.

Taun harbor trip to Gili Sudak takes 5 minutes, while from there to Gili Kendis 2 minutes, and from the harbor to Gili Nanggu 15 minutes by boat. One of these natural activities that can be done is the tourists to enjoy snorkeling. Your eyes will be served with the beauty of the rocky reefs and fish that exist around the beach.

Gili Sudak presents some Nirvana villa directly facing the open sea. There is also a restaurant right on the beach. For tourists who want to enjoy the beach itself can rent canoes and banana boats available.

Meanwhile, Gili Kedis which is a beautiful little island also provide a snorkeling tour. Did not take long, the tourists can enjoy the beautiful expanse of ocean while sun seemed to own the island because the island was so small.


Barongan Nusantara Festival held by the government in a series of Banyuwangi. Banyuwangi 2015 festival is enlivened 500 viewer. Before the show, the show begins with ruwatan Barong Dandang Wiring.

After the procession, the barong of the entire island of Java with different names, namely Barong Bali, reog Ponorogo, Kingpin Amijoyo and Rontek Singo Barong Ulung (Bondowoso) appear in Jalan Protocol Banyuwangi.

As a result, the dancer who wears a creepy doll with head and tusks resemble the villain is drawing attention of society. Thousands of people thronged along the way protocol Banyuwangi to watch Barong Festival Nusantara. The parade Barong Banyuwangi regent released, Anwar Abdullah Anas in front of local government offices begins with the appearance of the attractions Rontek Singo Barong Ulung. After that, came the barong pride of the local community, the Barong Kumbo. Emerging Giant Kumbo Barong followed by attractions mouse which was greeted by thousands of spectators. Read More…