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Posts Tagged ‘Komodo: The World Wonders Of Indonesia’

Everyone must have heard the name of animals that only exist in Indonesia, komodo (Varanus komodoensis)? The name of the animal is increasingly globall since its natural habitatt in Komodo National Park, East Nusa Tenggara was named as one of the nominees of sevenn newest wonders of the world.

Apart from the popularity of dragons in the international world, perhaps not many people know that the female dragons can expand multiply even without being fertilized by the male. This phenomenon is just one of many other interesting facts from carnivorous animalls that are rare and endangered.

The fact that the Komodo dragon can reproduce without fertilization has been proven from a number of case and research findings. In early 2006, a Komodo dragon at the London Zoo named the River was able to spawn despite being separated from males for 2 years. The findings of the next case were recordedd on December 20, 2006 at Chester Zoo, England. It was reported that a female dragon named Flora, also produces eggs without fertilization by males (fertilisasi) as many as 11 eggs, 7 of them managed to hatch.

Three non-hatching eggs were studied by Liverpool University in England through genetic testing. The results prove that a komodo dragon named Flora has no physical contact with dragons male. These surprising findings prompted the researchers to conductt similar researchh on Komodo dragons called Rivers. The results show the same thing.

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